If you’re after a low-maintenance focal point to provide shade and shelter, a pop-up gazebo is a great alternative to a permanent structure like a pergola. Gazebos range in design from parasol-style shades to tent-like marquees, sometimes with extra features like hexagonal sides and clear windows.

As they're temporary structures, they're also ideal for anyone who wants a versatile shelter they can bring out for sunny days or garden parties. Depending on the style, you can set up a buffet table underneath, get barbecuing or just stretch out on a daybed in the shade.

But the real joy of pop-up gazebos is in the name. No one likes grappling with unwieldy metal poles and huge swathes of fabric, so these low-maintenance designs make it easy to pack everything away again.

Below, we’ve listed the best pop-up gazebos we could find online, across a range of different designs. Here are a few factors to consider before you choose your favourite:

  • Size - how will you use your gazebo and how many people will you host?
  • Style - are you looking for a clean, modern and minimalist gazebo, or something a little more whimsical?
  • Privacy / shelter / ventilation - do you want a gazebo with walls and windows? (If you plan to barbecue underneath, go for a design without any walls)
  • Weather-resistance - if you’re going to shelter from poor weather, choose a sturdy structure with walls and a double-layered roof to cope with high winds

The best pop-up gazebos

Outsunny 3x3(m) Pop-Up Gazebo Canopy

Outsunny 3x3(m) Pop Up Gazebo Canopy in a garden

Known for its high-quality and stylish garden furniture, Outsunny is one of our go-to brands for items like gazebos.

This pop-up canopy stands out from others on the market thanks to its stylish wavy roof edge. While gazebos can be fairly stark in design, this design detail, combined with its dark green colouring, gives the structure a premium and classic look.

The makers have included a silver-coloured lining to block out sunlight, and a powder-coated steel frame for strength. The structure has three height options, so you can adjust the placement of the roof when setting it up. Plus, there are pegs and guy ropes to keep the gazebo in place.

This pop-up gazebo also comes in blue and grey.

Gardenesque Small Pop-Up Garden Gazebo

Small Green Striped Pop-up Garden Gazebo in a big garden
Gardenesque, gardenesque.com

Whimsical is the word with this sweet pop-up gazebo from Gardenesque. With a central solid ash pole and pastel green stripes, it’s reminiscent of vintage parasols, and perfect for cottage gardens or trips to the beach.

More like this

Unlike most pop-up gazebos, this one has a central support instead of four separate poles, while four strips of fabric give the feeling of a sheltered seating zone. The design includes four pockets big enough to store sun cream bottles and sunglasses while you relax.

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Ultimate Got It Covered Pop-Up Gazebo

Ultimate Got It Covered Pop Up Gazebo in a garden
Norfolk Leisure, Got It Covered

With its dramatic, vented roof, two-tone colourway and gathered pole skirts, this is one of the best pop-up gazebos for instant style.

The smart extra touches make all the difference here, but there are plenty of practical additions too. The makers have used a painted steel frame for durability and strength, and incorporated the vented canopy to let gusts of wind pass through.

The canopy stretches across a 4m x 4m area, so there’s plenty of room to arrange outdoor furniture underneath or shelter from the elements with guests.

Outsunny Pop-Up Hexagonal Canopy

Outsunny Pop Up Hexagonal Canopy in a garden

A hexagonal pop-up gazebo makes for an eye-catching structure and looks great in both modern and cottage-style gardens. This one is particularly practical, as it comes with six removable mesh walls to keep out bugs. The design also includes a sturdy steel frame, UV-resistant fabric coating and six weighty sandbags, as well as guy ropes and ground pegs.

Another great feature of this pop-up gazebo is its height-adjustable legs. There are three lengths to choose from, so you can tailor the structure to suit your needs.

If grey’s not your colour, buy it in white or brown.

VonHaus Pop-Up Gazebo Set

VonHaus Pop Up Gazebo in a garden

We often turn to VonHaus’s garden supplies for neat, stylish designs on a budget. This smart structure is one of the best pop-up gazebos to buy if you’re looking for an in expensive yet high-quality option. It comes with a sturdy steel frame and fabric walls for protection and privacy. Plus, there are clear windows to let in light.

According to the makers, setting up this gazebo is simple and you don’t need tools to complete the job.

Get this structure in slate grey for modern style or ivory for a vintage look. Or opt for the smaller 2x2m or the larger 3x3m version.

Ahuvah 6m x 3m Steel Pop-Up Gazebo

Ahuvah 6m x 3m Steel Pop-Up Gazebo in a garden
Dakota Fields, Wayfair

At almost 6m across, this is one of the best pop-up gazebos you can buy for big gardens - or big gatherings. It has six powder-coated steel legs and no walls, so it’s a great option if you’re not worried about privacy.

You’ll be able to adjust the height between three settings, and secure the poles to the ground with pegs and guy ropes. Underneath the canopy, there’s a silver-coloured lining to provide extra protection from the sun’s rays whilst keeping the warmth inside.

Pop-Up Gazebo With Mosquito Net

Pop-Up Gazebo With Mosquito Net on a patio

Perfect for small gardens or sunny spots, this pop-up gazebo is fairly compact in size, at 2.4m across.

Its stand-out feature is the protective mosquito netting which you can pull back against the poles to create a doorway. Combined with the gazebo's off-white colouring, the mesh walls create a whimsical look. String up some fairy lights or festoon lights inside to create a cosy space for summer evenings.

Like all the best pop-up gazebos, it comes with a steel frame and a durable canopy designed to resist wind and rain.

FleXtents Pop-Up Canopy

FleXtents Pop-Up Canopy in a garden
FleXtents, Mano Mano

To bring a touch of Moroccan style to your outdoor space, try this pop-up gazebo from FleXtents. While the makers have kept the design fairly simple, the decorative canopy edging lends a pretty finish.

This gazebo is 3x3m in size, so it’s a versatile option for garden gatherings and days spent relaxing outdoors.

As you’d expect, the frame is adjustable with three height options and the gazebo comes with ground pegs and a carry bag. The makers have swapped steel for strong aluminium when it comes to the frame construction, and the canopy features a UV-resistant coating for added protection.

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