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A dark green sit-on lawnmower on a white background.

Best ride-on mowers: 8 top choices for a perfect lawn

Published: June 24, 2021 at 11:51 am

Our choice of the best ride-on mowers will help you up your gardening game.

Have you got a large lawn? Or perhaps you struggle to push a standard mower back and forth in the summer heat? A sit-on lawn mower could be the ideal solution.


Many people love the convenience of ride-on lawn mowers, as they offer an easy and fun way to trim your grass. You don’t have to battle with an engine pull-start cord or push a heavy machine out in front of you.

Read on for our selection of the best ride-on mowers currently available.

How to choose the best ride-on mower for your garden

There are several factors you’ll need to consider when finding the best ride-on mower for your space:

  • Size – Not only should you think about the dimensions of your garden and storage area, but also the size of the gates your mower will need to fit through. Look out for ‘cutting width’ when comparing sit-on lawn mowers; the larger the number, the bigger the machine.
  • Turning circle – Does your garden have a lot of trees or winding paths? If so, you may want to look for a sit-on lawn mower with a ‘zero turning circle’, so it can achieve a close cut.
  • Mulching function – Some ride-on lawn mowers collect grass clippings in a large bag, while ‘mulching’ ones cut them into tiny pieces and spray them back out onto the ground. Most people prefer mowers with a ‘mulching’ function, as they involve less work and fertilise the grass.
  • Transmission – Ride-on lawn mowers with hydrostatic transmission tend to be more expensive than those with manual systems, but they offer better control and are generally simpler to use.
  • Battery or petrol power – Nowadays, you can get battery-powered sit-on lawn mowers and, if you buy one, you can avoid the expense and hassle of regularly topping up your petrol mower. Plus, it’ll probably be quieter than a petrol-powered model. Don’t forget to check how long the battery lasts after charging and make sure you have somewhere to plug it in.
  • Cutting heights – Many sit-on lawn mowers have several cutting heights, allowing the user to adjust the elevation of the blades to suit the grass they’ll be trimming. Unless you mow your garden regularly, you’ll probably want to invest in a mower with lots of options.
  • Two/four-wheel drive - The best ride-on mower for you will depend on the type of garden you have. If it has uneven ground or steep slopes, it’s a good idea to invest in one with four-wheel drive.

Best ride-on mowers for a perfect lawn

Honda HF1211HE Petrol Ride-On Lawnmower

A red sit-on lawnmower on a white background.

Honda vehicles are known for their reliability. So, putting your money towards one of the brand’s sit-on lawn mowers could be a wise move if you want to avoid swapping parts over the years.

Although Honda is famous for its cars, it has a broad range of lawn-care products, from everyday mowers to robotic models, and even brushcutters and tillers.

This ride-on lawn mower is a great mid-range option for anyone with a lot of grass to trim. It collects the clippings in a 170L bag, so there’s no mulching system. But this model has hydrostatic transmission and several cutting heights between 3cm and 8cm, so it’s fairly easy to adapt to your specific needs.

Buy the Honda HF1211HE ride-on lawnmower from Just Lawnmowers (RRP:

John Deere X350 Lawn Tractor (with 42" Accel Deep Mower Deck)

A green and yellow sit-on lawn mower on a white background.

No list of ride-on lawn mowers would be complete without a John Deere. While models from this brand do sit at the higher end of the scale when it comes to price, they’re widely considered to be some of the best mowers around.

This one comes with hydrostatic, two-wheel drive with ‘Twin Touch’ foot controls. There’s a 107cm cutting width, and the cutting heights increase in 6mm steps between 2.5cm and 10.2cm.

A 13.2L petrol tank, adjustable wheels and a luxury seat are also included as part of the package. Plus, there are a few special additions, including cruise control and a backlit, car-style display.

Buy John Deere X350 Lawn Tractor from Just Lawnmowers or browse second-hand models at AutoTrader.

Mountfield T38M SD Petrol Ride-On Lawnmower

A red sit-on lawnmower on a white background.

