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Best compost for potting and more

Compost - so many different types for different jobs in the garden. We break things down into a handy list and round up some of the best composts for seeds, potting, houseplants and the garden.

Compost – so many different types for different jobs in the garden. We break things down into a handy list and round up some of the best composts for seeds, potting, houseplants and the garden. In 2022, peat-free products have never been so important. We provide a selection of the best sustainable compost solutions on the market.


Best compost for potting

Dalefoot Wool Compost For Potting


This organic, peat-free compost is a great option for raised beds, hanging baskets and container planting. It’s fertile, sustainable, and now comes with added Comfrey – packed with nutrients, which means you don’t need any extra feeds or fertilisers. Dalefoot were recently nominated for Product of The Year at RHS Chelsea 2021. They are a leading retailer of sustainable, peat-free, wool based composts.

30L, £12.99

For Peat’s Sake Peat-Free Compost


Launching earlier this year, this sustainable product has proved to be very popular. An affordable alternative to other peat-free composts, this product comes as a block of dehydrated coconut coir, which you just add water to and marvel as it grows to an impressive 11.5 L in size. Ideal for potting or repotting plants, it helps encourage healthy root growth and helps plants flourish.

One size, £9.99

Melcourt, SlyvaGrow, Peat-Free Compost


Another peat-free compost, that is both organic and sustainable. Made up of a special blend of fine bark, coir and nutrients, it is perfect for potting. Use for potting plants or young seedlings in containers, or in the broader garden.

15L, £6.50

Best Houseplant potting compost 

Houseplant Focus – Repotting Mix


This professional peat-free houseplant potting mix provides your houseplants with all the nutrients they need to flourish indoors. It’s designed to provide up to 9 weeks’ worth of nutrients to help encourage healthy growth, and is made here in the UK with the finest high-quality materials including sterilised soil, coir, composted fine bark and wood fibre.

8L, £5.99

Miracle-Gro Premium Peat Free Houseplant Potting Mix


Specifically created to help houseplants thrive, this rich mix has a blend 14 vital minerals and vitamins that are essential to healthy indoor plant growth. This blend has been designed to retain water, and features Patented Fibre Smart™ natural wood fibre, which encourages a balance of air and water to enable healthy root growth. You can have added peace of mind when using this at home as it’s both child and pet friendly.

10L, £5.95

Peat-free botanical houseplant coconut compost


Supplied in a handy resealable pouch, this botanical compost is made in the UK from sustainable coconut coir and is completely peat-free. The formula has been specially balanced to be pH neutral and free-draining. A 4L pack will be sufficient to repot up to two houseplants, and each pack comes with handy instructions.

4L, £5.49

Best compost for seeds

SylvaGrow John Innes Seed Compost


A solid choice for all your seed sewing gripes – this formulation is perfectly suited for seed growing and propagating cuttings, as it encourages healthy germination. Featuring the original John Innes blend, this peat-free seed compost comes in an extra large 15 carry bag. It’s available at Crocus in a bundle of 3 packs, which means you can stock up for the seasons ahead.

3x 15L bags for £20.97

GroChar Carbon Gold Seed Compost


Designed with a special mix of organic coir and biochar complex called, Enriched Biochar; which is full of high concentrations of strains of natural fungi, minerals and bacteria. Thanks to its organic recipe, it’s perfect for encouraging young plant development and helps enable quicker root growth and retain more moisture than many other alternative composts.

8L, £5.95

Peat-free Wool Compost For Seeds


Bracken and sheep’s wool are blended together to make this very fine-textured peat-free compost. Designed to enable young seedlings to flourish, the added wool provides naturally high levels of nitrogen which slowly releases nutrients, and helps encourage water retention. Plus, it’s been approved by the Soil Association.

12L, £7.95

Best compost for the garden – Multi-Purpose Compost

Coco Grow + Peat-Free All Purpose Compost


For an All Purpose compost, Coco Grow + is an ideal option with this compressed blend of 80% Natural Coco coir brick and 20% Perlite. This is perfect to use for sewing seeds and potting, rooting cuttings, or potting succulents. But it’s also suitable for general planting in the garden.

15L, £9.99

Levington Peat-Free Multi-Purpose Compost, with added John Innes


This peat-free multi-purpose suits all your gardening needs. It comes in an extra large bag, and has added John Innes which enables extra growth thanks to its natural ingredients. This compost is perfect for planting beds and borders, and could also be used for containers.

50L, £6.99

Miracle-Gro Premium All Purpose Peat Free Compost


Miracle-Gro Premium is an all-round multi-purpose compost that provides brilliant results. Ideal for beds, seedlings, patio pots and even houseplants too. Packed with 14 Vital Minerals, this compost has been designed with Fibre Smart technology, which provides a perfect balance of water and air to enable maximum root growth. The large 10L bag provides up to 3 months feed.

Other sustainable products to help with your planting

An essential to any budding gardener’s planting kit is liquid seaweed. This organic, sustainable product is an eco-conscious alternative to fertilisers and other chemical laden products. It will help encourage plant growth, and add a natural source of nutrients.

Doff Liquid Seaweed

This concentrated bottle can make up to 300L of liquid seaweed. It’s meant to be used regularly throughout the life of your plants to consistently encourage root growth and stimulation. A sustainable and organic blend that can be used on plants, shrubs and vegetables.

Maxicrop Original Seaweed Extract


Maxicrop Original Seaweed Extract is an ideal product to have to hand to increase nutrients in your plants. Tried and tested over the years, this famous formula contains a combination one algae and vitamins to help encourage plants to withstand elements, increase root growth and remain fortified. It’s best used between February and October.