It's easy to get distracted in the garden, working for hours without pausing - but a quick tea or coffee break can do wonders for motivation and energy levels. So, if you can't commit to tramping indoors for a cuppa, an insulated flask could be the solution. You could also use it for refreshing cool water in the summer.

We've rounded up the best insulated flasks and water bottles on the market, from familiar favourites to options from less well-known brands. You'll find loads of different designs down below.

Best insulated flasks and water bottles

S'well bottle

S'well Stainless Steel Water Bottle on a grey background

With their simple design and sleek look, S'well bottles make great everyday flasks. Slip them into bags or car cup holders for on-the-go hydration, or bring them out into the garden for drinks throughout the day.

You can choose between lots of different designs, from understated block colours like 'angel food' white and 'blue suede' to patterned finishes like floral, wood and marble. This flask also comes in three sizes: 260ml, 500ml and 750ml, which can hold an entire bottle of wine, if you're feeling thirsty!

Thanks to the insulated sides, the bottle can keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24, so you can enjoy them throughout the day.

Thermos King Flask

Thermos King Flask on a grey background

Thermos bottles have become so popular their brand name is almost synonymous with flasks in general. Featuring a useful carry handle and an insulated steel serving cup, the 'king' flask is a fantastic option for lengthy outdoor sessions, as well as camping trips and other expeditions.

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The King Thermos flask is highly effective, thanks to its insulating properties; it'll keep your beverages warm for 18 hours and cold for 24. Plus, the large model can hold 1.2L of your favourite drink, so you can enjoy coffee breaks in the great outdoors with your family.

Hydro Flask bottle

Hydro Flask bottle on a grey background

Block colours and a sleek design make this insulated flask an eye-catching option. We also love the useful carry handle at the top.

Hydro Flask provides plenty of options when it comes to sizing, so you can choose the perfect bottle for you. Designs range from compact 532ml versions all the way up to the huge 1.892L wide-mouth flask.

Other clever features include the honeycomb lid insulation and easy-grip powder coating. The bottle will keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24, so it's among the top-performing designs on the market.

Natural Leather Flask

Natural Leather Flask on a grey background

Have you ever seen a flask quite like this before? It's made with high-quality tan leather and is sustainably handcrafted in the Chaco region of Paraguay.

With its timeless, minimalist design, it's a beautiful choice for days spent outdoors - think whimsical picnics and countryside rambles. It would also make a wonderful gift.

Klean Kanteen (Insulated) Reflect

Klean Kanteen (Insulated) Reflect bottle on a grey background

For a simple, effective flask, you can't go wrong with this sleek bottle from Klean Kanteen. It comes as a standard container or as an insulated flask - and this one really beats others at keeping drinks icy cold. Use it to store cool drinks for 24 hours or icy beverages for an impressive 40 hours. The wide opening at the top allows you to drop ice cubes right in.

The shiny stainless steel exterior and sustainably harvested bamboo lid add the finishing touches to this neat package.

Stanley Classic Flask

Stanley Classic Flask on a grey background

This sturdy-looking flask might just be the best around when it comes to insulation. It can keep drinks hot or cold for 40 hours and iced for four whole days.

The makers have really thought about how to make this flask convenient for its users. It's strong enough to survive knocks and scratches, and you can put all the component parts in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Plus, the insulated lid doubles as a cup, so you can sit down to a proper cuppa without burning your hands.

T2 Stainless Steel Flask

T2 Stainless Steel Flask on a grey background

If coffee's not your drink of choice, you might like this unusual tea flask. It comes with a stainless steel infusing pod to pack the hot water with flavour. The flask itself has a 500ml capacity, so it's ideal for your daily cuppa. When you're not taking it out into the garden for your morning brew, use it on the commute or during day trips.

In the summer, you also have the option of creating refreshing iced tea with cold or icy water.

Sigg Hot & Cold One flask

Sigg Hot & Cold One flask on a grey background

Two key features make this drinks flask a sensible choice. Firstly, it comes with a removable tea filter for brewing drinks on the go. And secondly, you can open and close the leak-proof lid with one hand, thanks to its clever design. It's perfect for days spent dashing about in the great outdoors.

This smart flask can keep your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 20.

Camelbak Chute Vacuum Insulated

Camelbak Chute Vacuum Insulated on a grey background

Camelbak may be better known for its water bottles, but it also sells smart insulated flasks, capable of keeping your drinks hot for six hours and cool for 24 hours.

One of the best features of this vacuum flask is its top section, which includes a handy magnet for keeping the lid out of the way as you drink. It also comes with a useful loop for carrying the bottle around or attaching it to your backpack.


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