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Looking to choose some bulbs for a great display next year? We asked five designers to tell us what their favourite spring-flowering bulbs are (issue 239). Inspired by their choices, Avon Bulbs has put together an offer for Gardens Illustrated readers on a selection of bulbs - save 20%. Valid until 31/10/16.


Order any of these bulbs from Avon Bulbs and you'll receive a 20% discount.

Allium 'Mount Everest' x 3  
Offer price £5.60 (normal price £7)

Strong, straight, glossy green stems and leaves that persist until nearly flowering time in late May or June. The head is a ball of white flowers 10-12.5cm across, which is particularly good when used with other strong colours, such as Gladiolus byzantinus, or against a dark hedge. Flowers May – June. 90cm.



Camassia leichtlinii subsp. suksdorfii x 5
Offer price £4.24 (normally £5.30)

A feature plant for the border where they make a magnificent show with many erect stems of deep lavender-blue flowers, curving skyward from thick clumps when established. Plant in some shade for longer lasting blooms and they love heavier soils that hold the moisture. Flowers April – May. 80cm.



Camassia 'Blue Heaven' x 5 
Offer price £8 (normally £10)

A paler blue than most other camassia and of middling height. This is the result of a crossing of C. cusickii and C. leichtlinii, and a considerable improvement on the standard pale-blue C. cusickii. Best in moist, fertile soil and naturalises well when happy. Flowers April – May. 45cm.




Crocus tommasinianus x 10 
Offer price £2.80 (normally £3.60)

The flowers vary from pale, silvery lilac to lavender pink, with a long, white throat and narrow, dark-green leaves always fully developed when it flowers. The sturdy stems hold the flower heads up above their leaves. Is attractive to early emerging insects. Flowers February – March. 10cm. AGM.



Hyacinthoides non-scripta x 10  
Offer price £3.60 (normally £4.50)
This is the English bluebell, which glistens in damp glades and woods. It has narrow, tubular flowers in violet-blue, crowded to one side of the stem, and strap-like leaves. They are better in some shade and will naturalise under deciduous trees. Plant in naturalistic drifts. Flowers April – May. 30cm.  



Leucojum aestivum 'Gravetye Giant' x 3 
Offer price £3.20 (normally £4)

Also known as the Loddon lily or snowflake, it has clusters of up to eight, large white bells, emerald-tipped, hanging from bare stems above the glossy green daffodil-like foliage. Lightly scented and clump forming. Best in moist soil in sun or part shade. Allow to self seed naturally. Flowers April. 45cm. AGM.



Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus x 5  
Offer price £3.04 (normally £3.80)

The pheasant’s eye daffodil likes the cooler conditions provided by dappled shade or in borders where the leaves of other plants provide ground-level shade. The flower is mainly white and slightly swept back with a central, small, pale-gold cup edged with red. It has a sweet but spicy scent. Flowers May. 35cm. AGM.



Narcissus ‘Segovia’ x 5
Offer price £2.56 (normally £3.20)

‘Segovia’ belongs to the Jonquilla group of narcissus and has a flattened, pale-lemon trumpet, which sits squarely against the bright-white petals while the leaves are narrow. Prefers a spot in full sun. Highly scented and well suited to growing in a pot where it can be best admired. Flowers April. 15cm. AGM.



Narcissus 'Thalia' x 5 
Offer price £2 (normally £2.50)

One of the few daffodils that open out pure white, ‘Thalia’ is refined and elegant, multi-headed with slightly recurved outer petals. A well-known, classy favourite since 1916, it is once again favoured for its simplicity and because it makes a very good cut flower. Scented. Flowers March – April. 35cm.


Nectaroscordum siculum x 5 
Offer price £2.56 (normally £3.20)

The sturdy stems carry clusters of 10 to 30 thimble-sized, waxy, bell-shaped flowers branching out from a central point. They are cream with burgundy-pink markings, flushed green at the base. It grows easily in well-drained soil, and will tolerate part shade. Striking seedheads too. Flowers early summer. 75cm.



Tulipa 'Ballerina' x 10
Offer price £4.40 (normally £5.50)

The vibrant and glowing soft tangerine-orange flower is an absolutely brilliant colour when handled well and with a most welcome heady scent when warmed in the sun. The second-year blooms show some more twist to the petals and may well be more yellow and less orange. Flowers April – May. 50cm. AGM.



Tulipa ‘Burgundy’ x 10
Offer price £5.60 (normally £7)

Elegantly poised in a purplish hue of deep lilac, this cultivar of lily-flowered tulip has flowers with a waisted shape and more pointed petals than some in the group. A sturdy stem makes this a good choice for
cut flowers. Plant in a sunny, sheltered position in well-drained soil. Flowers April – May. 45cm.



Tulipa 'Havran' x 10 
Offer price £4.20 (normally £5.25)
A luscious cultivar with dark stems leading to deep, plum-purple flowers with a grape-like bloom and silvery-blue foliage. It can sometimes be multi-flowered. This is a good garden form of Triumph tulip, providing that elusive darkness of colour in late April. Flowers April. 45cm.  




Tulipa ‘Red Shine’ x 10 
Offer price £4.40 (normally £5.50)The glistening deep red, almost opalescent petals put one in mind of a ruby Tiffany lamp. This lily-flowered cultivar has a tall elegance but is not one for the faint-hearted. Combines well with Tulipa ‘Spring Green’ or Tulipa ‘White Triumphator’.
Flowers April – May. 45cm. AGM.




Tulipa sylvestris x 5
Offer price £2.40 (normally £3) 
Easy to grow and one that will tolerate some shade, growing happily in grass and producing fragrant, dainty, yellow flowers intermittently as seems to be their nature. One of the best for naturalising, it spreads by underground stolon or seed. Flowers April. 30cm.




Tulipa turkestanica x 10 
Offer price £2 (normally £2.50)
Ivory and cream, star-shaped flowers – sometimes up to 12 on a stem –  with dark anthers contrasting to the petals, greenish on their backs. The leaves are a greyish-green. They need bright conditions, out of too much wind and are well suited to the front of borders, rockeries or pots. Flowers April. 20cm. AGM.



How to order
Offer open to readers in the UK and Europe only. Larger pack sizes are available. Simply make your selection on the website and the discount will be applied accordingly.

By telephone Call 01460 242177 quoting ‘GARD2016’ to gain your discount.

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Offer closes 31 October 2016 (or while stocks last).

Postage & packing Charged at £4.95 per order for mainland UK (from £10 for orders from the rest of Europe).

Avon Bulbs is a family-owned company that has won numerous awards for its selection of spectacular, garden-worthy flower bulbs. To see the full range go to or call 01460 242177 to request a catalogue.

Terms and conditions
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• You can find the full list of what bulbs Jinny Blom, Alison Jenkins, Annie Guilfoyle, Declan Buckley and Nigel Dunnett selected as their favourites in the October 2016 issue (239).

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