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Arc en Ciel Folding Table

Best folding tables to buy

Make the most of summer days in the garden with a stylish new folding table for the garden, balcony, terrace or beyond

A folding table can be the perfect solution to a lack of space. Or perhaps you’re not planning on using the table all the time in the garden, and packing it up and folding it away is the best way to keep your outdoor space clear and tidy. Or maybe your folding table needs to be portable, so you can place it anywhere you fancy on any given day.

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Whatever your reasons for having a folding table, they can be a very helpful option: easy to use, portable, and adaptable. The below folding tables are a selection of designs that we think are the best and will fit in a variety of spaces, including balconies, conservatories, or breakfast areas. And if you want one that features a wall panel too (perhaps for cutting out neighbours, or growing plants up) then there’s an option for that as well.

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Slatted folding table

Askholmen Folding Table

Ikea’s Askholmen Folding Table measures at 112 x 62cm and is a practical choice for an outdoor folding table for garden, terrace or balcony. The table has space for four and is made from durable stained hardwood. Ikea recommend using VÅRDA wood stain when re-staining the table in order to protect it from the elements.

The wood used is acacia, which has a high density of wood fibres and is pre-treated with wood stain.

Cost £40

Buy it from Ikea here 


Choose your folding table side

Skagerak Folding Picnic Table

Danish design is a thing of beauty and this Skagerak Folding Picnic Table is no exception. We love the idea that you can easily pick it up by its handle and also fold one side or two, which means you’ll have lots more options of where you can put it and how many people can get round it.

We love it because it’s the sort of table that’s also easy to fold up and put in the car for picnics or summer holidays too.

It’s 105 cm, anthracite and made from powder-coated aluminium, so it’s very light.

At its largest, it seats four people very comfortably.

Cost £649 

Buy it from Connox


Riviera chic folding table

Arc en Ciel Folding Table

An eco designed folding table in a colour that offers a little bit of joie de vivre. Made by Emu, this Arc en Ciel Folding Table is rectangle and made from lacquered steel and could be used for inside or outside, as you wish.

It’s made from recyclable metal too, so no need to put it anywhere near landfill when you’ve finished with it.

The table itself is 110 x 70cm and if green isn’t your thing, there are a selection of other colours in the range.

Cost £215

Buy from Made In Design 


Folding table with room for four

ive Droite Bistro Folding Table

A powder coated steel large bistro table that will be perfect for weekend brunches on patios or city courtyards. Make sure you feel like you’re sitting in a French cafe, drinking coffee and reading the paper while in your very own garden space.

This folding table is in carbon colour but there are three colours to choose from and the frame is lightweight and full foldable, making it easy to move around.

It’s recommended to fold it up and put it away when not in use over winter, or for extended periods and the size is 90 x 90cm, which should fit a cosy four around it, but works also for just the one.

Cost £150

Buy from Garden Trading 


Original 60s folding table design

BM3670 Folding Dining Table

Looking for an iconic piece of design for your folding table? This particular design is the brainchild of Danish furniture designer Børge Mogensen who created it in the late 1960s for his own private balcony.

The table has been reissued by Carl Hansen & Son with the dimensions of It’s 115 x 71.5cm and comes in untreated FSC®-certified teak. The folded table can be easily and neatly hung up on a wall mount.

Cost £632

Buy from Skandium


Café culture folding table

Fermob Bistro Folding Table

A range developed by Fermob based on the original model of the folding bistro table, which was simple and easy to pack away, allowing lemonade sellers to scarper quickly if they didn’t have a license to sell their wares on the street. The design was patented in 1889 and it has lost none of its  charm and style. This honey colour is our favourite but there are lots of colours to chose from.

It comes at a cute 60x60cm and is made from lacquered and recyclable metal. And don’t miss the chairs to go with this chic option.

Cost £159

Buy it from


Folding table with wall panel

Äpplarö Folding Table

Another strong option from IKEA, this time it comes in the form of a folding table with screen, which could be used for many different purposes. Looking to block out the neighbours on your balcony? Or what about growing lovely plants up the screen? There are a myriad of ways in which you can use this design in small spaces and the great thing about it is that it can easily be folded away.

The Äpplarö is made from durable acacia and the size is 80x62cm and there’s also an option to include hooks on the wall screen, which could enable you to make a vertical garden with lots of herbs. You can buy the folding table separately to the wall screen too.

Cost £70

Buy from IKEA 


Folding table with a handle to go

Steel Balcony Folding Table

A stylish folding coffee house table in red. This compact table has an ingenious design which is possibly one of the most easily packed away. With useful handle, the three legged table measures at  60x60cm and is delivered with a wall hook, so you can flat pack it away on your balcony or terrace. And there’s more that’s intriguing about this design: no hinges. This means that there’s less chance of corrosion or breakage over time and means it won’t ever get jammed.

Hot dip galvanised powder coated steel means that this table should be very weather resistant. There are other colours available too.

Cost £125 

Buy from Manufactum or the Design Web Store


On trend

Guinguette Metal Folding Garden Table

If round small folding bistro tables feel a bit cutesy for you, then why not consider this square option. The Guinguette Metal Folding Garden Table is a two seater and measures 70 x 70cm. Its square shape also means that it may fit into pesky corners much more easily than its rounded counterparts.

This folding table is grey with a matte finish, but there’s a white and black option available too.

Cost £43.50


Buy from Maisons du Monde