These days, terrariums – or bottle gardens, as they’re often called – are all the rage, and it’s easy to see why. They’re attractive, simple to maintain and can fit onto any windowsill, shelf or tabletop. As self-sufficient ecosystems, terrariums are popular among those who want a hassle-free alternative to the standard house plant.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 terrariums on the market right now, from minimalist to geometric and even industrial designs. No matter your interior style, you’re sure to find a bottle garden to suit it.

Succulent pot display
© Andrew Montgomery

What is a terrarium?

A terrarium is a mini garden within a dome, either fully enclosed or with a small opening. Usually, designs are made from glass and incorporate metal or wood elements.

Terrariums don’t usually come with plants, so it’s up to you to create your own mini outdoor scene. Cacti and succulents are both well-suited to the micro-climate created in a bottle garden, and tropical seedlings do well in an enclosed dome with plenty of moisture and sunlight.

Why invest in a terrarium? They’re incredibly low-maintenance – once you’ve planted them up, you should only have to water them a couple of times per year, and some enclosed domes can be left indefinitely.

Although terrariums are essentially glass bottles, they come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s plenty of choice for anyone looking to add some hassle-free greenery into their home.

Here's how to plant a terrarium

Best terrariums and bottle gardens for any home

NCYP House Shaped Geometric Glass Terrarium Geometric

NCYP Terrarium

The classic mini-greenhouse / house shape is an enduring style for the terrarium and this vintage style model delivers both delicacy and structural permanence with elegant black features and a swing lid with gorgeous barely-there retro styling.

This mini, indoor greenhouse is made of brass foil and which is then soldered with tin. Its reinforced glass panels are real glass, sealed into the frames to make this leak proof.

Open the roof to allow moisture in or out, or keep closed to encourage a warmer microclimate inside which is ideal for tropical or desert plants.

This mini wonder measures just 25cm long, 19.2cm high and 14.5cm. Large enough to be noticed but small enough to be beautiful and unassuming.

Canopy Closed Garden Terrarium

A glass terrarium with plants and a cork lid.

A terrarium for true plant-lovers, this neat option is inspired by the impressive biospheres at the Eden Project.

If you’re looking for an all-round winner, you can’t go wrong with the Canopy Closed Garden terrarium. Not only is it made from mouthblown recycled and recyclable glass and a sustainably sourced cork lid, but it’s also won an iF Design Award and Green GOOD DESIGN prize.

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Eden Terrarium with Moulded Concrete Base, Nude

A glass terrarium with a concrete base and plants on a white background.

With its simple design featuring an understated grey concrete base, this terrarium should fit well into any home décor scheme. The lead-free crystal gently narrows towards the opening at the top, to reach a height of 34.7cm.

Thanks to the robust, weather-resistant materials, this terrarium is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Enclosed Copper Gem Terrarium, The Urban Botanist

A glass and copper terrarium with a coffee plant on a white background.
Not On The Highstreet

The Urban Botanist sells a wide variety of different terrariums, but this one is the ideal gift for coffee-lovers. Inside the elegant and vintage-inspired dome finished with copper soldering, there’s a small Coffea Arabica plant surrounded by coffee beans.

This option is also customisable, so you can truly create your own terrarium. You’ll have the option to add fairy lights and a personalised engraving.

Grande Ecosystem, The Urban Botanist

A glass terrarium with a cork, filled with plants on a white background.

If you’re not sure which terrarium to plump for, The Urban Botanist’s Grande Ecosystem is the ultimate low-maintenance choice. It has a minimal design and arrives ready-made with three tropical plants, surrounded by French natural ball moss. Plus, the enclosed flask is made from recycled glass.

Igara Mango Wood Terrarium

Two glass terrariums with wooden bases on a white background.

This sleek terrarium would make a sophisticated addition to any home décor display. The natural elements of the base and its warm wood tones beautifully complement the gently sloping glass domes.

The small terrarium measures 26cm by 36cm, but there is a larger version available, which is 34cm by 40cm.

Jurassic Lab Terrarium with plants, Green Factory

An egg-shaped terrarium with a plant on a white background.

For a minimalist terrarium, you can’t beat this option from Green Factory. The enclosed, egg-shaped dome comes pre-assembled with one or two plants, as well as moss, gravel and compost. All you have to do is water it a couple of times per year and trim back the miniature tree when its leaves touch the glass.

This terrarium comes in four sizes: Small (7x10cm), Medium (10x15cm), Large (13x20cm) and XL (19x30cm).

Large Telaga Terrarium, Nkuku

A glass and brass terrarium on a white background.

You can create your very own miniature greenhouse with this beautiful terrarium from Nkuku. The frame is 31cm tall and measures 20cm by 33cm across – but there is a smaller version with a height of just 24.5cm.

The terrarium ‘roof’ opens to let you fill it with your choice of plants. Just make sure you only water them with a light spray, as the zinc base may not withstand excessive moisture.

Open Terrarium, Graham & Green

Three green glass bottle terrariums on a wooden table.
Graham & Green

If you want to move away from the more modern designs, why not opt for this beautifully crafted bottle garden? The hand-blown glass has small bubbles throughout, as well as a central hole, making it easy to put your chosen plants in place.

There are three available sizes, ranging from 35cm to 50cm in height, so you can choose the right one for your space.

Pori Hanging Planter

Two hanging metal planters on a white background.
Sue Parkinson

If you’re looking for something a bit more unusual, this rounded terrarium could be the perfect quirky addition to your living space. It’s constructed from a black, antique metal framework and hangs from a 68cm chain designed to hold up to 4kg of weight.

Use it to draw the eye up in any room or place it on a shelf as an interesting decorative piece.

Mkouo 3 Packs Mini Glass Air Plants Terrarium Geometric Container

Mkouo terrarium

These fabulous mini terrariums combine modern geometric design with a warm polished brass finish for an eye-catching effect. Group together for your own terrarium village or scatter around your home where ever you need to inject a little life.

Each has a solid, base but they're best suited to dry plants which require next to no watering. Also as each terrarium is open at the top, you can also use it as a lantern and pop some tealights inside when you're not cultivating.

Perfect for your sunny bookshelf, windowsill or work desk.

Find out how to create a terrarium or delve into its history for more handy information on building your own bottle garden.