Greenery spilling from the top of warm terracotta is one of gardening's most delightful sights. Likewise the familiar baked orange and newer more fashionable white-washed terracotta act as the perfect backdrop to colour flower displays.


Traditionally a worry during cold winter month's today's frost resistant products are now hardy enough to fight off the worst of the UK's chills allowing gardeners to plant their most prized offerings into terracotta products of near limitless size.

Large terracotta pots can become weighty however and so would suit a more permanent setting. Alternatively why not team a group of smaller terracotta pots, perhaps of differing heights to create a delightful colourful cascade of growth that you can move around the garden and swap out and change around depending on the season? Once rather staid and over-familiar, today's terracotta comes in any number of surprising designs, from classic 'plant pot' inspired straight sided shapes through to pots more akin to sculpture and pottery.

All are ideal for showing off your planting and – in the selection below – not too sizey or weighty to prevent you from moving your subject to the best spot to catch the light and heat or to provide shade and shelter as the seasons turn.

10 great new terracotta pots for 2022

The formal option

Mali white washed terracotta pot

This white washed terracotta pot looks classical, has all the style and feel you expect and for all the world should be the work of an elusive and bespoke maker. Not so. The Mali pot is yours for just £15 from any branch of B&Q. H25cm x W35cm

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The stackable one

Hoff plant pot

With fabulous sleek looks the Hoff comes in two sizes comprising of an elegant upper that seamlessly sits in its identically dimensioned saucer below, allowing you to save water or provide drainage. It even comes in two sizes and a variety of subtle colours. H11cm x W8cm & H18.5cm x W14cm.


Textural detail

Fibreclay planters

These gorgeous fibreclay options provide a touch of class. The textural outer detail provides an excellent backdrop for trailing fronds and – coming as a pair – the duo are ideally placed to compliment side by side or to provide a recurring texture theme across a room. H29cm x W29cm & H38cm x W38cm

£125. Umber planters (set of two)

The raised profile

Studio Arhoj tri pot

This wonderful pot comes in Big and Small flavours and is cast in unfinished terracotta and so will acquire its own patina over time. The three legs are hollow allowing the pot to 'drink' from the saucer below. Neat. H18cm x 15cm & 18cm x 11cm.

£40. Studio Arhoj Tri-Pot - Big

The alternative one

Torc Pots JENA

Not terracotta in fact, but a perfect combo that teams terracotta looks with the enhanced durability that Torc Pots are famous for. Their alternative and sustainable options are, rather than traditional terracotta, crafted from a far more robust material which will outlive its counterparts by decades and come in a huge range of sizes from 300mm all the way to 2.5m high.

Their JENA (pictured) in small: 34cm Top, 95cm High, 34cm Base - £539.00 plus vat
Medium:44cm Top, 95cm High, 44cm Base - £669.00 plus vat
Large 34cm Top, 125cm High, 34cm Base - £812.00 plus vat

Hand decorated

Jillia flower pot

It looks gorgeous, it's finished by hand and all at a price that seems a little too good to be true. Yes, Lene Bjerre will treat your plants to the perfect patinated terracotta home from just £11.75 for H14cm x W15cm.

£11.75. Jillia Flower Pot

Inspired by royalty

Elizabeth plant pot and saucer

Elegantly detailed with a classic gothic arch design (inspired by an upside-down crown) the Elizabeth from Amara not only comes with the perfect saucer partner (allowing you to drain water or save it depending on plant and season) but comes at decidedly un-regency price. H18cm x W18cm.

£17. Bergs Potter – Elizabeth

Nordic inspired

Köpenhamn flower pot

Another Bergs Potter design that we love. In 30cm form the Köpenhamn is large enough for heavy duty homing to your plants but its classic proportions and pretty design soften the overall look. It's made from premium Italian clay and is – of course – frost resistant. H24cm x W30cm.

£49. Bergs Potter – Köpenhamn

Eye-catching statement

Terracotta face plant pot

Why not treat your sculptural plants to a new home in a piece of sculpture? These eye-catching Face pots come in two different sizes, the largest of which being H12cm x W14cm. Despite its great looks and hand-crafted finish it can be yours for just £16 from Rose And Grey.

£16. Terracotta Face Plant Pot

<h3">Perfect for bulbs

Poterie Redan terracotta tulip pot

There's no need for guesswork when it comes to setting off your tulips. This fabulous terracotta tulip pot is specifically designed to give your valuable bulbs the best possible start and provide an elegant home as they thrive. Not too tall, extra wide, and with two handles for easy lifting. H17cm x W31.5cm.

£76. Poterie Redan Terracotta Tulip Pot



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