Garden edging is a great way to make borders and lawns look tidier. There are lots of garden edging ideas on the market so it can be hard to know what to choose or what will be right in your garden. It’s important to consider the style of your overall garden when choosing garden border edging. If your space has more of a cottage garden feel, then wooden garden edging or metal hooped edging might look best for the more natural or subtle effect. In contrast, if you have a more contemporary garden then you might want to look at modern garden edging ideas like steel or polished stone. In a classic garden setting it may be important to use lawn edging to create clean lines, which is often achieved with stonework. In this article we have rounded up some of the best garden edging ideas to suit every garden style in 2022.

What is edging?

Edging is used to create a distinction between different parts of a garden. It is commonly used to create crisp lines between the lawn and garden beds, patios and pathways.

Garden edging ideas for 2022

Wooden garden edging

Roll log border edging

This classic wooden garden edging it perfect for separating shrub borders and other beds from the lawn. Made using treated timber, it is durable and should keep your garden looking tidy for a long time. It is also flexible due to the logs being connected with galvanised wire, making it an excellent choice for rounded edges and informal designs. It is also really easy and quick to install, so if you're looking for a speedy way to tidy up your garden borders then this is the perfect garden edging idea.

Wicker lawn border

This wicker lawn edging is perfect for an informal garden look. The woven willow gives this product a natural feel that will blend in well with garden borders, creating a subtle distinction between the lawn and the beds. This would be the best wooden garden edging for a cottage garden and would also be great for smaller spaces as it lies quite low to the ground. The panels are woven by hand and are 100 per cent natural as they are made from European willow woven around hazel pegs that make them easy to push into the ground.

Metal garden edging

Edging hurdles

Edging hurdles

These edging hurdles from Plant Belles are perfect for borders where you're growing taller or slightly more unruly plants. Made from steel with a rusted finish, they are robust and have a subtle colouring. Due to the 'grow-through' design these supports are perfect for softening the edges of borders as the plants are able to grow through without blocking pathways or spilling onto lawns. This would be the best garden edging for a taller herbaceous bed or a kitchen garden.

More like this

Everedge classic lawn edging

Corten edging

This sleek garden edging is great for both formal and informal garden layouts. Used as lawn edging, it creates a crisp finish and as the metal weathers naturally over time it requires little maintenance. The low lying garden border edging is also great for placing around beds as it is very subtle and won't detract from the border design.

Harrod edging hoop

These decorative hoops from Harrod Horticultural make a great garden edging choice if you're looking for something that will also add an aesthetic appeal. They're an ornamental way of keeping border plants at bay and separating lawns and paths from beds.

Stone garden edging

Roped edging stone

Roped stone edging

These elegant stone-work edging pieces are perfect for formal gardens. Made out of cast stone into a twisted rope design, this edging can be bought in several colours to suit your preference. When used in conjunction with the edging posts, they make a neat finish to lawns, beds and borders.

Rustic garden edging

This garden edging is made from Indian sandstone, making it really durable. The stones have been tumbled which gives them a rustic effect so they would work well as garden edging for cottage gardens. The classic colouring also makes them a good fit for period homes. Each stone is unique and will add the perfect finishing touch to any garden.

Concrete garden edging

Traditional stone border edging

This alternative to stone edging is made from reconstituted concrete to mimic the appearance of Cotswold stone. The stable base means that the stones won't move out of line and will keep borders looking neat and tidy. This border egding is particularly good for cottage gardens and traditional garden designs.

Rubber garden edging

Flexible edging

Made using recycled rubber tyres, this garden edging is super flexible so perfect for curved borders and beds. Designed to look like Roman stone, the hidden installation spikes make this easy to fit into the garden. It is also lighter than concrete alternatives.

Plastic garden edging

Plastic rail fence

These classic-style white picket fence panels would make great garden edging for a low maintenance garden. Easy to assemble and clean, plastic edging is a great option if you're short on time but want to neaten up the edges of your garden.


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