The Mountfield T38M is a solid model for those in need of a practical yet relatively affordable ride-on lawn mower. It’s the cheapest option on this list with a mulching function, and it has a side-discharge system for cutting longer grass effectively.

Key to this Mountfield model is the five-speed manual transmission and seven cutting heights between 2.5cm and 8cm.

But the stand-out features of this sit-on lawn mower include a tow hitch for connecting accessories, and a deck wash port, which cleans the underside of the vehicle for you. Plus, there’s a safety switch to cut the engine if you dismount while the blades are spinning.

Buy Mountfield T38M SD at B&Q

Snapper ZTX250 Zero Turn Ride-On Mower

A red and black sit-on lawnmower on a white background.

A robust and hardwearing mower, this Snapper model features a welded steel frame, thick-walled front axle and steel mower deck. Not only is it made to last, but it can also handle tricky terrains.

Happily, you won’t have to compromise on comfort either, as the seat is fully adjustable and comes with ergonomic armrests. You can also control the deck lift function with your feet, and store any extra tools or equipment in the rear cargo bed.

Perhaps this model’s most exciting detail is its zero turning circle, making it one of the best ride-on mowers for gardens with trees or tricky shapes to negotiate.

Buy Snapper ZTX250 from Just Lawnmowers

Webb WE1742SD Petrol Ride-On Lawnmower

A green and black sit-on lawnmower on a white background.

For a relatively low-priced, good all-round option, you can’t really go wrong with this sit-on lawn mower from Webb. The Wiltshire-based brand has been around for more than eight decades and sells everything from leaf blowers to shredders.

Invest in this mower and you’ll get hydrostatic transmission, a side discharge chute and a 100cm cutting width. Plus, there are six cutting heights from 1.2cm to 8.9cm, which allows for a good deal of customisation.

Also, it’s the only mower on our list with an attractive, dark green paint job, so if understated aesthetics are important to you, it’s worth considering.

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Weibang iON 81 RC Battery Ride On Lawn Mower

A red sit-on lawnmower on a white background.

We couldn’t end this list without giving a nod to the various battery-powered models available nowadays. If you want to avoid the hassle of buying petrol and regularly filling up a tank, an electric mower is the solution for you.

This one from Weibang has a 72V/31Ah battery, which runs for 150 minutes after charging, with e-drive forward and reverse functions. It takes 12 hours to charge, so you just need to remember to plug it in overnight to top up the battery to full capacity.

Once you get going, you’ll be able to make use of the mower’s 81cm cutting width and 10 cutting heights, ranging from 2.5cm to 13cm. Supplied with both a 190L waste collector and mulching kit, this mower offers two options, so you can choose whether to gather clippings or use them to fertilise your lawn.

Buy Weibang iON 81 RC from Just Lawnmowers

AL-KO R7-63.8 A Compact Ride-On Lawn mower

A red sit-on lawnmower on a white background.

If you’re after a small, reasonably priced sit-on lawn mower, this model from AL-KO is a great choice. At just 190cm in length and 77cm across, it’s a compact option, ideal for gardens with narrow access or limited storage space.

The compromise? Manual transmission with four forward and one reverse gear, and a top speed of 4.5km/h. Also, there’s no mulching function. Instead, you’ll find a 130L storage compartment at the back, which you can empty from the driver’s seat.

Buy AL-KO R7-63.8 A from Tool station (RRP: £1,599)

Stiga Park 540 PX 4WD Front Cut Ride-On Lawnmower

A yellow and black sit-on lawnmower on a white background.

Most ride-on lawn mowers have blades underneath the seating area, but opting for one with a ‘front-cut’ design allows you a better view of the ground you’re trimming. If you invest in this model, you’ll get all-wheel drive with foot-operated hydrostatic transmission, as well as a mulching system, which deposits cut grass at the back of the mower.

This piece of kit also includes a towbar, 12L fuel tank and high-beam LED headlights, and the top speed is 10km/h.

One of the biggest benefits of buying a Stiga product is the chance to use its accompanying app, which notifies you about ongoing maintenance tasks. In short, there are lots of features to help you do a thorough job and achieve a smart finish.


Buy Stiga Park 540 PX from Lawnmowers UK


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