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Christophe Guinet's Sneakerium
© Monsieur Plant

Parisian artist Christophe Guinet combines plants with trainers

Published: October 31, 2019 at 10:34 am

Christophe Guinet, aka Monsieur Plant, uses trainers to create mini ponds and aquariums

Christophe Guinet, aka Monsieur Plant, works with plants in unique and intriguing ways. His latest artworks are centred around a Sneakerium, which uses old trainers and transforms them into aqua-plant idylls. Each of the aquariums are filled with aquatic plants, which take significant time to stabilise. Each tank is unique and features a trainer immersed in a host of aquatic plant life.


Check out Monsier Plant's Sneakeriums below.

A previous project includes shoes and bags made from wood and plants, made in collaboration with PINKO and Manon Comerio.


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