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Iford Manor
© Marianne Cartwright-Hignett

Iford Manor Virtual Garden Tour

Published: April 14, 2020 at 10:04 am

Visit Iford Manor Garden in Wiltshire and enjoy spring scenes from the comfort of your own home in this instalment of our virtual garden tour series

As part of our virtual garden tour series, we are diving into lots of gorgeous gardens, offering history alongside current videos and photographs from the people who run them. It’s not as perfect as wandering the borders in person, but watching a little slice of what’s happening in gardens throughout the country is a lovely way to spend some down time.


This tour is of Iford Manor near Bath in spring. Owner William Cartwright-Hignett shares what's happening in the garden.

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The gardens at Iford Manor offer an idyllic haven away from the rush and clamour of the modern world.

In our tour, cherry blossom is coming out in abundance, with many of Harold Peto’s original forms, some over 120 years old, still celebrating the annual return of good weather.

Whether you have a garden yourself, or are seeking a little escape, we hope this little postcard from Iford will give you cheer.


Head to Iford Manor's YouTube channel for more coverage of the garden from William and the team.


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