Natural Christmas decorations

Moss and berry hanging chandelier

Made with moss, berries and flowers foraged from the garden are simple materials that make a big impact when paired together to make a festive chandelier.

Two tiers of moss rings are the perfect base for twining and tucking in berries and fresh flowers. Black bryony (Tamus communis) grows in hedgerows. Its berries are poisonous.



  • Wire frames: 1 x 25.5cm and 1 x 33cm diameter
  • Garden string and ribbon 4 lengths 100cm long
  • Moss, berries and fresh flower heads – these are Erysimum ‘Bowles’s Mauve’ but use any small brave fresh flowers that you can find.
Natural Christmas decorations

To make

Wrap the wire frames in thin soft wire. Tie 4 x 1m lengths of brown string on to the outer edge of the bottom ring. Leaving a gap of 16cm tie the strings on to the top ring. Knot and loop the remaining string 16cm above the top ring. Press damp moss over both rings and wrap thin soft wire around the moss. Add ribbon and berries to the string and thread the flowers into the moss rings.

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Styling by Kristy Ramage.