Time to get your lawn tidy and looking fresh and new with our pick of 10 of the best new mowers. From hand-operated to ride-on lawn mowers, we've something for lawns of every size.


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The best lawn mowers to buy in 2023

Bosch AHM 38 G Hand Push Cylinder Lawn mower

The best for small gardens (and budgets)

Perfect for petite gardens – this lightweight mower is especially easy to manoeuvre around your green space and should be just as easy to store away as it wont take up much space in your shed.

It's hand-powered which brings with it a set of advantages, including the fact there are no cables to trip over, no wires to run from inside your house and no petrol needed. This also means it's especially transportable so can be carried to any corner of your garden.

With an impressive 25 litre collecting storage box and three adjustable cutting heights, this is great value for its simple design and excellent functions.

AL-KO 38.1 HM Comfort Hand Mower

The best lawn mower for simplicity

If you're looking for something that's both simple and sleek so you can tackle ling grass on a quiet morning, you can't go far wrong with the AL-KO 38.1 HM Comfort Hand Mower.

A manual hand mower that is especially easy to use and importantly, it's designed to be comfortable too which means it can be used over an extended period of time.

Cut your lawn and enjoy a workout at the same time. The five blade spindle moves quietly and without any exhaust emissions, making it perfectly suitable for use in small gardens.

Atco Clipper 20

The best classic style lawn mower

If you’re looking to invest in a mower that will last you for many seasons to come, then the Clipper 20 is a brilliant solution. With six steel blades and an adjustable cutting height between 7-30mm, your lawn will achieve the fine finish it deserves. Plus, to really treat your lawn to a manicured look, the included fitted steel front and rear rollers help you achieve classic lawn stripes effortlessly.

Makita PLM4817 140cc Petrol Mulching Lawn Mower

The best for those seeking a fine cut

A powerful machine with an included mulching mower function, that is perfect for larger gardens. It comes with an eight-stage lever cutting height that's adjustable between 25-70cm, and its durable steel blade offers a superior cut. The minimal noise and clean exhaust emission are added bonuses to this model.

Husqvarna LC347V Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The best self-propelled lawn mower

Coveted brand Husqvarna offer a superior mowing experience. High quality and durable, this self-propelled mower has a recoiled starting method, impressive 163cc engine capacity, and six different cutting positions; ranging from 20-75mm. The 60 litre grass collector makes this a practical solution to mowing larger lawns with ease.

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Flymo Turbo Lite 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower

The best lightweight lawn mower

Compact and practical, this popular hover mower has an impressive 15oow motor that is ideal for cutting medium to large to sized gardens. It’s lightweight and – thanks to being a Flymo which floats on a cushion of air – completely effortless to manoeuvre and control thanks to its dual level handles and 7.5kg weight.

Hyundai HYM510SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower

The best lawn mower for versatility

A self-propelled mower with a low emission and minimal noise, the Hyundai HYM5210SP has many top-notch features to boast about. It has a cutting width of 51cm and the height can easily be altered to six positions, thanks to an included adjustable lever. It also has an extra-large 70 litre grass collector. This petrol mower is an ideal choice for medium to large sized gardens.

Mountfield 827m Petrol Mower

The best ride-on lawn mower

Mountfield are the go-to choice for a durable, robust ride-on mower. With a key start engine, reverse function and manual gear box, simply hop on and mow any garden up to 0.75 acres with ease. Other included features are a mulching option, an impressive 150 litre grass collector, 66cm cutting length function – perfect for dense lawns.


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