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galvanised wheel barrow on white background

The best wheelbarrows for gardening in 2022

Save yourself a lot of time and hassle in the garden with our selection of the best wheelbarrows on the market.

A trusty wheelbarrow is an essential for a huge variety of different outdoor jobs, from pruning flowers to building a treehouse and just general garden tidying. Handy for use both in allotments and larger gardens, it’s a versatile piece of kit and makes quick work of otherwise difficult tasks. 


How to choose your wheelbarrow 

While we’re probably all familiar with the standard steel wheelbarrow you can find in most garden centres, there’s actually a huge variety of options out there. With so many different models on offer, you’re sure to find one to suit your needs. 

A single-wheel pushcart will have a good level of maneuverability, ideal for small spaces, but less stability with heavy loads or on uneven ground than an option with two or three. You’ll also find garden wheelbarrows with a closed handlebar, as opposed to two straight handles, which makes pulling heavy loads much easier. 

Choosing the material of the tray is probably the most significant decision you’ll need to make. Most of the best wheelbarrows are constructed from steel, for heavy-duty jobs, or plastic, for light work and easy transportation. But these days there are a few eco-friendly options around too. 

Then, of course, there are your own personal requirements to consider: any mobility problems you have, where you’ll store your wheelbarrow and how much you value aesthetics. We’ve selected a range of options to tick all the different boxes. 

The best wheelbarrows for your garden or allotment

Lasher Ecobarrow, 70L

A green wheelbarrow with a yellow wheel on a white background.
The Ecobarrow is a must for anyone who values sustainability.

An innovative, sustainable solution, this option from Harrod Horticultural is made from 100% recyclable material and as such is resistant to rust and corrosion. In fact, it’s one of the best wheelbarrows for anyone interested in sustainability and reducing plastic use in the garden

The pan has a 70-litre, 200kg capacity and an ergonomic handle for good grip and easy manoeuvring. Plus, the Ecobarrow is easy to clean and comes with a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee for peace of mind.

  • From £94.95

County Compact Clipper Wheelbarrow, 90L

A blue wheelbarrow on a white background.
The County Clipper is a practical and attractive choice.
Garden Oasis

Made from a mixture of polypropylene and rust-resistant zinc-plating, and fitted with a pneumatic tube for quick puncture repairs, the Clipper Wheelbarrow is a practical choice. Despite being lightweight, it can carry a load of up to 90 litres, thanks in part to its double-bearing wheels and high-grade wheel bracket. 

You’ll need to assemble this garden wheelbarrow on arrival, but the process is quick and simple.

  • From £84.95

The Endurance Green Wheelbarrow, 90L

A green steel wheelbarrow on a white background.
For a hardwearing wheelbarrow, choose the Endurance.

Created to withstand the elements, the aptly-named ‘Endurance’ wheelbarrow can be stored outside. Its galvanised steel tray is powder-coated for an extra layer of protection, and you can choose between a handy puncture-resistant or smooth-performance pneumatic tyre. 

Designed to be used time and again, this sturdy garden wheelbarrow can lift 90 litres of material weighing up to 150kg. 

  • From £51

Folding Wheelbarrow

A green, foldable wheelbarrow on a white background.
Opt for this folding wheelbarrow if space is at a premium.

If you’ve got a small outdoor area or need a carrier to take between different sites, this collapsible garden wheelbarrow could be just what you need. Thanks to its easy-to-use design, you can fold it up and pop it in the car boot, and hang it from its handy loop when you’re done for the day. 

With a strong, coated steel frame, the wheelbarrow can hold loads of up to 20kg, and the wipe-clean polyester bag’s storage pouch has room for small tools at the back. 

Short on space? You can find the best kit for small gardens in our dedicated article. 

  • From £29.99

Buy the Folding Wheelbarrow from Complete Care

Buy the Folding Wheelbarrow from Eckman

Galvanised Wheelbarrow

A galvanised steel wheelbarrow with a black and red wheel on a white background.
Homebase’s galvanised steel wheelbarrow is a great day-to-day option.

If you’re after a reliable option within an affordable price bracket, this is one of the best wheelbarrows on the market. Whether you need to transport heavy building materials or just take your lawnmower cuttings to the wheelie bin, its galvanised steel tray and pneumatic tyres should be up to the job. 

You’ll be able to transport loads of up to 100kg – and easy-grip handles lend added comfort. 

  • £29

Green Handibarrow Wheelbarrow, 90L

A green wheelbarrow on a white background.
The Handibarrow is a useful, low-maintenance choice.

Delivered in compact packaging with easy assembly instructions, this is one of the best wheelbarrows to buy for fuss-free use. The 90-litre tray is made from UV-stabilised green polypropylene, so it should keep its vibrant colour even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. 

Added bonuses are the anti-slip handles, rust-resistant galvanised frame and pneumatic wheel for easy tipping. 

