If you're on the lookout for a mower upgrade this year then you've come to the right place.


There are countless options from all the big names (and some you might not be so familiar with) all offering different modes of power and different ways to get that essential mowing job done.

And while a great many mowers can be considered 'cordless' – such as good old fashioned, hand-operated push-alongs, petrol lawn mowers from classic brands, the new wave of robot mowers and full ride-ons for those with a little more to trim – the real rising star of the mower world are today's cordless electric models.

Combining quiet and light electric motors with the latest battery tech they're perfect for any size of lawn allowing you to keep your grass in check without getting caught in a cord.

How to choose a cordless lawnmower

There are a few basic considerations to bear in mind when choosing a cordless (battery) mower.

Firstly there's its range. Keep an eye out for any mention of square meterage or running time and make sure the mower you buy can finish the job. Of course there's always the option of changing a flat battery for another halfway through, but why put up with the hassle and today's high-power rechargable batteries aren't cheap. Speaking of which…

A major influencer to your pick of mower will be if you've already bought into a manufacturer's battery tech. It might be that you have a rechargeable battery and recharger from a previous purchase – power tools, trimmers and the like – and so investing in a mower that uses the same battery – buying it 'bare' – will save you money.

Of course you'll then be in the position of having multiple tools fighting over the same, single, over-worked battery, but you can always add more if and when you feel you need them.

Stihl RMA 235 cordless lawnmower

Stihl cordless mower

Stihl are real pros in the garden and this simple mower from such a big name is a brilliant buy for a cordless, quiet electric mower with a sturdy, professional feel. And, operating at a quiet 89db, it's perfect to use in the summer evenings, without disturbing the neighbours.

It comes with its own bespoke Stihl AK20 battery and charger included. The AK20 delivers a cutting range of 300m2 (that's an 80 foot by 40ft lawn) while the larger, optional AK30 runs to 400m2.

Weighing only 14kg, with an included foldable handlebar and carry handle, it’s lightweight and easy to lift and store away with a 33cm wide blade.

Greenworks 48v lawnmower

The Greenworks delivers excellent cost-effective range by virtue of being powered by a a pair of lithium-ion batteries. Install one battery for smaller lawns or use two at once to increase your range – to a maximum of 220m2 – without needing to swap or recharge.

More like this

In addition to the 50l capacity grass collector on board this mower has a mulching function too, for finer (more regular) grass cutting that returns nutrients to the soil.

There's a large 41cm blade for getting the job done faster, that can be set to five cutting heights, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized lawns. Batteries and charger are included.

Bosch CityMower 18

Bosch cordless lawnmower

A perfect small mower from another big name. The clue is in the name and the CityMower is perfect for those with a small-to-medium lawn who'll appreciate this mower's compact size for storing and simple 'everything-in-the-box' easy of use.

It features a 32cm blade and comes with an included charger and a Bosch 'Power For All' 18V battery, which can be used in Bosch's huge range of cutters, strimmers, power tools and more, delivering an impressive 300m2 range.

Mountfield MC340

Mountfield cordless lawnmower

Mountfield have been making quality mowers for decades and their MC340 is their mid-range all-electric model for the medium garden. There's a larger 34cm blade, metal rust proof chassis, and a small but capable 35litre grass storage capacity.

It comes with its own bespoke powerful 40V battery – which can be used across the full range of Mountfield electric tools – delivering a range of 200m2.

Flymo EasyStore 300R

Flymo cordless lawnmower

Flymo's 300R is their take on the push-along cordless, forgoing the floating, hovering (non-grass collecting) quick 'n' easy mowers they're famous for in favour of an on-trend rotary mower with full grass collection and battery power.

There's a neat 30cm blade on the smallest model with larger 34cm and 38cm available too. It's powered by two of Flymo's 20V batteries (delivering its '40V power'). There's a 35minute run time and the 300R's real asset is its ability to fold down extra-small for storage or placing in a car boot for transport to an allotment or othersuch.

Ryobi OLM1833B

Ryobi cordless lawnmower

If you've already bought into Ryobi's ONE+ battery system (a range of over 150+ power tools that all use the same battery) then the OLM1833B is a bit of a bargain. Coming without battery or charger (which are available separately of course) it's keenly priced for such a professional bit of kit.

Ryobi make every powertool you could need for the garden and the OLM has a 33cm blade, 35litre grass catcher bag making ideal for small to medium lawns.

Hyundai 42cm Cordless Lawnmower

Hyundai cordless lawnmower

The Hyundai takes things to the next level with an increased blade size of 45cm. This means you can get larger lawns cut faster with less passes and less walking up and down. That said, it's still liftable and storable at 19.9Kg and folds down to a compact, car boot-able block.

Its supplied 40V battery and charger offer a run time of 15minutes but can be fully recharged in 80minutes. Or simply purchase a second battery to double that lifespan if you've a larger lawn.


Worx cordless lawnmower

Another mower that uses it's own battery system (that can be re-used in different tools from the same manufacturer) is the WORX WG779E.2. It's powered by two of their 20V 'Powershare' batteries delivering an impressive range of 460m2 – and – best of all – that pair of batteries and clever double charger (capable of charging both batteries at once) are included in the box.

Special mention to their Intellicut system that allows you to turn up the power when cutting through thicker grass and turn it down again (delivering that impressive extra range) when you're just dishing out a light trim.

Makita DLM530Z

Makita cordless lawnmower

Makita's battery system is used right across their power tool range so if you've already got a drill or saw at home then you're hitting the ground running with the DLM. And while Makita do make smaller mowers (that also use the same system) it's the impressive power and range (and quality that Makita are famous for) that have earned this model a place in our list.

It features the largest blade in our round-up – 53cm – and is the ideal electric if you're replacing an antiquated, noisy gas-guzzling petrol mower in your larger garden.


Powered by two of their 18V batteries (for 36V power) the machine actually features FOUR battery ports allowing you to flip between battery pairs to keep on mowing up to 2,300m2.

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