Open College Of The Arts

Garden design is not just a career path, it’s an art form. At the Open College of the Arts, our BA Garden Design degree will help you to understand the ‘academic skills’ of garden landscaping, we’ll progress your professional skills to help you to establish your own career, and above all, we’ll facilitate the development of your artistic style.

The course covers the research behind garden design, such as sourcing materials, evaluating sources and correct citing. You’ll build on your plant knowledge, their ecological requirements and the design relevance they hold.

We’ll help you to build a technical ability that will call on elements of graphic design, presentation skills and 2D and 3D drafting. Making sure you can vocalise your ideas and present them to full effect.

The Open College of the Arts is a distance learning institution, giving you access to study the arts at any point in your career from any location. As a member of our global community, you’ll have flexible timeframes with one-to-one tutor support.

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