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A wheelbarrow: one of the best wheelbarrow designs

Wheelbarrows: the best wheelbarrows to buy

The best garden wheelbarrow designs that help to lighten the load whilst gardening

A good wheelbarrow is arguably your most important garden friend, depending a little on how much space you have. From transporting plants to their new beds, to getting compost to the right place, wheelbarrows make garden heavy lifting an absolute wheeze. But although wheelbarrows are of historically simple design, they aren’t all the same. Here are a selection of best wheelbarrows to help lighten the load in the garden.


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Forest garden mini greenhouse

The best garden wheelbarrows to buy



Push and pull wheelbarrow

Tractor wheelbarrow

Not one, but this two-wheel wheelbarrow makes for super-easy carting. This one has very good stability and its bouncy wheels mean that even on the most uneven of surfaces you’re unlikely to have an upset. The garden wheelbarrow hols 78 litres and the handles have a good grip too. You may think the one-wheel barrow is there for manoeuvrability, but this two-wheel one is surprisingly nifty.

Cost: £59.99

Buy from Coopers of Stortford



Recycled eco wheelbarrow

Eco wheelbarrow

The first ever entirely recycled wheelbarrow. Manufactured from Nylon which means its very lightweight wheelbarrow, very durable and its handles are nicely ergonomic.

Fully rust resistant, it’s a wheelbarrow that will weather lots and is satisfyingly easy to clean. With a 70 litre capacity and 150kg to 200 kg weight, so it’s likely to be able to help with all your gardening jobs. You will need to assemble it, but it also comes with a five year manufacture warranty.

Cost: £109.95

Buy from Harrod Horticultural



Foldaway wheelbarrow

foldaway wheelbarrow

The Collapsible Aluminium 150kg Transport wheelbarrow that has two wheels and plenty of heft. It’s possible to put the back panel of the wheelbarrow down, so you can easily manoeuvre compost in and out.

This metal wheelbarrow won’t end up rusting on you either, it’s impervious to all weather conditions and you can rest assured it won’t corrode, it can even withstand salt water. Folded, it measures at 56 x 105 x 26 cm which means you can easily tuck it away in a garden house and car boot. The removable legs at the front also mean it’s easy to stand this wheelbarrow up and just as easy to get it on the road again.

Cost: £564

Buy from Manufactum


Cart and wheelbarrow

Bristol Tool Company garden cart wheelebarrow

This garden cart-cum-wheelbarrow comes flat packed and when it’s up and running, you can tuck it away again too. This garden wheelbarrow is an easy pull for heavy good, with its large wheels and sturdy tires. It has steering that means tipping over won’t be a problem and the sides drop down so that you don’t have to do much heavy lifting.

Don’t miss the ergonomic handle, powder coat and a year’s warrantee. It’s 940mm high by 940mm long.

Cost: £110

Buy from Keen Gardener



Choice of colour

Haemmerlin 90kg GO wheelbarrow

These Haemmerlin 90L GO Wheelbarrows would be a stylish addition to your garden toolshed. The lightweight wheelbarrow comes in all sorts of different funky colours. But it’s not just style over substance. The wheels are also available in puncture resistant too, which means you’ll avoid having to replace this durable tire. The tire is also pneumatic, which means if your balance is sometimes off, this wheelbarrow will likely stay upright.

Overall, the garden wheelbarrows are very durable and the load distribution has been very well thought through.

Cost: £80,00 
Buy from Amazon or Garden Chic


Motorised wheelbarrow

Sherpa motorised wheelbarrow

This motorised metal wheelbarrow could be used in a garden or a building site, or both. A self propelled, cordless electric wheelbarrow, it means it’s much easier to push your load over bumps and pathways. There’s options for variable speeds and a brake, to make sure you’re in control and the galvanised steel tray will hold up to 170 litres with a specially designed pivot system, for ease of  tipping.

The garden wheelbarrow comes with a rechargeable battery, which is easy to find and plug in overnight. If it’s occasionally not needed, the motorised option can be turned off, so you could just use this wheelbarrow without electricity.

Cost: £899

Buy from Garden Chic


Easy on your back

Baksaver barrow 100kg

A bad back is a real risk when gardening, but with the help of this particular wheelbarrow, the risk should be minimised. The Baksaver Wheelbarrow holds 90 litre and comes with a two year guarantee. The wheelbarrow specifically takes the strain out of heavy lifting loads and tipping up too and the three wheels means it’s also easier to push around the garden.

A foot lift at the bottom means the wheelbarrow will tip up without you having to push or lift, which is excellent news for your aching joints. This wheelbarrow works for both tall and short operators and has pneumatic tyres and a galvanised pan, so it’s durable and sturdy.

Cost £130

Buy from Lawn and Power



For garden or beyond

The cart 120kg

This chic wheelbarrow-cum cart from La Mule is the sort of thing that will look good in the garden, on the beach, or possibly even taking your kids to school. It’s sturdy, taking 120kg and is made from chestnut with a light aluminium frame, meaning it’s easy to pull and push. The wide tires mean that it is happy on gravel or even water and the detachable handle can be used to connect the cart to bikes and more. And let’s not forget it can also double up as a chair, once the back is removed.

Cost: €980 



Back and forward wheelbarrow

Henchman 350 barrow trailer 250kg

Move very big loads with much less effort with the help of this wheelbarrow, the Henchman 350 Barrow Trailer 350kg. There’s no corrosion as the bowl is one plastic mould and very sturdy and you can pull it and push it with equal ease. It’s also versatile, masking as a wheelbarrow and also as a trailer too, and its easy to transform one to the other.

Cost: £240
Buy from Henchman



Manoeuvrable wheelbarrow


An 85 litre galvanised ball metal wheelbarrow. The puncture proof ball also means it’s really easy to push this wheelbarrow in all sorts of directions.

Walsall Duraball Puncture-Proof Wheel Wheelbarrow is British made and takes a maximum load of 150kg.

Cost: £60

Buy from Wickes



Wheelbarrow with wooden handles


An ergonomic design for this Classic Wheelbarrow from AJ Products means that there’s comfortable, longer wooden handles for ease of lifting. It also has a wide support leg which means when your garden wheelbarrow is full, you won’t ever be in danger of it toppling over. This wheelbarrow holds 90/110 litres (level/heaped) and has a powder coated steel pan which will protect against wind and hard weather. It also comes with a three year warranty.

Cost: £165

Buy from


Plant pot wheelbarrow

Plant pot trolley wheelbarrow

If you garden a lot with pots, and heavy ones at that, then this wheelbarrow may be the best one for you. A steel framed trolly that can carry pots between 20cm and 75 cm high, weighing up to 75kg. It can carry traditional round pots or those that are rectangle in size. There’s no lifting involved as you slide the bottom shelf under your pot, carefully tilt back and you’re away. The adjustable arm can be slid to whatever height you need it.

Cost: £29.99

Buy from Coopers of Stortford 



Easy-to-store wheelbarrow

Collapsible wheelbarrow

This folding wheelbarrow is perfect for smaller spaces and sheds. Comprised of a polyester bag on a metal frame, the wheelbarrow also features a solid tyre, for ease of pushing and pulling around the place. It has less capacity to carry weight than many on this list, but 20kg is still enough to transport your clippings and soil around the garden. This is another option that makes it easy to get into the car for your allotment visits.

Cost: £44.99


Buy from Crocus