Natural Christmas decorations

Garden baubles and seed-head garlands

Simple to make and a little different to usual, these baubles made from natural materials look lovely hanging off the tree or from a mantelpiece.

How to make

Natural Christmas decorations

LEFT Moss and old man’s beard on chicken wire


Cut chicken wire to 12cm x 20cm and form a cylinder. Crush the top and bottom inwards to form a ball of about 8cm diameter. Using pliers pull out and twist a loop for a ribbon. Cover with damp moss. Secure with florist’s stub wire bent like hair pins. Secure the stems of the seed heads into the moss with wire.

MIDDLE Nigella seed heads on wire (360mm x 1.2mm)

Take two 36cm pieces of stub wire and wrap them around a jar to form two rings. Thread the Nigella on to one, then thread the second ring through the bottom seed head at 90 degrees. Add seed heads either side of the fixed bottom one and twist the ends of the wire together to make a loop for the ribbon.

RIGHT 3 Crab apple and rosemary on wire (360mm x 1.2mm)

Make as bauble 2 but thread with alternating crab apples and rosemary, having first pierced them with an awl or compass point.

ON BACK OF CHAIR Garland Nigella seed heads on ribbon

Thread the ribbon on a bodkin or tapestry needle. Put a small hole through the centre of each of the seed heads first, then pass the threaded needle through. Arrange them along the length of the ribbon. If they slip, loop the ribbon around each seed head.

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Styling by Kristy Ramage.