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Peacock Trellis

15 of the best climbing supports for 2021

Give your plants the support they need to help them flourish in the garden. Here are a few of the best wall trellis designs for climbing plants

Support your climbing plants with one of these wall and freestanding trellis climbing plant support designs. Read more on the best climbing plants for your garden and annual climbers.


Climbing plants are a versatile addition to any garden, partly because they can be trained. Climbing roses, trailing shrubs, morning glories and vining fruits and vegetables will all benefit from a sturdy plant climbing frame.

Structural support enables stems to grow stronger and healthier so they bear more flowers, fruit and vegetables. But give your vines something to follow and they can also become a decorative addition to your garden, adding character and focal points to spaces that will spark inspiration.

If you’re looking beyond using bamboo canes, we’ve carefully collated 15 attractive metal, wooden and plastic climbing plant supports, including trellises and obelisks. Find inspiration from everything from country classics to ornate gothic archways for growing healthy and decorative vine plants.

15 of the best climbing plant supports

Bloomsbury Market Hortense 3 Piece Birds Obelisk Trellis Set

Bloomsbury Market Hortense 3 Piece birds obelisk trellis set

This russet coloured trellises in this set of three have less of an industrial feel and more of an ornately decorated obelisk. Swirling birds adorn their sides with leaves and rods that mimic the look of climbing vines.

Protected by a powder coat and gloss finish, the small, medium and large metal supporters are designed for year-round durability and would make excellent climbing frames for runner beans.

  • £39.99

Available from British Ironwork Centre 

VegTrug Cathedral Garden Arch

Cathedral Gothic Arc
Robert Dyas

For any high-climbers or trainable vines, an archway is a great way to not only support your plants but also create a statement garden feature to enjoy year-round.

This VegTrug Cathedral Garden Iron Arch is designed to balance antique-style with modern functionality and has a powder coated frame for weather and waterproofing, a wide base and extended leg stakes for stability.

Claimed to be an easy-build without tools, this could be an interesting option for supporting your roses and vines.

  • £249.99

Barrington Arch Trellis

Barrington Arch Trellis
Garden Trading

With a subtle gothic arch, the criss cross design of the Barrington Arch Trellis allows for plenty of grips and angles for climbing plants and vines to hold on to. The bars form gentle curves for a characterful but unobtrusive natural screen that could be used anywhere around the garden, whether freestanding to break up a space or stood against a wall for decoration.

Over time the trellis will build its own aged, rusted effect so for a robust trellis to add character to your garden and guide climbers, this is a great option.

  • £70

Minster willow trellis

Minster Willow Trellis

Bent willow climbing plant supporters bring a graceful grandeur to outdoor spaces. Their woody tones fit seamlessly in with most, if not all gardens, so if you’re looking to keep the natural theme, this Minister trellis will act as a sturdy support to climbing plants and vines.

Three poles across the centre allow for lateral growing as well as vertical vine support, so this is also a versatile option.

  • £12.99

Hampton Plant Support Steel Obelisk

Hampton Plant Support Steel Obelisk

Claiming to be extremely strong and built to last, this characterful steel obelisk is finished with a black antique polyester paint, over an iron phosphate to boost its water and weather resistance.

Each leg is gathered at the top by one decorative ball and the overall effect is of an elegant support for climbers. Horizontal rungs in the frame should also offer training vines a great first step.

  • £47.99

Available from Primrose

Natural Steel Finish Arch Trellis

Arch Trellis

You can count on steel-made trellis’ to last a long time, purely by merit of the metal’s durability.

Supplied with pre-fixed mounting brackets, these particular frames by Artisan Plant supports can be attached directly to walls (including brick walls) or lent against something to offer a climbing plant support from the ground up.

8mm galvanised or rusted steel bars make up the frames and you can choose from a range of powder coated finishes.

  • From £95

Available from Artisan Plant Supports (1600mm x 600mm)

Rustic Gothic Flower Trellis

Support for climbing plants, Rustic Gothic plant arch

With small flowers dotted across this bent metal climbing plant supporter, we can assume it’s designed to be both durable and decorative in any space around the garden.

The flowers follow a natural Gothic arch shape and will encourage plants into well-spaced criss crosses as they grow. The natural screen formed should also allow light through each section.

  • £185

Available from Secret Gardens Furniture (150 x 60cm)

Plant support 2d fleur de lis

Plant support 2d fleur de lis, Crocus

It’s remarkably easy to bring a little continental charm into a garden with a climbing plant support like this 2d fleur de lis from Crocus.

The design itself is simple, offering five vertical bars for vines and four horizontal. Look a little closer and you’ll spot scrolls and French lilies embellishing the frame. Spiked feet should also help when pushing it into the ground.

  • £32.99

Corlyn Bird Iron Trellis

Corlyn Bird Iron Trellis

Don’t be fooled by the design of this trellis. It’s an iron constructed climbing plant support that once staked into the ground, will support whatever climbs it.

The white finish gives the frame a summery feel that will highlight the colours of your plants. Alternatively, prop it against a wall to instantly brighten a neglected space or dull-looking corner of the garden.

  • £49.99

Available from Wayfair

Diagonal Trellis Convex Arched Topper Panel

Diagonal Trellis Convex Arched Topper Panel

Arched top trellis panels are great for adding shape and character to a run of fencing. These particular panels are suitable for timber or concrete fence posts. The grooved frame with eased edges holds a trellis with slim slats, spaced with 40mm gaps for climbing vines.

There are 11 different finishing options including 10 stain shades and these panels come with a 12-month timber guarantee. This means you can personalise the panels to your own garden.

  • From £28

Available from Garden Trellis

Hamilton Vinyl Arched Trellis

Hamilton Vinyl Arched Trellis

Wooden trellises may need repainting over the years to keep them looking fresh, but a benefit of using them is that vines and flowers are protected from overheating during spells of hot weather. Better still, plastic trellises don’t need repainting.

The Hamilton Vinyl Arched Trellis can be staked into the ground and offer 35 cells for plants like hydrangeas and morning glory to bloom through.

  • $59.99

Ophelia and Co 3 Piece Ginther Iron Trellis

Ophelia and Co 3 Piece Ginther Iron Trellis

This set of three obelisk trellises is a nice alternative to the traditional upright design of freestanding plant supports for climbers.

Each trellis features a crown-style circular topper that would help guide stems up and over their edges. But importantly, these become a decorative element to any bed of flowers, vegetables or vines.

  • £111.99

Available from Wayfair

76cm Metal Conical Plant Supports – 4 Pack

conical climbing support

Classic features of conical plant climbing frames are the angled legs and broadening width as you get towards the top. This is in part to mirror a plant’s size as it grows and allow additional space for flower heads whilst supporting base stems.

At 76cm high, this set of four climbing plant supports from Primrose are quite a cost effective option if your climbers are going to stay relatively small. All are solid steel and stake directly into the ground.

  • £29.99

Available from UK Garden Products 

Bramley Cottage Carmody Cage Support

Bramley Cottage Carmody Cage Support

Similar to a bell shape, the Bramley Cottage Carmody Cage provides all-sided protective cover for small climbers like sweet peas or heavy-headed flowers like peonies. The steel frame has a ready-to-rust finish for a weathered look which will happen naturally over time and should offer a long lifespan.

There are four spoke-like legs that can either stand alone or be pushed into earth to give the support a more solid grounding.

  • £29.99

Available from Wayfair (68 cm x 46 cm x 46 cm)