Amaryllis 'Rosario'

Six of the best amaryllis to grow, recommended by Alys Fowler

If you think you know amaryllis (more correctly named Hippeastrum), think again. Alys Fowler picks out six beauties that you'll long to grow for their unusual blooms. Photographs Jason Ingram

The bold and beautiful flowers of amaryllis (Hippeastrum) light up cold, dark winter days indoors. Here, Alys Fowler shares six of her favourites, with delicate blooms in a range of subtle tones.


Hippeastrum ‘La Paz’

Hippeastrum ‘La Paz’
Hippeastrum ‘La Paz’

Hippeastrum ‘La Paz’ has a long, vigorous stem with spidery, frilly-edged petals. The petals are a soft pink with dark outer edges. The colours seem slightly muddied compared to other ‘cybister’ types – but it’s certainly unusual.

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Hippeastrum ‘Misty’

Hippeastrum 'Misty'
Hippeastrum ‘Misty’

A traditional amaryllis trumpet, but smaller and more refined than most. This amaryllis has a lovely, subtle fragrance and a green throat.



Hippeastrum ‘Rosario’

Hippeastrum 'Rosario'
Hippeastrum ‘Rosario’
© Jason Ingram

This amaryllis has unusual streaking on its spidery petals. It tends to be slow to get going and less vigorous than some.



Hippeastrum ‘Tango’

Hippeastrum 'Tango'
Hippeastrum ‘Tango’

Amaryllis ‘Tango’ is unusual, boasting stunning cherry-coloured, streamer-like petals with a splash of green. The colour combination isn’t as clear as ‘Rosario’, but you’ll get more flowers per stem. A reliable starter variety.



Hippeastrum 'Emerald'
Hippeastrum ‘Emerald’

Despite its name, this amaryllis is more red than green. The insides of its petals look hand painted.

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Hippeastrum 'Merengue'
Hippeastrum ‘Merengue’

Amaryllis ‘Merengue’ has elegant, pointed petals. I love the terracotta throats of the plentiful flowers – like a 1970s bathroom scheme, but in a good way. My favourite.


Recommended amaryllis bulb suppliers

Hippeastrum ‘Clown’ Another large-flowered form in the Galaxy Group, this has been a popular choice for many years. Sometimes called the candy cane amaryllis due to the pale, red-and- white striped flowers. 60cm. AGM. RHS H2.