A grass trimmer or strimmer is a useful tool for tidying up areas of the garden that a lawn mower can't reach, such as up against a fence, around the trunk of a tree or the legs of garden furniture, or under a trampoline. A strimmer is also really useful for clearing a large weedy or overgrown area of long grass – you can go over the area initially with the strimmer, then tidy it up with a lawnmower.


A strimmer is also a really useful piece of kit for edging a lawn. It's hard to get a mower right up to the edge of a lawn, and if there are overhanging plants, you risk decapitating them. Many strimmers can switch from trimming to edging mode at the flick of a switch, and many come with a flower guard to protect the plants in your border.

A strimmer can be petrol-powered, electric (corded) or powered by battery (cordless). A cordless strimmer gives you freedom of movement without the need to be plugged into the mains. Improved lithium-ion technology means that a good battery should see you through most strimming jobs and can be recharged quickly. Many cordless garden tools from individual manufacturers come with interchangeable batteries across their ranges. Read our guide to buying cordless garden tools.

Many cordless strimmers have adjustable, flexible or interchangeable heads to enable you to reach tricky areas comfortably, and an automatic line feed which means you won’t have to fiddle with the spool when fresh cord is required.

We highlight some of the best cordless strimmers you can buy. As a cordless strimmer is not used every day, be sure to share it with friends or neighbours when not in use.

Buy a cordless strimmer in 2023

BLACK+DECKER String Grass Trimmer Cordless 28 cm

Black & Decker cordless strimmer

This cordless strimmer made by BLACK+DECKER is a powerful string trimmer with a 28cm cutting area. It can power through the toughest of overgrown areas easily and quickly, without clogging, and can cut an area of 2,500 linear metres in one charge. It is also great for edging lawns – it can quickly switch from trimming to wheeled edging 'Trim 'n' Edge' mode.

This strimmer comes with a battery and charger. It has a Power Select Run Time Extender function to increase the power for tough overgrown areas or reduce it for lighter tasks to extend the battery run time.

This cordless strimmer is part of the BLACK+DECKER 18V Lithium-Ion battery system, where all batteries are interchangeable across the range of garden tools and power tools too.

Buy the BLACK+DECKER String Grass Trimmer Cordless 28 cm grass trimmer now from from Amazon

Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ Cordless Grass Trimmer

Ryobi cordless strimmer

The Ryobi OLT1832 cordless strimmer is suitable for fine or coarse grass. It ensures a quick and easy transition between the edging and trimming modes. It has an adjustable cutting width of either 25cm or 30cm, plus a three-position pivoting string head to enable you to tackle tricky areas with ease. It also has a telescoping boom and adjustable handle, so is comfortable for a user of any height. The easy edge head can rotated with the push of a button, allowing you to quickly trim the edge of your lawn.

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You can buy this cordless trimmer on its own, or with a battery and charger. With the 18V ONE+ battery you can power over 100 Ryobi tools for the home and garden.

Bosch Cordless Grass Trimmer EasyGrassCut 18V-26

Bosch cordless strimmer

This cordless strimmer is part of the Easy Garden Tools range from Bosch – designed for small and medium-sized gardens. It is lightweight, but has a powerful motor for effortless trimming. It can easily change to edging mode, with a click of a button and a twist of the handle. Supplied with or without a battery.

Spear & Jackson 3-in-1 30cm Cordless Grass Trimmer - 36V

Spear & Jackson cordless strimmer

This is Spear & Jackson's most powerful cordless grass trimmer. You can change the angle of the cutting head easily with the foot-pedal adjustment. For accuracy while edging, a wheel supports the weight of the trimmer and the flower guard lets you cut right up to the edge of the lawn while protecting your flowers and plants.

Buy the Spear & Jackson 3-in-1 30cm Cordless Grass Trimmer now from Argos

Kärcher Battery 18-30 18V 300mm Cordless Grass trimmer

Karcher cordless strimmer

This cordless strimmer's pivoting head has three different positions, so you can get under garden furniture and around other obstacles. An LCD display keeps you informed on how much battery charge you have left.It comes with a 18 V / 2.5Ah battery, charger and spool and you can use the same battery for the complete range of 18v Kärcher battery products.

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Einhell GC-CT 18/24 Cordless Grass Trimmer Kit

Einhell cordless strimmer

The flower guard protects plants from damage. With a cutting width of 24cm and a speed of up to 8500 rpm, the blade get the job done with plenty of power. The telescopic long handle is adjustable. This strimmer is supplied complete with 20 plastic blades, a 2.0Ah battery and a high-speed charger. The Einhell GC-CT 18/24 Li cordless grass trimmer is part of Einhell's Power X-Change series, with an interchangeable battery.

Buy the Einhell GC-CT 18/24 Cordless Grass Trimmer Kit now from from Wickes

Mountfield MTR 20 Li Cordless Grass-Trimmer

Mountfield strimmer

The Mountfield MTR 20 Li Cordless Grass-Trimmer is an attractively priced cordless strimmer that is robust but very lightweight, weighing in at just 2.5kg. It has a telescopic shaft, adjustable loop handle and an adjustable cutter-head.


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Veronica Peerless is a trained horticulturalist and garden designer.