Need a new garden ladder? We've found the best ones on the market for a range of different jobs. Whether you're clearing the guttering, trimming trees or just cleaning the ground-floor windows, there's a design here for you.


How to choose a garden ladder

From stepstools to telescopic raised work platforms, there’s a huge range of garden ladders available on the market today. Choosing the right one for you involves thinking about the type of jobs you’ll be doing. Where will you be working, how high up will you be and will you need a platform to stand comfortably for long periods of time?

Also, remember to go for a garden ladder with an extendable height of slightly more than you need, so you can avoid trying to stretch beyond your reach.

Here are some of the main types of garden ladder available:

  • Stepstools - ideal for low-level or indoor tasks
  • Stepladders - fitted with a small platform at the top, they’re a great choice for everyday tasks
  • Extension ladders - thanks to their slim design, they are easy to move and store
  • Tripod/orchard ladders - with one ladder and one leg, these are ideal for picking fruit and trimming trees, as the design allows you to get closer to the trunk while remaining stable
  • Combination ladders - you can use them in multiple positions and they’re particularly useful for working on stairs
  • Work platforms - they have a large platform in between two ladders, making it comfortable to stand for a long time

Ladder safety

A ladder can be one of the most dangerous tools in the garden. It sounds improbable, but ladders are one of the biggest causes of accidents in the garden and every year about a dozen people die from falls off ladders. Falling even a few feet off a stepladder can be very painful.

If you are using a ladder against the wall of a house it is worth taking the time to tie it in securely and to have someone at the foot of the ladder to steady it.

Stepladders should always be placed on solid ground, never directly on to the soil.

Best garden ladders in 2023

Estate to Garden Tripod Ladder

A metal tripod ladder on a white background.

If you need to get up close to trees and hedges, try this tripod ladder. Although it has just one adjustable leg, it’s fitted with wide, clawed feet to keep it stable on uneven or soft ground. As an added bonus, it’s lightweight, so you shouldn’t struggle to carry it around the garden.

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The bendy tripod-shape looks unique, too, so when it's not in use then it'll still look great in the garden. This ladder is available in a range of sizes: 2m, 3m and 3.6m and is said to be resistant to rust and corrosion.

Henchman Hi-Step Midi Hedge Cutting Platform

A silver ladder with a platform on a white background.

This hedge-cutting ladder is made from lightweight aluminium and steel, and has clever quick-adjust feet to stop it becoming unstable on uneven ground or sinking into the soil. It also comes with a useful and spacious working platform, which you can move up and down by 60cm.

When standing on this ladder, you should be able to reach a height of up to just over 4m, depending on the cutters you’re using. The guard rails, along with the gripped quick-adjust feet, help to keep you safe when leaning. It should stash away into a nice, compact shape, too!

Henchman Professional 3 Adjustable Leg Tripod Ladder

A metal tripod ladder on a white background.

Another great option for trimming trees is the Henchman Professional Tripod Ladder. You’ll be able to adjust all three legs and reach a maximum height of 1.5m.

The frame is made from lightweight welded aluminium and it can carry up to 150kg. Plus, there are clawed feet to stop the ladder sinking into soft ground.

If this 8ft (2.4m) ladder isn’t quite right for you, take a look at the 6ft (1.8m), 10ft (3m) and 12ft (3.6m) versions.

Lucano 3 Step Ladder

A black three-step ladder on a grey background.

A small stepladder crafted from lightweight aluminium, this option is just as convenient to use indoors as in the garden. It was created by Chiaki Murata for the Japanese manufacturer Metaphys to fit in with modern homes, so it has a sleek, black design and folds away for easy storage.

Also included is a safety lock and non-skid feet pads.

TB Davies Heavy-Duty Swingback Step Ladder

A heavy-duty stepladder on a white background.

For a heavy-duty option, go for this TB Davies stepladder. It’s made entirely from aluminium and fitted with hinged metal locking stays and bracing on the back legs for extra strength. Thanks to these features, the ladder can support weights of up to 150kg.

TB Davies Trade Triple Extension Ladder

A triple extension ladder on a white background.

If you need to work particularly high up, an extension ladder is your best bet. TB Davies sells a variety of sizes, from the 2.5m double to the 4m triple and the 4.5m double, but this 3m one can get you 7.6m off the ground. Its stabiliser bar provides extra security and the D-shaped rungs give you a level surface to stand on when the ladder is at an angle.

Wenko Folding 3 Tier Step Ladder

A black folding stepladder on a white background.

This folding stepladder from Wenko features a strong rail at the top to make it easier to work safely. Depending on your height, you should be able to reach up to 2.46m above ground level.

Other great features include its non-slip, rubber-coated platform, lightweight aluminium construction and 150kg load-bearing capacity.

Werner 5-in-1 Combination Ladder

Two ladders with work platform in the middle on a white background.

A platform ladder can be a useful tool if you need to work at height for long periods at a time. This one has a 150kg load capacity and wide stabilisers at the base, as well as locking mechanisms. When using it, you should be able to reach a maximum height of 3.37m.

This 5-in-1 combination ladder is a versatile choice, as you can use it as a stepladder, extension ladder or stairwell ladder, or as a level platform or stairwell platform.

WolfWise 4.7M Telescoping Ladder

A silver and black telescopic ladder, contracted, on a white background.

For easy storage and transportation, opt for a telescopic ladder. WolfWise’s 4.7m one contracts down to a quarter of its full height and expands in 1ft increments, so you can tailor its height to your needs.

The aluminium alloy construction not only allows the ladder to hold up to 150kg in weight, but protects it from corrosion too. There are also non-slip end caps and a sturdy strap to keep the ladder stable both when it’s extended and packed up.

3.1ft Wood Step Ladder

A short wooden stepladder on a white background.

Not all of the best garden ladders are made from metal; this wooden one can hold weights of up to 150kg, thanks to its robust galvanised fittings. It’s 3.1ft (just under 1m) tall and folds away to fit in small storage spaces.


Plus, you can use this ladder as a trestle, as there are rungs on each side.


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