Design lessons to learn from a modern Dutch garden

The garden of Dutch designer Jikke Hamperpagt was created with a modernist house at its centre but the garden around it is full of colour, texture and lush planting. Here are a few ideas to take away from Jikke's design. 


In the October issue of Gardens Illustrated, Tim Richardson visits Locus Flevum in the Netherlands. It is the home of garden designer Jikke Hamperpagt and her architect husband Lucien who designed their modernist house in tandem with the garden, so the two elements are harmoniously intertwined. 

The connection between the house and the garden is seamless, thanks to Jikke's clever design. Here are six design inspirational ideas to take away from Jikke's garden.

1 It is always worth making a terrace that is much more generously sized than you may feel you need. A feeling of expansiveness creates a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.

2 Use climbers, such as a grapevine in moderation so they can emphasise the characteristics of the architecture as opposed to simply smothering it.

3 By varying the materials you use for hard landscaping you can create moments of dramatic contrast, even in a small garden. In Jikke's garden the hardwood decking is used around the pool in contrast to the paler materials used in adjacent parts of the garden creating a different feel.

4 Fencing is sometimes an unconsidered element in the design of even good gardens. In Jikke’s garden the chestnut staking, also used by local farmers, is deployed to subtle effect.

5 Pots used in clusters with identical plantings can strike an effective note in an architectural courtyard or otherwise formal setting.

6 Consider creating simple gaps in walls or hedges rather than doorways or gates – a gap creates a view through, not a barrier, and seems to beckon the visitor on.



Words Tim Richardson

Photographs Sietske De Vries


This article was taken from a longer feature in the October 2016 issue of Gardens Illustrated (239). 







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