Natural Christmas decorations

Make a lichen-covered branch with crab apple baubles

In damp places you'll find branches of trees covered with the most magnificent lichen. At Christmas a branch like this, decorated with baubles and ribbon adds a natural touch.


  • 1 found branch
  • Galvanised bucket with stones and chippings
  • Crab apples (these are from Malus ‘Evereste’)
  • Florist’s stub wire
  • Ribbon cut to 26cm with diagonal ends

To make

Secure the branch in the bucket with rocks. Pour on chippings. Trim the branch to the best shape. Use wire cutters to cut a pile of 6-7cm lengths of florist’s stub wire. Make a small ring on one end. Push the other end through the base of the crab apple. Form another bigger ring and thread the ribbon, tying a loop. Hang the ribbon from the branch.

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Styling by Kristy Ramage.