Bud vases were once mainly used to hold one rosebud, but today the trend for using these delicate, chic flower vases extends way beyond the rose. They can make a once-overlooked corner and are an easy way of bringing more flowers into your home.


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What is a bud vase?

A bud vase is a small, slender vase that usually has not much space in it for more than one flower. Made from many different materials, from clear cut glass to clay, they come in a wonderful array of designs and can brighten up your home easily and simply.

The flowers you might use inside a bud vase can be whatever you'd like - and not even flowers! You could put stems, interesting twigs, leaves, anything you think that looks attractive or you'd like to brighten up a room. The vases are usually not very tall and so lend themselves to cut flowers and young flowers too. Some people also use them for dried flowers, which means you don't have to add water and they last for much longer. With most bud vases, you'll need to add some water to prolong the life of the flower you're using.

And don't forget: the more the merrier. Often you can make a fetching display of several bud vases all in one spot.

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How to clean bud vases

This will depend a little on whether your bud vase can withstand water, or whether it's dry only. The ideal way of cleaning bud vases that can't take water is with a little shake and a little brush.

If your bud vase is happy with water, then we'd recommend purchasing a pipecleaner brush and using soap and water to clean the glass. We'd also avoid leaving used water in the vases for too long, as this can end up with difficult marks to get rid of.

The best bud vases to buy

Several small bud vases

Bud vases

Why buy one when you can buy several at once? There are 25 vintage-style bud vases here, all of which will work for anything from lovely wedding table displays through to having them throughout your home. While bud vases are small, and so often difficult to clean, this pack comes with a little brush which should help the care and maintenance of them easier. The glass on these are thick and durable so won't break easily. The different designs are classic and traditional and will work for all sorts of situations.

Mojave ceramic bud vase

Mojave ceramic bud vase

We love these ceramic stoneware bud vases, which are uniform in shape but come in lots of vibrant colours, that will draw attention to the flowers you place in them. Guaranteed to catch the eye of any visitor and cheer you up every day. The vases are finished with an ombre effect and means each of the vases are unique.

More like this

Sass & Belle pink glass bud vase

Pink bud vases

These three bud vases come in fetching pink with a ribbed glass design. They don't match in terms of shape, which is why we like them: bud vases are best when they are embracing an elegant, unique style. These will look perfect as a group on one table or separately.

Bohemian family face bud vase

Bohemian family bud vase

These have such a lot of character, they are bound to get noticed by any visitors. They are quirky people vases, where the flowers pop out of their heads. These are made from resin and are hand painted, so all are quite different. They measure 7.8 inches high and you can order one, or many, depending on what you fancy. They will make great presents too.

Hand painted bud vases

Bud vases with dried flowers

There's something lovely about the texture of these bud vases which will work best with dried flowers and neutral tones. They measure at 13.5 centimetres high but they can't take water contact of any kind, so these will be literally for your dried flowers. When you order these vases, they actually come with bunny tails and eucalyptus too, so it may save you having to forage and dry plants from your garden. The price here is for one only, but we like the idea of collecting all the colours for a little bud vase series.

Blue hand painted ceramic bud vase with several necks

Ceramic bud vase

This is a lovely riff on the usual bud vase design: a blue hand painted ceramic option, which has several funnels for several flowers all in one. We love its round shape and the floral designs and you can play with the flower heights with this vase too. An innovative way of displaying your cut flowers.

Ceramic vase with handles

Ceramic Grecian-style bud vase

A bud vases with a feel of a Grecian urn, complete with delicate handles to boot. This bud vase will set off the flower you choose beautifully and the pale colour will suit almost any decor. Its 17cm high and has been featured on Homes on 4 and the manufacturer recommends using only dried flowers, or flowers without water with this one.

Sorrento bottle small bud vases

Green sorrento bud vase

These very chic bud vases are slightly different in design but riff on a theme. You could use these with or without flowers and you order them individually: but there are three which together look especially attractive. Ceramic, they have a glazed finished and there are rubber pads on the base so you can protect any surfaces. They look a little like olde-worldy medicine bottles, and have lots of character.

Ocean bud vase

Ocean bud vase

This characterful bud vase has a beautiful pottery glaze on it with deep green tones that we love. The pottery itself works as an eye catcher, but with a flower inside it it will work brilliantly on a table centrepiece. It comes in at 18 cm high and is one of several great designs in the John Lewis bud vase collection.

Sass & Belle Bubble bud vase

Sass and Belle bubble bud vase

These bud vases can be individual vases or stacked to make a great installation. We wouldn't recommend going too high with them, but a stack of three bubble vases will look a lot of fun. The vibrant colours bring warmth and joy and the designs are guaranteed to be loved by the entire household. You can mix the vases with other colours or aim to collect all of one colour, whichever you prefer.

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Daisy Bowie-Sell is digital editor of Gardens Illustrated. She has previously worked as a journalist for publications including the Daily Telegraph, WhatsOnStage and Time Out London