Looking for great alcohol free drinks for Christmas?

You've come to the right place. A considerate Christmas party host will have delicious drinks at hand for all their guests, alcoholic or not, and for those not drinking there is a growing number of non-alcoholic options to choose from.


We’ve selected a few of the best botanical non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy this Christmas.

Many of the drinks listed can be enjoyed with a mixer, G&T style, or used as an ingredient in non-alcoholic versions of your favourite festive cocktails including the Espresso Martini and Negroni.

If you’re not drinking this Christmas or want a more health-conscious tipple to sip between the beer and brandy, add one of these botanical non-alcoholic drinks to your festive bar cart this year.

Best non-alcoholic drinks for Christmas

Seedlip Spice 94


Non-alcoholic heavyweight Seedlip has three botanical spirits to its name but Seedlip Spice 94 is the one to buy for Christmas. Aromatic notes of allspice and cardamom are balanced by citrus peels, and the addition of bark gives this blend a bitter note. Mix with Fever-Tree's Clementine Tonic or try their Espresso MartiNO recipe. It's tasty and looks the part too.

£20, 70cl

Æcorn Dry


Similar to a white vermouth, Æcorn Dry is refreshingly light and herbaceous in flavour. The blend of clary sage, chamomile and black tea bring the crisp complexity you’re looking for in an aperitif. Sip it neat over ice or mix with a splash of sparkling water in a wine glass for a longer drink. One to serve on Christmas Eve to kick start the holidays.

£19.99, 50cl

Mother Root Ginger Switchel

mother root

Instead of alcohol, Mother Root use apple cider vinegar to extract as much flavour as possible from the ingredients in their Ginger Switchel. It’s a bold, flavourful blend of ginger, capsicum and blossom honey with the apple cider vinegar leaving a tart, fresh finish on the palate.

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£24, 480ml

Pentire Seaward


In our selection, this is the best replacement for gin in a G&T style drink. Inspired by, and made with plants native to the Cornish coast, Pentire Seaward is a zesty mix of sea buckthorn, pink grapefruit, and wild seaweed. Pentire recommend adding soda or light tonic for a low-calorie G&T style drink and they have some lovely looking cocktail recipes to try too.

£26.80, 70cl



Firmly rooted in the wildness of Fife, this Scottish alcohol-free spirit uses 14 botanicals including seaweed, bay leaf and chamomile and then blends them with Scottish water. Its amber hued and is fresh, earthy, and spicy in flavour. Another one you can drink neat on the rocks or mix with tonic.

£24.95, 500ml

Everleaf Forest


A spritz-style drink to enjoy as an aperitif. They’ve distilled saffron, Madagascan vanilla and orange blossom (amongst quite a few other botanicals) to create a complex and bittersweet non-alcoholic spirit to drink with tonic. Described as a refreshing but more complex Campari, you can drink this and imagine you’re on warmer shores.

£19.99, 50cl



If you like bittersweet cocktails but would rather leave out the booze, then try a NOgroni. It’s a fusion of aromatic and citrus notes from Seedlip and Æcorn drinks, and each bottle serves two. Simply open, pour over ice and add an orange slice as a garnish. If you’re still searching for that perfect gift, a bottle of NOgroni would make a great stocking filler.

£12, 20cl (two servings)

Three Spirit Starter Pack

three spirit starter

Described as elixirs, Three Spirit’s non-alcoholic range have been designed to enhance your night from start to finish, with each unique flavour making the most of botanicals with a functional benefit. Livener is first, an invigorating blend of berries, bright aromatics, and heat. Second is social elixir, a savoury mood maker with an herbal flavour. Then finally, Nightcap helps you relax and unwind. This starter pack will give you a taste of the full experience.

£39.99, 3 x 20cl

Sipsmith Freeglider


Many traditional gin brands have tried their hand at adding a non-alcoholic addition to their range. Now Sipsmith are having a go. On the ingredients list is juniper, so you can expect a classic gin flavour, but they’ve added citrus and a hint of spice to give the botanical blend a lift. True to Sipsmith style, the bottle itself is lovely to look at. A great present for any family or friend looking to cut down their alcohol intake.

£22.50, 70cl, https://sipsmith.com/product/freeglider-alcohol-free-spirit/

Caleño Dark & Spicy


For those who love tropical flavours, Caleño is for you. Dark & Spicy is a non-alcoholic twist on a rum. Pineapple, coconut, ginger, and lime are just a few of the exotic botanicals used to make this drink, and Caleño recommend serving it with ginger ale for an added kick.


£17.80, 50cl


Alys HurnFreelance writer