No garden is truly complete without a garden shed perched somewhere on the premises.


Whether it’s a little outhouse tucked away in a small corner so you can keep your tools in line, or a large indoor area where you can tend to your potting and look over your garden, it’s important to create a little getaway in your green space.

We’ve put together some of our favourite picks of sheds that suit a whole range of purposes, with a wide selection of designs so you can find a garden nook that works for you.

Why not invest in a smart tool caddy to keep inside your new shed? Here's our edit of the best tool organisers you can find online.

Best garden sheds to buy in 2023

Duramax ECO Metal Garden Tool Shed

Perfect for storing your precious garden utensils during rough winter spells, this spacious shed is made from hot-dipped galvanised steel that is resistant to all weather types.

Promising to be maintenance free so you can simply set it up in your garden and not have to worry about any upkeep, it has a set of sliding doors that are nice and tall so you'll have no trouble transporting lengthy items in and out.

It’s also been fitted with a strong lock on the handles to keep anyone else out, and the interior has been fitted with vents to increase air circulation when you are inside.

Forest Retreat Grey Luxury Shed

Create a quiet hideaway in your green space with this luxury garden shed from the Shed Store. The smooth structure is made from kiln-dried redwood timber, which has been painted a sophisticated muted grey, with a standout roof that's been formed using Canadian red cedar shingles.

Promising a sturdy structure thanks to its interlocking and pressure-treated materials, this shed also features subtle but stunning windows to let the light and breeze in, with a key lock to keep anyone unwanted out.

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Traditional Wooden Potting Garden Shed

This potting shed serves a traditional purpose, allowing you to store essential items away and get to work on various garden projects, but it features slick modern windows letting in plenty of light, with the option to open them and let the fresh air roll in too.

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It has a potting bench inside so you can get ahead with seed sowing and propagation with the help of direct sunlight and a bit of warmth. The shed can be secured thanks to the key operated lock which can be attached to either end of the shed.

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Christow Narrow Shed

Ideal for a smaller garden where you need some extra organisation, or an expansive green space where you can have several checkpointed along the way, this narrow shed is both chic and convenient.

Inside there are three corner shelves to hold your smaller items such as hand tools, as well as an unobstructed space on the left hand side that can hold longer items such as spades and rakes. There's even an additional compartment in the roof where you can keep extra items, ensuring you're making use of every part of this unit.

You will have to assemble this shed yourself but they promise it's easy to do so, and once it's complete you'll have a protective area that is both safe from the weather thanks to its waterproof apex roof and resistant to theft with its barrel bolt for reinforced security.

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Chelsea Shed

Ticking all the boxes, this sophisticated shed has plenty of luxurious features, including its posh elephant colour and felt shingles, without compromising on convenience.

It has a versatile storage area on the side and you can choose between packing your garden accessories on the multiple shelves, or removing these and instead using it as a place to keep your logs neat and tidy.

As for the interior of the sleek shed itself, there's a sizeable 4ft by 3ft (122cm x 92cm) of space, so you can keep your heavier items and any electricals locked away out of the rain.

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National Trust Crane Blickling Shed

Using FSC redwood that's been sourced from Scandinavia, this shed was constructed in Norfolk and it's packed with character and handy features.

Inside you'll find plenty of space to not only store your belongings but also keep a comfortable chair and table so you can sit back after a hard day of gardening.

This is all kept behind a door that's reinforced with cast iron hinges, and a large window made with toughened glass.

There's also a separate outdoor area that’s dedicated to log storage, although this can also be used for longer tools such as brooms and telescopic pruners.

Yardmaster Pent Metal Garden Shed

If you're in need of a heavy duty shed that will truly protect your belongings from the elements this may be the right option for you.

A study set-up, it's been constructed from hot-dipped galvanised steel that is both fire-safe and weather resistant so it's ready to take on every element and condition.

All of your more precious gardening tools will be safely tucked behind its sliding double doors which overlap for extra protection and reinforcement against heavy winds, and promises to be safe from the risk of rot and rust and even any rodents that may be curious about what's inside.

Outsunny Fir Wood Garden Shed

A compact container that's capable of holding all your gardening essentials so you have access whenever you need it, this slender shed would make for a great accessory in your green space.

It has two small shelves which would be ideal for everything from back-up plant pots to sets of seeds, as well as a larger standing area where you can place medium-sized items such as shears.

All of this is protected from the elements thanks to the fir wood which has been treated with a waterproof finish to keep the rain at bay.

Dutch Barn Shed

Dutch barn shed

An ideal shed for storing all types of accessories and garden essentials with very generous roof space. This has a classic Dutch barn look, which will be a lovely feature in any back yard. What we love about this particular shed is the fact that there's double doors, which allows easy access and lots of space to pull out your tools with not much bother. The shed is made from FSC certified timber and is weather resistant timber with an opening styrene glazed window.

The Classic Shed

Cosy Shed The Classic

This lovely classic-style shed is ply-lined and vertically clad in 14mm Redwood Pine Matchboard. There's a beautiful classic pitched roof and the shed comes in the colour of your choice. We particularly like the Georgian style of door and the opening windows, which add to the country cottage chic. There are seven different sizes to choose from, so lots of options for different garden sizes.

Contemporary shed

Contemporary shed from Garden Trellis Company

This is a particularly quirky, contemporary design, for those of you who aren't into classic shed designs. The slatted wood on the outside of this shed gives it a slight Scandinavian feel. Plus the shed itself is versatile: you could also use it for bikes. There's lots of elements about this shed that are adaptable, including the painted finish. There's a fifteen year guarantee on the wood for this shed, which is made by a company with lots of experience.

Forest Garden Wooden Shed

If you're looking for a spacious unit where you can place a variety of your tools and mowers to ensure they're safely protected from the elements, this may be your best bet.

The majority of the timber used to create this shed was grown and felled in the UK to produce a large and robust hideaway that is tightly constructed with a tongue and groove system.

It features hinged double doors to give you plenty of space to move your items in and out, especially ideal if you're keeping larger items such as wheelbarrows and mowers inside, and has glazed windows which can be opened for additional ventilation on those warm, summer days.


The doors have also been made with a double Z style framing for extra stability and you can give yourself peace of mind by locking everything away with the rim style latch.


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