Getting organised in the garden can feel like an impossible task, but with a gardening journal it is much easier. We've rounded up a selection of some of the best gardening journals on the market at the moment to help get you started.

Whether you're looking for a basic journal that you can record what you've observed in your garden over the year, or whether you'd like a week-by-week planner with sowing and growing tips, there will be a gardening journal out there to meet your needs.

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Best gardening journals to buy in 2023

Wrendale Gardening Journal

This Wrendale gardening journal has been designed by Hannah Dale. As well as being beautifully illustrated, the journal includes a daily planner, perfect for the busy summer season when there are jobs to do in the garden every day. It also features planting profiles and space for notes to help you get to grips with the season and what to plant and harvest when. As well as the daily planner and the planting profiles, this gardeners journal includes recipes you can try and plenty of gardening tips too.

SmART bookx Garden Planner and Journal

The gardening journal from smART bookx is a great and affordable option. The journal starts with a year planner where you can jot down your ideas and see an at-a-glance overview of the year to come. The journal is then split into monthly intervals with each one starting with pages to list major jobs, draw out visualisations and make notes about the month. On a weekly basis, the journal provides 'to do' lists split into handy categories like planting, propagation or pruning. In addition to this, the journal has plenty of blank pages for recording harvests, wildlife, what's in bloom and general gardening highlights.

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Bloom Gardener's Journal

This gardener's journal from Bloom is sleek and well designed. It features twelve undated months meaning that you can pick it up whenever you feel you need that extra planning support and put it down when the pressure eases. Each section has space dedicated to noting down what you're sowing and growing as well as seasonal tasks, crucial timings and plant wish-lists. The gardening journal also contains two handy sowing calendars - one for veg and one for cut flowers - to help you when planning. Bloom journals are made in London on FSC-certified paper and using vegetable-based inks.

Antonia Fraser's Garden Notebook

This garden notebook from Antonia Fraser is the perfect companion on garden visits or trips to the plant nursery as you can easily jot down inspiration and ideas. The notebook is not restricted to a specific year, so it can be used continually over a long period of time and filled to the brim with gardening plans. The book is illustrated throughout with pictures of flowers and butterflies.

RHS's A Gardener's Five Year Record Book

This five year record book from the RHS is perfect if you're going to be gardening in the same spot for a longer period of time. Recording what happens when throughout the year in your own garden is a great way of informing your sowing and growing habits in subsequent years. The book is structured week-by-week over five years, making it flexible enough that the user can put their own emphasis on what they record. There is also a section for noting down plants to buy, suppliers and addresses and gardens to visit.

Gardener's Leather Journal

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This leather-bound gardening journal is filled with plain white craft paper making it the perfect companion to making regular garden observations. It is also a great tool for garden planning with the space to sketch out garden beds and crop rotations.

John Lewis & Partners Growing Calendar

This simple gardening calendar journal is perfect for the vegetable gardener. It is a complete growing planner to help plan vegetable crops across the year. Every month contains tips and space to write specific notes and there is even a little seed pocket at the front that you can use to keep your next set of sowing organised.


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