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Redlove Odysso

Astonishing apples for Apple Day

Published: October 22, 2020 at 10:17 am

As Apple Weekend arrives – take your 'pick' of your personal preferred Apple Day – we celebrate the season with some of the most remarkable varieties of apples, as chosen by fruit breeder Lubera

Apple Day takes place 21 October with this year many having Apple Weekend events around that day. It's a chance to celebrate the king of the fruits, the apple. The day was originally set up by conservation charity Common Ground in order to draw attention to some of the incredible varieties of apples that we are in danger of losing. Here we've picked eight of the best apple cultivars, all of which are grown and sold by Lubera, and are available to grow in your very own garden.


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'Redlove Lollipop' apple

Redlove Lollipop
Redlove Lollipop

The Redlove range is a particularly impressive range of apples, as both their skin and flesh of the apples are red, and they stay red even when cooked. These are packed with antioxidants and the Lollipop is small and cute to boot. Its pinky hues and small, round shape give it its name and it is the sweetest Redlove out there.

Crab apples

'Paradis The Forbidden Apple'

Apple Paradis The Forbidden Apple
Apple Paradis The Forbidden Apple

Less the apple of Eden and more a protest apple. This cultivar got its name because Lubera hasn't registered it on the official list for marketing and sale. This means that The Forbidden Apple has no trademark or variety protection and is free to be propagated and sold. Less forbidden then, more free for all.


'Malini Greenlight' apple

Malini Greenlight
Columnar Apple Malini Greenlight

This yellow/green columnar apple took an astonishing 20 years for Lubera to originate. It tastes a little sour, but very crisp and juicy and is a hardy apple for use on south- and west-facing walls.


'Paradis Katka' apple

Paradis Katka
Apple Paradis Katka

This particular apple has a heady aroma and beautiful, bright lenticels, which give the handsome speckled appearance. This is an easy apple to cultivate and it is resistant to fire blight and scab. It fruits in its second year of planting.


'Paradis Granny Swiss' apple

Granny Swiss
Apple Paradis Granny Swiss

Well known and loved in the UK, the green apple Granny Smith originated in Australia in 1868 and is named after Maria Ann Smith who propagated the cultivar. This similar green Paradis Granny Swiss is a cross between Bionda and Greenstar and doesn't lose its green to red in autumn as cold nights draw in. It can also be stored until February after harvesting in September.

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'Redlove Odysso' apple

Redlove Odysso
Redlove Odysso

With fluorescent red-coloured skin, the fruits of Redlove apples are close to nectarines and peaches. They also have a remarkable aroma, which comes from the red colouring and hints at berries. The scent of Odysso develops after three to four weeks in storage or later in the harvest.


'Maloni Billy' apple

Maloni Billy
Maloni Billy

Perhaps, like most of us, you don't have space for an orchard. If that's the case, then the Maloni mini apple trees could be your answer. Half as tall as other cultivars, they are perfect for balconies, patios and small gardens. Their apples, especially those of Billy, taste both sweet and sour and all are scab resistant.


'Paradis Sparkling' apple

Paradis Sparkling
Apple Paradis Sparkling

So-called because of the intensity of its flavour, this apple bursts in your mouth – it is almost effervescent. Interestingly, when it was first grown in 2006, it was thought of as quite an unattractive apple, its shape and colour is irregular. It has three to four harvesting periods.


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