When thatch begins to develop beneath the grass level, it can be hard for a lawn to collect the nutrients it needs. The result? A patchy and unhealthy garden, with areas of moss and weeds.


Luckily, there’s a simple solution. Experts suggest we scarify our lawns to remove unwanted matter every few weeks - but failing that, a thorough session in April and September should do the trick.

Scarifiers use metal tines to drag up organic matter lurking in the grass - and some come with aerators to help get oxygen into the soil afterwards. You can use a manual tool or rake to get the job done, but an electric scarifier should make it easier - especially in large gardens.

Tip: If you use a scarifier without a collection box, go over your work with a non-mulching lawnmower. It’ll pick up all the debris left on the ground and trim any straggly remains. Once you’re done, you may want to sprinkle some grass seed in any patchy areas to encourage new growth.

Here's our selection of lawn lawn aerators to buy

The 10 best lawn scarifiers to buy today

AL-KO 38E 1300W Electric Scarifier

AL-KO 38E 1300W Electric Scarifier on a grey background

Despite only using a 1300W motor, the AL-KO 38E has enough impressive features to make it one of the best lawn scarifiers around.

A 55L collection box, 16m power cable and 38cm deck with 14 steel blades and 24 rake tines put this scarifier above most others on the market, and should help you cover a wide area efficiently. In fact, it can cope with lawns up to 800m² in size.

Other handy features include the five adjustment depths and the ergonomic handlebar. AL-KO has also given the design large air vents to help keep the motor cool, and a smart, stylish casing. This one gets a big tick from us.

VonHaus Electric Lawn Scarifier & Rake

VonHaus Electric Lawn Scarifiers & Rakes on a grey background

Next on our list are these smart electric scarifiers from VonHaus. Not only do they scarify your lawn, but they also come with an interchangeable aerating roller to create air holes in the ground afterwards.

Choose between the 1500W and the 1800W scarifier to suit your garden. The smaller 32cm-wide model comes with four adjustable height settings and a 28L grass box, while the 38cm-wide version has five working depths and a 55L collection bag.

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Whichever model you choose, you’ll get a handy 10m power cable and a folding, soft-grip handle for easy storage. Plus, there’s a thermal cut-out system to stop the motor overheating, and a two-stage safety trigger, so you’ll never start it accidentally.

Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Lawn Scarifier

Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Lawn Scarifier on a grey background

Ryobi is an expert in all things cordless, which is why its battery-powered scarifier has made it onto our list. This is one of the best lawn scarifiers for anyone who wants to avoid faffing with cables and extension leads to move freely around the garden.

The brand has used brushless technology in the motor to extend its life and provide more power. Meanwhile, the 16-blade scarifier has four different height options, letting you choose the intensity of the session.

Despite being battery-powered, this scarifier has a decent 35cm deck and can cover up to 525m² on a single charge.

You’ll need to buy the batteries and charger separately, and you can also add a collection box and an aerator reel to complete the kit.

Rolling Lawn Scarifier

Rolling Lawn Scarifier on a grey background

For a simple and affordable scarifier, you can’t go wrong with this manual version. It comes with two wheels, so you can roll it along the ground as the 11 sharp tines remove moss and thatch.

With a head measuring 38cm across, it rivals many electric lawn scarifiers for size and covers a chunky strip of land as you go. The long 128cm handle also makes it easy to work without bending your back.

When you need to adjust the working depth, just angle the head to change how far the tines reach into the ground.

Bergman Pro 3-in-1 Lawn Scarifier, Rake and Sweeper

Bergman Pro 3 in 1 Lawn Scarifier, Rake and Sweeper on a grey background

Equipped with a scarifier, rake and sweeper, this 3-in-1 model from Bergman helps you tidy your lawn after you’ve pulled up all the thatch. It’s a versatile bit of kit, as you can use it to clear patios, paths and even artificial grass - particularly useful for collecting fallen autumn leaves.

This scarifier comes with a sizable 45L collection bag to store the gathered waste, as well as a 10m power cable to stretch back into your house or garage.

As for the scarifier itself, you’ll get a choice of four working depths, so you can tailor the intensity of the roller to the time of year.

Hyundai Electric Scarifier / Aerator / Lawn Rake

Hyundai Electric Scarifiers on a grey background

We all recognise Hyundai for its cars, but did you know the brand also sells a selection of high-quality garden equipment? Its outdoor range includes two scarifiers: a smaller 1500W model with a 36cm head and a slightly larger 1800W version with a 38cm deck.

Both models come with 20 hardened steel blades, which can be placed at five different heights using the simple adjustment dial. There’s also a 45L collection box, a 10m power cable and a safety mechanism to cut off the engine when you release the lever.

As an added bonus, these models are some of the best lawn scarifiers when it comes to easy storage, as they have folding handles to pack down small and a wall hanging bracket for your shed or garage.

Einhell Power X-Change GE-SC 35/1

Einhell Power X-Change GE-SC 35/1 scarifier on a grey background

Another great battery-powered option, this Einhell scarifier can cover up to 400m2 on a single charge - and there are no power cables to contend with.

This model could be one of the best lawn scarifiers for small gardens with limited storage space, as it has a relatively compact 35cm deck and folding handlebars.

There are three height settings available to help you adjust the performance throughout the year, as well as a soft-grip handle for comfort.

Don’t forget to buy the batteries and charger separately.

Magnusson Scarifier

Magnusson Scarifier on a grey background

If you’re working with a small patch of grass or you need a tool for quick, light scarifying jobs, try this manual option from Magnusson.

It comes with a durable carbon steel head complete with sharp tines, which should make it easy to remove clumps of thatch from the scarifier as you go. The total width is an impressive 37.5cm, which is wider than many electric lawn scarifiers on the market.

There are no wheels here, so this scarifier works in a similar way to a rake.


An extra-long grip on the handle should improve comfort during lengthy scarifying sessions.

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