Whether your garden is small or large, a hose and reel is always a convenient addition. It’ll save you a lot of to-ing and fro-ing with a watering can and it’ll get the job done quickly. If you’re considering a new hose pipe, it’s worth making sure you get one with a sturdy reel to keep it safe and tidy - or buy a holder separately.


We've assembled a range of practical and stylish garden hose reels - with and without hose pipes. Below, you’ll find wall-mounted storage solutions, decorative hooks and even options on wheels to help you choose the best garden hose reel for your garden.

For a round-up of stylish hoses without reels, see our guide to the best hose pipes you can buy online.

How to choose a garden hose reel

There are a few factors to consider when buying a garden hose reel.

First of all, you’ll need to decide whether you want to get a hose pipe and reel set or buy the two separately. A wall-mounted combined pack can offer practicality and affordability, while separates are often more aesthetically pleasing and include more durable, sustainable materials.

You may want to consider a wind-up storage wheel or even a portable trolley-style reel, which you can move around the garden.

Next, think about the length of the hose and how far it’ll need to stretch to reach all the plants in your garden. An expandable hose could come in handy if you’ve got a lot of ground to cover and limited storage space. They’re compact and lightweight, and grow by up to three times their ‘shrunken’ size when you turn on the tap.

The best garden hose reels for 2023

GARDENA CleverRoll hose trolley

GARDENA CleverRoll M Easy Metal Set Hose trolley

This floor-standing hose reel is a practical choice for gardening. You won’t need to drill holes in your wall to attach it to the outside of your home; instead, you can cart it around the garden with you.

The durable metal construction makes it a robust option, and there’s a handy kick-out stand to keep it stable as you pull on the hose pipe. Plus, you shouldn’t see any water leaking from the nozzle, thanks to the built-in anti-drip device.

More like this

This is also one of the best garden hose reels to get if you already have a pipe, as you can buy the empty version rather than the full set.

Verve wall-mounted hose reel set

Verve Wall-mounted hose reel set

With its beautiful sage green exterior, auto-retract mechanism and recycled plastic construction, this reel can offer style, convenience and sustainability in one simple package.

Other handy features include its universal connections to fit most branded hose accessories, and the drum’s 180° pivoting hinge to follow you as you move around the garden.

The hose pipe inside is 35m in length, so it should suit most gardens.

Mirtoon Garden Hose by Zee

Mirtoon Garden Hoses by Zee

For anyone with a smaller garden or terrace, this modern and compact option from Zee is perfect. Unlike many hose reels you can buy online, it has a plain white exterior, so it should be a smart addition to your outdoor space.

The hose reel comes with handy mounting equipment and the storage compartment pivots by 180° to follow you as you move around the garden.

Also, this version has a feeder hose and tap connector, and the automatic slow rewind function is a useful added extra.

Gardena garden hose

Man using Gardena garden hose in the garden

Perhaps the most versatile hose reel on our list, this set gives you a choice of fixing options, hose lengths and colours, so you can tailor the design for your garden. You can either go for the wall-mounted reel or the freestanding version, which rests on a spike securing it in your lawn.

The hose pipe comes in lengths ranging from 15m up to 35m, and rolls up automatically when you’ve finished using it. As an added bonus, the freestanding reel can swivel by 360° to make it easy for you to pull on the hose from wherever you’re standing.

Hozelock Auto Rewind Reel with Hose Pipe

Hozelock Auto Rewind Reel with Hose Pipe - 30m

Hozelock is one of the most popular brands out there when it comes to the best garden hose pipe reels, as consumers value its affordability and simple designs.

This model comes with a 30m hose and retracts it automatically for easy storage when you’ve finished watering your plants.

Plus, the main cage swivels by 180°, so it’s never a struggle to pull on the hose pipe.

IRIS Retractable Hose Reel Box with Hose and Nozzle

IRIS Retractable Hose Reel Box with Hose and Nozzle

Here’s something a little different; try this retractable hose reel for small gardens and patios.

With its cube-like design, it has an unusual look and, at 36 x 33 x 31cm, it’s small enough to keep in outside storage units or among your patio pots.

