One of many festive traditions, the Christmas cracker has its place on the table as a reliable way of making loved ones laugh, if only due to the ill-fitting party hats and not the joke that comes tumbling out.


But with so much paper and card being used to piece them together, only for them to be thrown in the bin soon after, they are fraught with problems for the planet.

That’s why, this year, we’ve put together our selection of the best eco-friendly crackers so you can focus on having fun with your family and not worry about creating any waste.

From crackers that have been made with sustainably sourced and recyclable materials, to clever options made from tin or cloth that can be used year after year, there’s plenty to consider in our selection below.

Best eco friendly Christmas crackers to buy in 2022

Set of four reusable tins

Do away with the usual waste from paper and cardboard crackers with this colourful tin set from the Crackers Store.

Instead of using materials that will immediately become binned, they're made from reusable tin which can be re-sealed ready to use later in the day or the year after.

They come in a four pack and feature designs that include a snowman and father Christmas, and the initial batch have 12 Christmas hats and jokes included so there's plenty to go around.

As there's no snap involved you won't have to worry about startling any pets either who may be dozing under the dinner table.

RSPB Eco friendly Christmas Crackers

These eco friendly crackers from RSPB have been made from totally recycled paper that has been responsibly sourced, which means when they've been cracked open over Christmas dinner they can be just as responsibly recycled soon after.

Each cracker contains a party hat, an interesting bird fact and a cute animal pin, and the RSPB have also created matching wrapping paper for you to complete the table set.

Buy Eco-friendly Christmas Crackers now from RSPB

Sophisticate Pattern Eco Cracker Set

Each element of this cracker is eco friendly, from the tencel ribbon which has been made from sustainable wood pulp which is also biodegradable, to the cracker itself which is made from 100% recycled card and can as a result be recycled once more after use.

Each features a classic bad joke, as well as a selection of gifts which include a shampoo bar, plastic-free tea bags and a wildflower seed ball.

Six Reusable Christmas Kraft Crackers

These clever crackers from Keep This Cracker have been made with Kraft board to create a space in the centre that can be packed with goodies come the big day of celebration, and can be slotted together reused as many times as you'd like.

Simply place a snap inside and pull and it will separate instead of tearing the paper, and once it's been used many times and starts to show considerable signs of wear you can recycle or compost them before purchasing a fresh set.

More like this

Robin Reed Eco Crackers

Featuring a bright red backdrop with subtle snowflakes falling gently through the design, these crackers are eco friendly which means you won't have to worry about doing damage to the planet while you pull them apart.

They're made from responsibly sourced materials and even come in packaging that is environmentally kind. There is no plastic at all involved in either the packaging or the gifts that come falling out either.

Each cracker features a joke, a quiz and the classic paper hat inside, alongside tree decorations that have been handmade from paper.

Small Personalised Eco Christmas Crackers

This quaint set of crackers are smaller than normal, designed to be a more subtle set but they've still taken a big step when it comes to being eco-conscious.

The crackers are 100% recyclable which means they can be responsibly disposed of instead of just being popped in the bin, and the twine can be saved and reused throughout the home or garden.

For that added personal touch you can also have the names of your loved ones written on the barrel of the cracker.

Buy Small Personalised Eco Christmas Crackers now from Etsy

Six Eco Friendly Handmade Christmas Crackers

Whether you're in need of a set of six or you're prepared for a larger gathering of 12, these handmade crackers won't negatively impact the planet as each element can be recycled, including the compostable tape which attaches the snap inside.

The treats that come out of the crackers have also been considered in terms of their impact on the planet, and include bags of sweets which have been heat sealed as opposed to using glue or plastic which means they can be easily composted at home.

Baroque Eco Friendly Christmas Cracker

Handmade in Devon, every element of these crackers has been designed with sustainability in mind. This means they are 100% recyclable, using materials such as recycled paper and plastic as well as FSC board.

Even the printing uses vegetable ink, but this doesn't mean they've compromised on the design, with a finished result that is both classic and luxurious in appearance.

Forever Crackers

Made from silk, these stylish and sustainable crackers from Amara unravel when pulled to reveal a selection of Christmas treats.

These include a banger, a joke and a fabric crown, the latter of which can be used consistently, year after year.

You then have the opportunity to fill the silk with your own choice of goodies which will provide that added personal touch for many Christmases to come.


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