Gardening twine is a basic but essential item to have at your disposal when caring for your green space. It can be used to support plants and keep them growing in the right direction, and has broader applications like marking out areas for future plots, and keeping everything in a straight line.


There are a variety of twines available ranging in both strength and colour, depending on your needs. Some even come with clever add-ons, like tins designed to stop nuisance knots, and holders that have a handy hook for scissors.

We’ve put together our picks of the best twine and string for gardening that should help you curate your green space whatever you have planned this year.

Best garden twine to buy in 2022

H&S Jute Twine String

H&S Jute Twine String on white background

This garden twine from H&S has been made to a 6 ply standard which means it's 3mm thick so it should remain both strong and sturdy whatever your garden needs.

Despite its thickness it still manages to be easily disposable when no longer needed, thanks to the jute material which is 100% natural and biodegradable as a result.

With an earthy tone it has a subtle appearance so should sit well among your plants without standing out too much. This set also comes with two rolls, each measuring 300 feet so you’re not likely to run out of twine any time soon.

Twool Garden Twine Gift Box

Twool Garden Twine Gift Box

Made from British wool that's been sourced from Whiteface Dartmoor sheep, this eco-friendly option is available in three colour palettes. These include traditional tones, moorland colours and more experimental choices that range from Cheeky Chocolate to Au Naturel, so you can find what works best for you.

This versatile garden twine is ideal for binding plants to support poles, and can even be used for smaller jobs like tying a bouquet together thanks to its high quality and colourful design.

Nutscene Tin O' Twine

Authentic Nutscene Tin O' Twine Jute String Dispenser

Nutscene have taken a clever approach to their twine. They promise a tangle-free spool as the jute string can be stored within the tin during use, and pulled through a hole in the lid to avoid any messy knots.

Available in a wide variety of colours that include everything from marine and lime, to saffron and pink, this 3 ply string should be both soft and strong, reaching a total length of 150 metres to keep your garden in good shape.

RHS Burgon and Ball British Bloom Twine

RHS Burgon and Ball British bloom twine in a tin on white background

Another smart twine in a tin, this time from the Royal Horticultural Society as part of their Burgon and Ball British Bloom Collection. Each contains 120 metres of jute twine that can be used across your garden, with a 3 ply that should provide all the thickness you need.

The tins themselves are decorated with 19th century illustrations that have been chosen from the RHS Lindley Library.

Green Jute Twine

Green jute twine on white background

Natural in both colour and material, this green jute twine is designed to blend into your bedding, helping keep your garden in order without becoming a distraction from the plants and flowers it's helping to grow.

The biodegradable twine should be simultaneously sturdy and disposable, made with a 3 ply thickness.

Natural Rubber & Sheep's Wool Gardening Twine

Natural Rubber & Sheep's Wool

Triple twisted for durability, this sustainable twine is made from organic Himalayan sheep's wool and natural rubber to create a garden string that is reliable and biodegradable.

Each roll has 100 metres of coverage so you'll have plenty of spool to make use of, while helping to support the sheep keepers and shepherds in the Sangla Valley.

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Twine on Handle

Twine on Handle Natural by Kent & Stowe on white background

An especially handy device, this set from Kent & Stowe provides 80 metres of twine which can be conveniently unspooled thanks to the handle it sits on.

A convenient tool that can be carried around the garden with you as you spot areas that need attention, the twine itself is made of 3 ply and should be 100% biodegradable so it's easily disposed of when it has served its purpose.

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Sungmor Cast Iron Garden Twine Holder Set

Sungmor Cast Iron Garden Twine Holder Set

If you regularly use a lot of twine in your garden it may be worth investing in a reliable storage holder that also serves as a lovely garden feature in its own right.

This set will not only keep your twine neat and tidy, it also has a handle for scissors so you can easily cut the string to length, and is topped with a decorative bird that will watch on as you work.

The holder is made from heavy duty cast iron so shouldn't topple while in use, and comes with twine made from natural jute. The accompanying scissors are carbon steel so shouldn't have any trouble cutting through the thread either.

Jute Twist Tie

Jute Twist Tie

This pocket sized packet of twine is perfect for carrying with you around your green space, holding 4 metres of jute which has been strengthened with wire.

This should create a particularly sturdy structure to help keep your greenery in place, without putting too much weight on your plants and causing any damage. It also means you can mould the twine to specific shapes which is a helpful feature.


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