The set comes with a 15m hose with a nozzle, and the built-in crank handle makes it easy to reel it back into its caddy.

Verve Primoflex hose pipe cart without wheels

Verve Primoflex Hose pipe cart (L)25m

Ideal for medium-sized and large gardens, the Verve Primoflex hose is 25 metres in length. This model is another freestanding option, so there’s no need to drill into your outside wall. Plus, it comes with tap fittings and a spray gun so you won’t need any extras.

The crank handle makes it easy to rewind the hose pipe, and the reel’s compact size makes for easy storage.

Draper Garden Hose Trolley Kit

Draper 01024 Garden Hose Trolley Kit

This is one of the best garden hose reels for manoeuvrability, as it’s attached to a wheeled trolley. Just use the sturdy metal handle to pull it around your outdoor space.

The trolley comes with 15 metres of garden hose, designed with a flow-through system to help prevent annoying kinks. There’s also a water-stop connector and a seven-pattern spray gun, so you won’t need to buy accessories separately.

Best empty hose reels

Garden Glory wall fixture

Reindeer gold hose holder with hose

Hoses don’t get much more stylish than this. Garden Glory has an impressive selection of aesthetically pleasing outdoor equipment, including these beautiful hose holders. With their antler-style design and gold colouring, they’re one of the quirkier options available on the market, and sure to make a statement in any garden.

If you’re looking for a hose pipe to go with the holder, buy the ‘Never Too Much’ set, or mix and match with a Garden Glory hose in a different colour.

Steel Farringdon Hose Hanger

Steel Farringdon Hose Hanger with hose on a garden shed

You can always rely on Garden Trading for understated yet beautiful home accessories, and this stylish hose hanger is no exception.

With its simple metal arch design, it has enough room to house long pipes, but works just as well with this matching 15m or 30m hose with brass fittings.

Cast Iron Wall-Mounted Hose Holder

Cast Iron Tree of Life Wall Mounted Garden Hose Holder on a patio

Featuring a hand-crafted design, this metal hose holder will add extra interest to a boring spot. It features a ‘tree of life’ to reflect the greenery in your garden.

It’s also one of the best garden hose reels for long or heavy hose pipes up to 75m in length, as it’s made from cast iron and has a three-point mount. It also comes with a weather-resistant coating to keep it looking smart for years to come.

Sitting Fox Iron Hose Holder

Wall Mounted Sitting Fox Iron Hose Holder

This charming hose holder proves garden equipment doesn’t have to be boring. While there’s a convenient arched rack designed to make it easy to wind up and store your hose pipe, you’ll also get a sleek fox silhouette perched on top.

The hose pipe holder is crafted here in the UK and is available to buy through Etsy.

Waterette garden hose reel by Tradewinds

Garden hose reel WATERETTE by TRADEWINDS

A slightly more decorative option is this elegant model by Tradewinds. Despite its pretty aesthetics, this cart is designed to be durable; it has a galvanised and powder-coated iron frame, as well as brass connectors and nylon bearings and wheels.

The trolley has enough space to hold up to 80m of hose pipe, which you can easily wind up using the handle.

Also included are five brass connectors and a spray gun for added convenience.

Flopro professional metal hose reel

Flopro professional metal hose reel

A premium hose reel made to last, the Flopro reel is crafted from rust-resistant stainless steel and aluminium, and comes with a five-year guarantee.

Thanks to the practical rewind handle, it’s easy to store your hose pipe without any kinks or twists, helping to avoid water blockages and potential ruptures.

The structure arrives empty, but it can hold 40m of hose pipe.

How high should a garden hose reel be?

There’s no golden rule when it comes to fixing your garden hose reel, so you should go with whatever is comfortable for you and practical for your outdoor space. As a rough guide, you could leave around 120cm between the ground and the bottom of the reel so you’re not stretching up or bending over to access the hose pipe.


Find the ideal hose to compliment your hose reel in our round up of best hose pipes, or complement your new purchase with a high-quality pressure washer to make patio cleaning a breeze.


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