Natural Christmas decorations

Make a hazel ball with ivy berries

Ivy is one of the best plants to grow in the garden for year-round interest. This natural Christmas decoration celebrates its architectural berries.

Old tree stumps and gateposts are the perfect place to find mature ivy with clusters of fantastically architectural berries. To show them off to their best advantage they need a structure, so here I used the thin ends of hazel branches to make a ball that is light enough to hang from a pin.  A collection of these globes in varying sizes look great hanging from the ceiling – or hang just one to catch the light from a window.

Natural Christmas decorations


  • 9 thin pliable hazel (or willow) branches approx 100cm long, with the twiggy ends left on 20 or so ivy berry heads
  • Florist’s stub wire cut into 7-10cm lengths
  • Ribbon for hanging

To make

Form nine rings about 26cm in diameter from the lengths of hazel, overlapping the ends and leaving the twiggy ends sticking out. Put eight rings together to form a segmented ball, and fix at the top and bottom with florist’s wire. Put the ninth ring horizontally around the ball and fix to the vertical rings with florist’s wire. Weave the twiggy ends of the hazel into the ball shape – cut off any extra bits that you don’t want. Wind a cut piece of florist’s wire around the stem of each ivy berry head, leaving a 3cm end to fix to the hazel ball, then randomly attach them and pinch the wire tight with pliers. (Note: ivy berries are moderately toxic.)

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Styling by Kristy Ramage