A trusty pair of wellington boots are an essential accessory for gardening, especially as the weather changes and the ground becomes soggy with mud. How you store them is equally as important, so you know exactly where they are when you need them most.


Whether you have a large family and want some order in the hallway, or you simply want a statement piece that will hold your garden footwear, a welly boot storage unit can be the ideal solution for keeping track of your boots, and stop the boots from tracking mud into your home.

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Welly boot storage to buy in 2023

Woodside Steel Wellington Boot Rack

Woodside Steel Wellington Boot Rack on white background

Capable of holding up to four pairs of wellington boots thanks to eight support poles, this is an ideal rack for a family sized gathering of muddy shoes. Made from powdered coated steel this rack should be fine to use both indoors and outdoors without becoming damaged from the weather conditions.

It does require self-assembly but claims to be easy to put together, with the boot holders gradually raising in height. This means it can store a variety of sizes, to stop yourself and the kids bringing the outdoors into your home.

Churnet Valley Boot Store

Churnet Valley boot store

Give your wellington boots a rest from the elements beneath this pressure treated timber boot storage. Handmade in the UK, it's wide and tall enough to fit several pairs of boots, keeping your passageway and garden well organised, so you can grab your boots whenever you need them.

Buy Churnet Valley Boot Store now from Garden Chic

Fallen Fruits Wall Bootrack

Fallen Fruits Wall Bootrack on white background

If you’re lacking on floor space or would prefer to hang your wellington boots where you can see them, this handy wall rack can hold up to four pairs. Boasting high-quality wood there’s also the option of storing additional items on the shelf space above. Just ensure it’s attached securely to the wall. Unfortunately screws don’t come included.

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Farringdon Welly Stand

FARRINGDON WELLY STAND on white background

A subtle and stylish wellington stand designed to be used indoors this is a smaller unit idea ideal for placing beside the front door. It has two rows, designed to place larger boots at the back and smaller wellies in the front, to keep your footwear organised. Made from steel, it has a clear matt laminate lacquer for an even finish.

Tall Chedworth Welly Locker

CHEDWORTH WELLY LOCKER, TALL on white background

With 11 slots to organise your general footwear, this Chedworth welly locker also has two tall slots specifically designed for wellington boots. Each slot has its own name holder which means everyone has their own section to store their boots, so you can keep an eye on who is tracking in the muddiest pair.

Chester and Cooke welly rack

Chester and Cooke welly rack

There’s no doubt what this rack is for, due to the engraving on the handmade, birch wood piece. This statement rack comes in a variety of sizes and can hold between two to four pairs of wellingtons depending on your choice. There’s also the additional option of ordering the piece with or without a shelf. As well as a utility hook for dog leads, it also comes pre-drilled to speed up the process of attaching it to your wall.

Personalised Wooden Welly Boot Wall Racks

Personalised Wooden Welly Boot Wall Racks

Make your mark by adding your family name (or any wording of your choice) to this wooden boot rack which claims to be made completely by hand using locally sourced English Oak.

The boots are held in place with 1.5 inch dowels which should provide a secure fit whatever the size of the boot, so there’s little risk of them falling. Fitted to the wall with invisible screw head fixings, you can even have individual names engraved above each wellington boot space for an added personal touch, or simply leave it blank so you can hang your boots wherever you like.

Oak Welly Rack

A+B furniture Oak Welly Rack

A simple, minimalist welly rack, this oak frame gets the job done with little fuss and is available in a range of sizes. Whether you’re looking to store two pairs or need to organise six sets of boots, hanging them on this wall rack will help avoid clutter on the ground. Handmade from oak, they claim it’s durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions so can be placed in the hallway or on an outside wall.

Moreton Well Store

MORETON WELLY STORE on white background

Made from spruce and stained black, this raised welly rack has been designed to let the air circulate around your neatly stored wellington boots. It has a slanted, galvanised sheet metal roof to keep rain away from your items to let them dry, and has enough room for three to four pairs of boots, depending on their size.

Buy Moreton Well Store now from Garden Trading (£230)

Wellington boot rack

Garden pride boot rack on white background

This simple storage solution is made from solid steel, which has been coated in plastic to provide a sturdy but practical unit. It has room to hold up to six pairs at once, including three adult pairs and three children’s pairs, which means it’s ideal for a family.


It can be placed either indoors or outdoors with a design that means the boots will be placed upside down to prevent rain water from collecting in them. Due to the compact design it should fit well anywhere it’s placed, whether that’s beside the front door or in the hallway, with a rust resistant material so you shouldn’t have to worry about the impact of rain.


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