  • From £79.80

Haemmerlin Vibrante Pick Up, 110L

A green wheelbarrow on a white background.
The Haemmerlin Vibrante Pick Up is ideal for transporting long-handled tools.
Garden Chic

Have you ever become frustrated by long-handled tools sliding around in your wheelbarrow? This clever design removes the problem with small grooves to keep spades, rakes and other implements in place as you travel. 

You can choose between a pneumatic or puncture-resistant wheel. And there’s even a measuring scale inside the tray to help you when mixing formulas.

  • From £89

Buy the Haemmerlin Vibrante Pick Up from Garden Chic

Buy the Haemmerlin Vibrante Pick Up from Ernest Doe

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Handy Large Garden Trolley THLGT

A grey garden trolley on a white background.
Turn to this large garden trolley for bigger jobs.

While not strictly a garden wheelbarrow, this trolley-style carrier is a great alternative if you have particularly large quantities to move. The tray has 119cm x 58cm of space inside, but all four walls are removable, making it easy to transport awkwardly-shaped loads. 

With steel construction and puncture-proof tyres, it’s able to carry up to 350kg in weight, while the ball bearing wheels and turntable steering boost its maneuverability. 

  •  £150

JFC Fixed Body Wheelbarrow, 250L

A dark green storage trolley on a white background.
Splash out on the Fixed Body Wheelbarrow for top quality.
Countryside Equestrian

If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, why not get yourself this ultra-heavy-duty pushcart? With a capacity of 250L, it’s the biggest wheelbarrow on our list, and the most practical option for people who need to regularly transport large quantities of materials. 

Rest assured the galvanised metal frame and roller bearing pneumatic wheels are created to stand the test of time and cope with demanding tasks. The two-wheel design also lends this wheelbarrow increased stability, ideal for use in gardens with uneven ground. 

  • £282

Buy the Fixed Body Wheelbarrow from Sam Turner & Sons

Buy the Fixed Body Wheelbarrow from Countryside Equestrian

Buy the Fixed Body Wheelbarrow from Tanks Direct

Walsall Barrow In A Box Galvanised Duraball Wheelbarrow, 85L

A silver wheelbarrow with a ball-wheel on a white background.
The Duraball Wheelbarrow provides easy maneuverability on tricky surfaces.

One of the more unusual garden wheelbarrows, this alternative product swaps wheels for a single puncture-proof ball, designed to boost maneuverability in confined spaces. According to existing users, it’s more suited to transporting lighter loads than heavier materials like gravel and stone, but copes well on tricky surfaces. 

  • £89

Walsall Black Metal Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow, 85L

A black wheelbarrow with a yellow wheel on a white background.
This heavy-duty wheelbarrow from Walsall is designed to stand the test of time.

If you need to transport fairly heavy loads or have a big gardening project coming up, this heavy-duty wheelbarrow should meet your needs. A reliable and sturdy option, it has a maximum capacity of 85 litres or 150kg. Plus, it comes with a puncture-resistant wheel for added durability and peace of mind.

  • From £48

Walsall Multi-Purpose Wheelbarrow, 90L

A lilac wheelbarrow with a black wheel on a white background.
Add a pop of colour to your garden with this jazzy wheelbarrow.

Here’s a garden wheelbarrow you may not have seen before. If you’re bored of investing in dark-coloured products for your outdoor tasks, why not jazz up your space with this lilac number? It may not be the most sophisticated model on the market, but it’s a great everyday option for those who want to inject a sense of fun into their jobs. 

And if lilac’s not your colour of choice, don’t worry – this wheelbarrow also comes in burgundy, pink and both lime and racing green. 

  • From £45

Buy the Walsall Multi-Purpose Wheelbarrow from VioVet

Buy the Walsall Multi-Purpose Wheelbarrow from Equus

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Baksaver Wheelbarrow, 80L

A grey wheelbarrow mid-tip on a white background.
The ‘Baksaver’ is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to make life easier.

The ‘Baksaver’ is one of the best wheelbarrows for anyone who has trouble lifting things or just wants to take the hassle out of their gardening projects. Its three wheels, powder-coated steel frame and galvanised pan make it a stable and sturdy piece of kit, unlikely to tip to the side and drop the load in transit. 

When you’re ready, just release the foot-operated catch and push down on the handlebar to tip up the contents.

  • £169.99

Buy the Baksaver Wheelbarrow from Baksaver

Classic Wheelbarrow, 110L

A green wheelbarrow with wooden handles on a white background.
Choose this Classic Wheelbarrow for its attractive wooden handles.
AJ Products

For something a bit different, try this attractive garden wheelbarrow with sturdy wooden handles. They’re designed to make it easy to transport heavy materials, as you only have to lift 15-20% of the total load weight. A tray constructed from lacquered sheet steel and a wide support leg adds to its strength and practicality.

  • £175 

Buy the Classic Wheelbarrow from AJ Products

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