Save our trees

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Save our trees

Britain's trees are under threat like never before. Join the fight to protect them, and help preserve them for ourselves, our children, and future generations

What would a world without trees look like? It would be a much less pleasant place, for a start, with none of the mental and physical health benefits provided by our long-limbed friends. As well as working as our planet's lungs, taking carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air and converting them into oxygen, trees give us a shady spot to rest on a sunny day, a place for our children to play, and provide a place to live for animals.

Unfortunately, the UK is at risk of losing millions of its trees to pests and diseases. It's a serious problem, and one that that could cause untold damage to our gardens, landscapes and wildlife populations.

Observatree is a project that aims to help protect UK trees, woods and forests from new pests and diseases through early detection and reporting. Early detection gives scientists the highest chances of controlling or monitoring any outbreaks.

Monitoring the spread of tree pests and diseases is equally important. Data showing how a disease spreads can help highlight trees or areas of the UK with natural resistance, which can then be used to inform future prevention strategies.

If you'd like to join the battle to protect Britain's trees, here's what you need to know.

What to look for
While you're out and about, keep your eyes open for signs of pests and diseases affecting these three iconic UK tree species...
To help you
Observatree has produced free, downloadable toolkits which include:
• Identification guides • Reporting checklists • Frequently asked questions
Download your toolkit today, visit:
50% funded by the EU's LIFE programme

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