If you have a tall tree in your garden that needs some attention, or a hedge level just out of reach, it may be worth investing in a telescopic pruner.

Instead of overreaching and just falling short, or harming your back while tending to ground level greenery, a telescopic pruner will help you deliver a clean and tidy job without the strain otherwise involved.

We’ve put together our picks of the best pruners for those hard to reach spots, keeping in mind weight and length, and any bonus features like an additional saw so you can truly stay on top of your garden.

Best telescopic pruners to buy in 2023

ARS Long Reach Pruner

Telescopic Long Reach Pruner

Designed for difficult branches on hard to reach areas and tricky stems, this telescopic pruner boasts a carbon steel blade which shouldn't have any problems cutting through any pesky hang-ons.

Not only does this mean the metal pruner will be sharp and easy to use, it should also be a durable item that won't struggle with awkward areas.

Reaching between 1800mm and 3000mm in length, you can decide exactly the scope that's perfect for the job, with few areas likely to be too far to chop away. Even when the pruner is fully outstretched you should be able to hold on tight, thanks to the ergonomic, non-slip grip on the handle.

Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Telescopic Tree Pruner

Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Telescopic Tree Pruner on white background

This versatile pruner features a carbon steel lopper capable of cutting through branches up to 30mm thick, but it doesn't stop there. It also has an additional 13 inch saw to help you take on those larger branches that may be beyond your normal reach.

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Winner of the 2018 British Growing award, this telescopic pruner has a total length of 570mm which should help tackle any areas that have been difficult to access until now.

Kent and Stowe Telescopic Tree Lopper

Kent and Stowe telescopic tree lopper on white background

Boasting a powerful cut, these telescopic pruners have a 4-gear mechanism to make the work as easy as possible, with a bypass system that creates a scissor effect which makes the cutting action even easier. The blade itself is made from carbon steel with a non-stick property so it shouldn't get stuck mid-cut, with branches coming off easily instead of becoming crushed and damaged.

The full reach extends to three metres and can be locked in place with a simple twist. It even has a pruning saw attached to the end for any particularly thick areas.

Fiksars UP86 Telescopic Universal Tree Pruner

Fiskars UP86

Cut your way through dense greenery and easily tackle the tips of trees, with this powerful tree pruner from Fiksars. Capable of extending to an impressive eight metres in length, it can take on branches that are up to 32mm thick.

All the strings are inside the pole so you wont have to worry about any of the mechanisms getting caught in the tree, which means you'll have a tangle-free experience. The ergonomic handle also leaves a satisfying pump action when squeezed so you can really enjoy the process of cleaning up your garden.

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Telescopic Tree Lopper

Gardena Telescopic StarCut 410 plus on white background

Weighing in at 1.5 kilograms, this pruner boasts a reach of 6.5 metres, although that does include the user so will also depend on your height and the length of your arms.

The internal steel gearing may sound like there's a lot going on with its 12-speed gear ratio, but it's all tucked away inside the pole which means you can take care of any stray branches and awkward ends without it getting caught in any trees or hedgerows.

Alongside the pruners there's also a handy hook which can be used to remove any chopped branches that have fallen from the tree and become stuck in the leaves, ensuring a tidy area once the job is complete.

Draper Tree Pruner with Telescopic Handle

Draper Tree Pruner with Telescopic Handle on white background

You can extend this telescopic pole between 1.37 metres and 2.5 metres to find the length that works best for the task at hand, easily locking it in place with a simple twist system. This is a versatile garden tool as it features both a rope-operated blade for pruning, and a saw blade for thicker branches.

This saw is also detachable which is a useful feature, so it can be removed if you have a smaller tidy-up planned.

Darlac Adjustable Telescopic Snapper

Darlac Adjustable Telescopic Snapper on white background

This telescopic pruner also functions as a snapper, holding onto the stem once it has been cut, which is ideal for easy clean up or picking fruit from hard to reach spots. It extends to a total of 1.8 metres for a sizable reach and has a carbon steel blade that can handle branches up to 16 mm thick.

This is a lightweight item made from aluminium and zinc alloy steel but that doesn't mean it can't get the job done, boasting a keen cutting edge that should sort any untidy edges.

VEVOR Pole Saw Telescopic Tree Pruner

VEVOR 26FT Pole Saw Telescopic Tree Pruner on white background

This telescopic pruner is more of a kit than a single item, with eight attachable poles that can be extended to a length of your choice to take on whatever needs pruning, reaching up to 26 feet when all items are pieced together.

The poles are made of alloy steel which means they should be lightweight enough to hold while pruning, but sturdy enough to handle resistance without bending.

There are two ways you can use this pruner, either as a pruning saw that can take care of the more difficult spots, or by using the pruning head that can tidy the leaves and edges for a neat finish.

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