What is a tool organiser?

Whether you’re a weekend hobbyist or a lifelong gardener, chances are you’ve accumulated rather a lot of garden tools over the years. There are so many useful ways that you can organise your garden tools but whatever form that takes, having an organiser is a definite way to keep everything in an orderly fashion.


Why you need a tool organiser for your garden shed or greenhouse

Once you master the organisation of your gardening tools, everything else falls into place. There isn’t a particular rule of thumb for how to organise your tools, it depends entirely on your setup.

So, whether you’re seeking a small storage solution for your garden shed or perhaps something lightweight that can be carried around easily, finding the right garden tool organiser will make landscaping your garden all the more enjoyable.

Here's a round-up of a few of our favourites.

Best tool organisers to buy for your garden

Double Garden Tool Rack

Garden tool rack in a shed

Best for storing lots of tools, this garden tool rack from Amazon is an excellent solution for anyone looking to save some space while creating additional storage. Ideal for hanging spades, hoes, rakes and pruning shears, this tool organiser works as a mountable hanging rack.

The efficient design allows you to make better use of your surroundings, particularly if you have a potting shed that is on the smaller side.

This tool organiser comes equipped with 11 hooks arranged across two levels and the hanging points are cleverly staggered to maximise the use of space.

Similar tool organisers available are the Bergman Extra-Long Tool Rack and the Bergman Double Tool Rack.

Garden Tool Holder

Garden Tool Rack on a brick wall

This handmade option from Etsy is a stylish and visually pleasing tool holder. Made from wood, the design of this holder is minimalist with a light grainy texture.

The tool holder is also customisable with an option of two different finishes, stone grey or dark oak, and can also be engraved – making it a lovely gift for someone.

We also like the Wooden Moreton Tool Rail which similarly offers an excellent display solution.

Keter Corner Tool Storage Rack

Keter Corner Tool Storage Rack in the corner of a room

If you’re limited for garden tool storage and hoping to optimise what space you have available, the Keter Corner Tool Storage Rack is a wonderfully versatile shed organiser. Its front-loading slots allow for easy storage of large tools and eliminate the problem of wrestling to find long-handle tools tucked away at the back of the shed; its corner design keeps everything accessible yet out of the way.

Sage Green Garden Tool Caddy

Garden by Sainsburys Sage Green Garden Tool Caddy in a garden

Perfect for storing small hand tools, this sturdy garden caddy has compartments that can comfortably hold anything from gardening gloves, trowels, secateurs and scissors. Better still, it will certainly save you the hassle of running back and forth to your shed or greenhouse to grab any forgotten tools.

More like this

Life of Riley Waxed Canvas Gardening Bag

Life of Riley Waxed Canvas Gardening Bag on a table

This waxed canvas and leather-handled gardening bag is an excellent choice for easy and transportable storage. The bag itself comes with eight pockets to accommodate a variety of tools and it has the added benefit of being waterproof with plenty of room for all your tools.

Dibor Wall Mounted Garden Storage Rack

Dibor Wall Mounted Garden Storage Rack in a shed

This practical and stylish storage rack is especially useful for anyone who’s looking for a particularly easy storage solution. Handwoven from hard-wearing metal chicken wire with a neutral black finish, this rack can be easily fixed to a wall or door using two standard screws.

Esschert Design Garden Stool

Esschert Design Garden Stool on a white background

Ideal for on-the-go use, the versatile Esschert Design foldable chair and tool bag can be moved with ease and offers you a comfortable place to sit while carrying out your garden chores.


The removable bag and side compartments give you plenty of space for your gardening tools and accessories, ensuring they are always on hand when you need them. The stool also comes with a useful 2-in-1 function removable bag and can be folded flat so you’ve got easy additional storage at your disposal if you need it.


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