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Dimmer option wall light

Best outdoor lighting for your garden

Front or back, formal or relaxed. Here's fifteen outdoor lights for the garden. Compiled by Katie Dutton

There are a number of reasons to invest in a reliable outdoor light, whether you want to create a welcoming space for waiting guests, set up a security feature to protect your home, or shine a light on pathways, plants or outside seating areas at night.


Whatever the function, there are a range of options available, so we’ve selected some of the best outdoor lights that will brighten up your garden.

For sun-powered options, see our guide to the best solar garden lights

Scorpius Outdoor Wall Light

Copper-clad Scorpius outdoor light

Made from a shatterproof polycarbonate diffuser, this Scorpius outdoor wall light is a robust piece that will shine a light on your front door. Most suitable for coastal locations, it has a distinctive copper look which means it will stand out even in the daylight. 

Recommended for sheltered outdoor use, the unlacquered copper will eventually fade back to a green tinted verdigris finish, however it’s still a durable piece with a 15 year guarantee against corrosion.

Lucide FIGO Wall Light

Dimmer option wall light

Both the lamp itself and the connecting wall plate feature black aluminium in a classic lantern design. Combined with the round, cloudy bulb (not included) it will create an antique feel in your green space, perfect for setting an ambient atmosphere throughout your garden.

Gardendale Pathway Light

Gardendale 1 Light Pathway Light

Perfect for pathways, these outdoor lights will guide you safely through your garden at night. With an adjustable lamp head you can point them to the spot that needs it most, and line several of them up for full coverage to create a well-lit path. Fully weather resistant, they are made from stainless steel so are built to last.

  • £22.99

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Finsbury Outdoor Wall Light

Garden Trading Finsbury Outdoor Wall Light

A mix of modern and industrial design, this charcoal grey wall light will create a warm welcome to your home. Compatible with motion sensors, it can double up as a security feature, or be used to create a functional spot of light for yourself and any guests.

Belgrave Carriage Light

Victorial style belgrave carriage light

A versatile light that fits in both a contemporary or classic setting, the Belgrave Carriage will light up your garden from any angle, with 4 sides made from glass that let the light through. 

A robust piece, made from a powder coated steel frame, it has an off-black finish to create a subtle, minimalist effect. It’s also motion sensor compatible, for maximum convenience.

  • £95

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iihome Solar Garden Light

iihome Solar Garden Light

With 36ft of cable that features 60 high quality LED crystal balls, you’ll have lengths of light to illuminate your patio or outdoor dining area. Fuelled by solar power even through rainy weather, they can produce between 12-16 hours of lighting at night after 8-10 hours of daily charge, perfect for setting a relaxing ambience on the darkest evenings.

Romantic Outdoor Bronze Lantern

Romantic outdoor wall lamp bronze - London

A vintage design, featuring old glass for added effect, this outdoor bronze lantern is a good size for any dark area with a height of 34cm and a depth of 18cm. It has an E27 light fitting which means it has a light source that hits a maximum of 60 watts, which should be more than enough to light up your desired spot.

Olivo Black 2 

Olivo Black 2

A versatile light that is suitable for your front door or a wall near your entryway, the square shape of the Olivo Black 2 will effectively light up any dark area. Made from aluminium it’s a robust light that will shine through any British weather conditions. 

The light also helps reduce shadows close to your property which should help put you and your guests' mind at ease when arriving later in the night. With a variety of lighting options, from warm, cool or even colour changing, you’ll be able to adapt this high quality light to your specific home, safe in the knowledge that they are energy efficient thanks to their A++ rating.

  • £35.99

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Auraglow Colour Changing Table Lamp

Auraglow Rechargeable Table Lamp

A glowing centre-piece for an outdoor table, this colour-changing LED light has a flicker effect to simulate the glow of a real candle, without the risk of it being blown out. The flicker can also be turned off and the colour changed, allowing you to set the tone and atmosphere of the evening, with a remote control that can dim the power or set a timer. Completely cordless, it can be placed anywhere with ease.

St Ives Harbour Outdoor Pendant Light

St Ives Harbour Outdoor Pendant Light

Fully waterproof, the Harbour Outdoor Pendant can be relied upon in any weather condition, creating an atmospheric glow wherever it hangs. Crafted from galvanised steel, it has an adjustable length of cable 2.5 metres long, which means you can hang it at the height that works for you.

Garden Outdoor Spotlight Kit 

Ebony Garden Outdoor Spotlight Kit

Designed to accentuate trees and plants you’re particularly proud of, or a statement piece in the garden, these LED spotlights can be staked into flower beds, fixed to a wall, or even submerged in a pond, as they’re fully waterproof. 

Fitted with a daylight sensor, they will automatically turn on at night, unless you’d like to set them on a specific timer. Each light produces 50 lumens, perfect for highlighting small to medium sized foliage at night.

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Endon Drayton Outdoor Wall Light

Endon Drayton Outdoor Wall Light Black

A traditional lantern design with a modern, dimmable light, this outdoor lamp is a perfect blend of classic and contemporary. Featuring a matt black painted finish with clear glass shade, it’s a great, practical feature.

Auraglow Motion Sensor Light

Auraglow Motion Sensor Light

This sophisticated motion sensor can be fully adjusted to suit your needs, whether you want to maximise the sensor range or set illumination time to last anywhere between eight seconds to five minutes. For added convenience there’s also an option to override the sensor entirely and simply use it as a manual outdoor light by connecting to the mains switch.

Helix Outdoor LED Bollards

Helix Outdoor LED Bollard

Available in corten steel which is between six to eight times better protected than standard rusty steel, this LED bollard is corrosion resistant, which means it will reliably keep your garden lit up, whatever the weather. 

Fitted with a clear polymer lens to let the light through, it also comes equipped with a 5W LED. However, if you’re planning to install the bollard in concrete you will need to invest in a pillar, sold separately.

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Colmar Coffee Outdoor Wall Light

Colmar Coffee Outdoor Wall Light

A minimalist design crafted from steel and glass, this outdoor light is a subtle and stylish addition. Finished with a coffee bean colour it has a dimmable light, so you can decide on the glow it emits through its glass case, whether you want a brighter glow to light up a tree, or a more relaxed glimmer for outdoor dining.


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