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One of the best bird baths for your garden

14 of the best bird baths: from the modern to the classic

Welcome some feathered friends into your garden with a bird bath. You'll provide them with a reliable source of water and enjoy watching them take a dip

Watching wildlife enjoy the garden as much as you do is a wonderful thing, and providing water is an easy way to encourage visitors. Choose a bird bath from our selection of styles, which includes contemporary bird baths as well as traditional styles.


At a practical level, bird baths are a low maintenance garden feature that naturally refill with rainwater. But they can be as decorative as they are functional and the right bird bath will enhance the rest of your garden whilst becoming an important centre for visiting wildlife. 

We’ve carefully selected 14 of the best bird baths on the market in contemporary and classic designs to help you find the right one for your garden.  Whether you’re looking for something modern, simple or a statement piece, encourage wildlife into your garden with one of our favourite bird baths below.

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14 of the best contemporary and classic bird baths 

Foras Rainbow Sandstone Bird Bath 


Whether you have a courtyard, large set of porchway stairs, patio or a full garden, this rainbow  bird bath designed by Foras is a warmly coloured and decorative way to invite birds into your outdoor space.

Rainbow sandstone has natural striations that differ in shade, design and colour.  Carved from a single block of sandstone, the effect is a unique centerpiece that’s seamless and smooth. In addition, the bowl is relatively lightweight and can therefore be moved easily around. 

  • £179

Stake bird bath – sky blue

Stake bird bath – sky blue

A stake-in-the-ground bird bath is a classic design that’s simple to build, easy to relocate and lightweight to carry. The nature of the long-stemmed rods also makes them an unobtrusive choice of bird bath.

This sky blue edition available at Crocus features a gloss powder-coated aluminium bowl that screws into the top of a two-part steel stake. It sits beneath a little bird perch and can be removed for cleaning. Use this bird bath for food and water all year round. 

  • £34.99

Tae Shu Oriental Style Bird Bath

oriental style bird bath

This elegant looking bird bath is made of sturdy materials, cast by hand and finished in satin black. The polished copper basin at the heart of the steel structure is removable to allow for easy emptying and refilling and the visual effect of the colour contrast would make for an interesting addition to a garden. 

At under £60, you get a lot of style with this contemporary and oriental style bird bath.

  • £59.99

Available from Black Country Metalworks

VT-1 Bird Bath


You could say that the VT-1 Bird Bath and Feeder is an architecturally inspired piece of kit. Its walls have generous openings of different shapes and sizes to encourage a variety of birds to visit the stand. It has the appearance of a bird house, which actually provides protection from wind and rain.

There are two porcelain bowls for holding water and bird seed that are removable for easy cleaning or for when the weather turns. Being white in colour, this contemporary bird bath and feeder may need the occasional wipe to keep its fresh appearance, but made from aluminium and a white powder coating, its protective layer should prove a long-lasting addition to the garden. 

  • £145

Available from Altair Living 

Lucas Stone Edwardian Bird Bath

Edwardian stone bird bath

This British-crafted bird bath by Lucas Stone is handmade using traditional methods and local reconstituted stone. 

Standing at 45cm high and 56cm across, this is quite a low bird bath making it a good option for watching from your favourite seat or sofa. The bowl itself is 8cm deep and has a dramatic feel in its design. If you’re looking for something to add grandeur to your space, this is one of the best bird baths to consider.

  • £119.99

Available from Primrose

RSPB Bronze effect bird bath

Bronze finished bird bath, RSPB

Lightweight and weatherproof resin forms the stem and 7cm-wide bowl of this bronze finished bird bath. It’s a modern, easy-to-clean version of traditional metal designs without the risk of rust. 

You secure this bird bath with ground pegs that are provided but for extra stability,  it’s recommended that you fill its base with sand. Assembly is said to be simple and achievable without tools, so if you’re looking for a simple and stylish bird bath that’s minimal fuss to install, this could be one to consider. 

  • £16.99

Available from RSPB

Hanging Bird Bath


A hanging bird bath has lots of versatility.  You are able to hook this one over the branch of a tree or perhaps find a suitable spot on your porch where you can easily watch the birds that visit it. 

Two ornamental birds are permanent features on this bird bath so you will always have some little winged visitors to enjoy. 

  • $58

Available from Laura Ashley

Nature Oasis bird bath & drinker

RSPB oasis bird bath, best bird baths

This classic bird bath looks like stone but is in fact 100% recycled and made from a frost-proof material called Polyboo. Plastic and natural bamboo fibres form the material that’s said to be both weighty and robust but also allow flex for coping with changing temperatures. 

Designed to be a safe depth for small birds to bathe in, the shallow steps around the edge of this bird bath should also allow pollinators to access the water. Patterned outer edges add to the natural stone look. This is a budget-friendly bird bath for the sustainably minded. 

  • £19.99

Available from RSPB

Echoes Terracotta Bird Bath with 3 Glazed Feet

Terracotta bird bath

A quote from English Poet, William Blake’s Auguries of Innocence is inscribed on the rim of this mottled green terracotta bird bath: “To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour”. 

Made from frost-resistant glazed terracotta, this bird bath comes with three glazed mounting feet to keep it raised off the ground and protected from cold damage. If you’d like a freestanding statement bird bath, a matching stand made of the same glazed terracotta is also available. 

  • £49.73

Available from Buttercup Farm

Surfside Bird Bath in Stone

Surfside bird bath with ceramic centre

This bird bath brings together rustic ceramic with the bright blues and whites of a traditional vine design.

The textured edges contrasted with the smooth colourful centre gives it both an antique and chic feel. The bowl itself is 34 cm x 34 cm so offers a wide surface area for birds to drink and bathe in.  A small bird statuette adds to the identity of the bowl, that would be easily relocated around your outdoor space to brighten and bring life right outside your window.  

  • £52.99

Available from Wayfair

Natural Basin Bird Bath


If you’re looking for a sculptural bird bath, this natural-style basin made from granite gives the understated feel of one that’s been made by nature itself.  

The bowl is carved into the rock which has a naturally dark shade and is robust in construction. It also sits low to the ground unlike many bird baths, which adds to its natural style. 45cm in length, this is one would slip seamlessly into a garden and give centre stage to the birds that visit it.

  • £259

Available from


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