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Can you give flowers for Father's Day?

Published: June 18, 2021 at 9:23 am

How come Dad's don't get flowers too? Could 2021 be the year things take a turn and popular conventions change? Interflora think so.

A study by Interflora taking place Father’s Day 2020 showed that Dads got 99% fewer flowers than mums on Mother’s Day. In fact, the first time a man receives flowers is likely to be at his own funeral… And Interflora – of course – think that this isn't on.


"Men are missing out and for what – some outdated gender stereotypes? Well we say, enough," say Interflora.

Is it OK to give flowers on Father's Day?

Of course it is! Flowers are a beautiful, thoughtful, careful gift that lift the spirit and give sustained pleasure every time you catch sight of them. Perhaps more than any gift, the connection with something 'real' conveys a genuine connection between the giver and the recipient and shows that they really care. How come only women get all the flowers! Isn't it time Dad got a treat too?

And 2021 seems to be the year for change with countless internet floral services currently advertising Dad-focused floral gifts for delivery on this Sunday 20 June.

Flowers for men

"A movement towards buying flowers for men has already started," say Interflora. "On TikTok we’ve seen viral videos of people buying flowers for the men in their life who have never received them before with some surpassing over 5.5 million views. We’ve seen threads also going viral on Reddit and tweets from men who feel like they’re missing out. Additionally, Google searches for ‘Flowers for men’ have seen a 30% increase in the last year, meaning flower power is becoming just as strong across the sexes."

In a push to normalise gifting flowers to men, Interflora are encouraging their customers to create an Instagram Reel or TikTok using the hashtag #ShareSomethingReal and show their Dads reaction to receiving a bouquet this Father's Day - 20 June.


So why not try something new and show you care this Father's Day? (That's this Sunday, 20 June btw!)


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