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Planting rhubarb c. Tim Sandall

Order your rhubarb crowns now for planting in November and December. Or if you have established crowns, it's also when you can start forcing rhubarb for early cropping.

Autumn c. Tim Sandall

It's autumn colours time - so where can you enjoy a really magnificent display? Asking plantsman Roy Lancaster to name his favourite gardens is like asking a child what his favourite sweet is, but here are 10 of his favourite places to visit as autumn reaches its glorious peak

Rudbeckia fulgida var. deamii c. Annaick Guitteny

GALLERY: The Asteraceae family is renowned for its daisy-like stars. Add to these some less recognised member and you have a great selection of plants for autumn colour. Browse our gallery for late season inspiration. Pictures by Annaick Guitteny (issue 202)

Hippeastrum ‘Misty' c. Jason Ingram

If you think you know amaryllis (or more correctly named Hippeastrum), think again. Alys Fowler picks out 8 beauties that you'll long to grow for their striking blooms. Plus tips on how best to grow them. Don't forget to order your bulbs now

Pumpkins and squash c. Paul Debois

As Halloween approaches you can't help but notice the increasingly popular range of winter squash and pumpkins in shops and harvest display. So how about growing your own, ready for this time next year? Alys Fowler suggests some favourites.

Quince c. Jason Ingram

Quinces are perfect garden trees that bear pretty blossom in spring and heavy golden fruits in October. Once you’ve planted one, bring some zing to your autumn table by trying this delicious recipe.

Cloche choice c. Sean Malyon

Whether it’s winter protection for crops and seedlings, or planning ahead for soil-warming prior to sowing seeds come spring, there’s a style of cloche to suit your needs

Petra Pelz prairie-style garden c. Sabrina Rothe

Landscape archtect Petra Pelz own garden is a magical mix of structural grasses and a limited mix of colourful perennials

Remarkable Plants That Shape Our World

Celebrating the beauty, diversity and importance of plants within our everyday world, this book that introduces us to the field of economic botany and is laden with stunning botanical ilustrations. Read our review:

GI News

Inspiring botancial art at Kew, including a 10-metre long image; a note of caution when it comes to lopping trees; the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire remembered and why it makes sense to get out this autumn.