Garden screening can be used around the garden in myriad ways. Garden screens can add privacy, create zones, provide shade, and cover up unsightly walls, bike sheds and bin stores. Simple panels can be used practically and decoratively, and it's up to you how you want to implement them into the design of your garden.

How do you privacy screen a garden?

Screens can be used as decorative features, whether they're standing alone or wall-mounted, and they can help to cover up any unsightly or unattractive walls and fences.

More generally, screens can make your garden areas more private. Add them on top of fence panels to hide your garden from neighbours, or use a series of panels to create walls for where you need that extra bit of privacy.

Screening is also an effective way to create zones in your garden (also known as zoning), where the screen panels are used as walls to divide the garden. This creates a sense of peaceful privacy while also providing some well-needed shade.

A hot tub zone is a perfect example of where this could be useful! Privacy can also be created around pergolas, lounging areas, or any peaceful spot in the garden.

What to consider when garden screening

Screens vary in style depending on what you're using them for. If you're not looking to completely block out sunlight, screens with more openings tend to be better - like the Wickes Willow screen and the Alhambra screen listed below.

More like this

For screening that can be freestanding in the garden, you're going to need thicker panels that are designed for this. Thinner panels are usually best for wall-mounting, or attaching to any existing surfaces around the house and garden.

You'll likely also want to make sure that whatever you choose matches your garden! Thick, metal panels are better suited to more modern-looking gardens, but when styled right they can fit in even the most rustic outdoor areas. Wooden screening can be more versatile, particularly in gardens that already have wooden features or decking, but it isn't always as robust.

Pairing your screening with the right fencing can create cohesively-styled outdoor areas. While you're on the lookout for improvements, we covered the best fence panels for your garden.

So, read on for our garden screening ideas, with our top picks of the best garden screens available.

Garden screening ideas in 2023

MirrorOutlet Metal Garden Screen

Use for: Decoration

MirrorOutlet Metal Garden Screen

The silhouetted tree design of this metal garden screen is stunningly eye-catching, but it's more than just a pretty pattern. The screen's mirror backing will reflect colours and images from your garden and its surroundings, creating the effect of a larger space.

This garden screen is best used decoratively against an existing wall, as a freestanding reflective panel may be a confusing sight for the garden. There are fixings attached to the back to make it easier to hang and the screen can also be used indoors. 120 x 60cm.

Verdure Large Garden Screen

Use for: Decoration, privacy, zoning

Verdure Large Screen

The artistic impact of the Verdure garden screen can be used in many ways, whether that's as a feature on a wall or freestanding for a bit of privacy.

These large garden screens work wonderfully as zoning walls - place a few of them together to create a patterned wall around a lounging area, providing shade, privacy and style. Available in 5mm and 16mm thicknesses for either wall mounting or freestanding. 180 x 90cm.

Wickes Willow Garden Screening

Use for: Zoning, privacy, shade

Wickes Willow Garden Screening

For a more natural appearance, willow screens do a good job of matching a garden's earthy tones.

The easy-to-attach screens can be used as zoning walls to create a private, shaded area while still allowing some natural light to come through. This type of screen is also ideal for covering up unattractive walls or fences. 200 x 400cm.

Alhambra Large Garden Screen

Use for: Zoning, decoration, (some) privacy

Alhambra Large Garden Screen

Some walls can provide an element of privacy without completely blocking out the sunlight. This garden screen is a good example of that, with thick lines to prevent others from seeing the details of your garden areas, and wide openings for plenty of light to pass through.

The pattern is inspired by Arabic architecture, hence the name, and the screens can be used as standalone walls or added to existing surfaces. Plus, thanks to the symmetrical patterns, they work perfectly next to one another! 180 x 90cm.

Forest Garden Trellis

Use for: Climbing plants, decoration, privacy

Forest Garden Trellis

Wooden trellis panels are a perfect base for climbing plants. The holes are wide enough for plants to grow through, providing the plants with a stable support.

Trellis panels can also be attached on top of fences, to give your garden that extra bit of privacy from the outside world. 183 x 90cm.

Motif Corten Steel Fence Panel

Use for: Zoning, privacy, decoration, shade

Motif Corten Steel Fence Panel

Stark & Greensmith's range of metal garden screens and fence panels make for wonderfully unique zoning walls. The patterns can bring a sense of style into your garden, while providing you with a shaded and private space. Plus, these panels would make a great improvement from any unattractive walls you may have!

MirrorOutlet Amarelle Extra Large Screen

Use for: Decoration, zoning, privacy

MirrorOutlet Amarelle

In one of the more abstract designs we've seen, this garden screen would be a head-turning feature of any garden while still offering all the practical uses. It can make a wall more attractive, create a secluded area in your garden, provide privacy and shade... It's the type of screen that can be used as effectively as you can imagine.

The intriguing pattern allows for plenty of natural light to pass through, while still fitting in with the theme of nature. It can be hung inside or outside, and there are fixings already attached to make the process a bit easier.

Forest Garden Diamond Fence Top Trellis Panel

Use for: Privacy, climbing plants

Forest Garden Diamond Trellis Panel

These thin fence top panels are an easy way to make your garden a little bit more private.

It's ideal for those fences that just aren't high enough, where you need a small amount of extra coverage to have a more secluded garden. You can also place them vertically on a wall for climbing plants.

Rowlinson Ledbury Contemporary Screen

Use for: Zoning, privacy

Rowlinson Ledbury Contemporary Screen

These screens are similar to fences, and they're an effective solution if you're looking to create any isolated garden zones. Not much light will pass through these panels, and you can't get much more private than this, but they're easy walls to put up (and they have a lovely, light colour, too!).

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