Lodge Round Log Carrier - Small - LCST01_1

The best log carriers

A choice of three excellent log transporters to carry your firewood from shed to hearth

Late autumn and winter is the time to get warm and cosy by the fire. Transporting your logs from shed to hearth can prove difficult in this wet, windy and increasingly dark weather. Make life simpler by using one of these three excellent log carriers. For more tips on the best firewood to use, head to our piece by Louise Allen. And read our article on how best to chop kindling.

Easing the load

Rattan log trolley

Rattan Log Trolley, £140, Cox & Cox, coxandcox.co.uk




Traditional style Classic Carrier

Classic log carrier

£38, Carrier Company, carriercompany.co.uk


Elegant curves Lodge Round Log Carrier

Lodge Round Log Carrier - Small - LCST01_1

£45, Garden Trading, gardentrading.co.uk