They say you should treat your garden as an extra room in your home - and a fireplace makes a wonderful focal point in any inviting space. Chimineas and fire pits are becoming more and more popular - but have you ever considered going the whole hog and installing a complete outdoor fireplace? It can be as easy as lifting your chosen stove out of the packaging and placing it in your chosen spot.


While some outdoor fireplaces are an investment, you can get your hands on one for a few hundred pounds. And there’s plenty of choice when it comes to design - opt for a portable log burner, a built-in chimney or even an eco-friendly bioethanol fireplace.

Looking for a firepit? We've got you covered too.

Here’s our selection of the best outdoor fireplaces you can buy online.

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The best outdoor fireplaces for your garden

Go Garden Wakehurst Premium Rust Finish Fireplace

Go Garden Wakehurst Premium Rust Finish Fireplace on a patio

Mirroring the self-contained log burners we install inside our homes, this steel stove sits on four legs and has handy doors for easy access to the fire. There’s a little chimney at the top so all the smoke is directed upwards.

This outdoor fireplace should look at home in mature gardens or alongside old properties. The rust finish gives it an aged look and should help it blend neatly into its surroundings when not in use.

Tuck it into a corner or against a wall for an understated addition to your garden.

Le Feu Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Le Feu Ground Low Bio Ethanol Fireplace in Black

With its futuristic, versatile and eco-friendly design, this is an outdoor fireplace we can’t ignore. It may have a slightly higher price tag than your average model, but we believe its impressive features are worth the cost.

Unlike wood or coal fires, this bio ethanol-powered fireplace doesn’t release smoke, smells or toxic emissions as it burns.

And you can move it around your home and garden to create a cosy heat source wherever you are. You can even disconnect the main compartment from the legs to place it inside another fireplace.

VonHaus Steel Outdoor Fireplace with Log Storage

VonHaus Steel Outdoor Fireplace with Log Storage

Thanks to its two open sides, which show off the flames from both perspectives, this outdoor fireplace would work well as a garden centrepiece.

It features a stacked design, with a section for log storage at the bottom and the fireplace above. At the top, a narrow slot releases smoke away from anyone sat nearby.

The entire structure is made from steel, which has been finished with a brushed black-bronze colour. As part of the package, you’ll get a fire poker to help you manage the blaze throughout the evening.

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Outdoor Iron Fireplace with Grill

Outdoor Iron Fireplace with Grill, Black

You can always rely on for sleek and stylish furniture pieces - and the store doesn’t disappoint with its outdoor fireplaces.

This one is made of iron and has a smart silhouette. There’s space for log storage in the lower section and a useful grill above, so you can cook food if you get peckish. also sells the same fireplace with a rust finish, so take a look if you’re not after a black design.

Gas Outdoor Powder Coated Steel Fireplace

Gas outdoor powder coated steel fireplace

If you’re leaning more towards a modern design, why not opt for this stylish, gas-powered outdoor fireplace? It stores enough fuel to generate flames for 55 hours at a time, and there are glass panels for safety.

The base has a black powder-coated finish and the entire fireplace can stand up to the elements when left outside. Plus, it’s portable, so you can move it to your chosen spot at a moment’s notice.

Pevex Corten Garden Stove

Pevex Corten Garden Stove

Despite being compact, these stoves offer views of your fire from every direction, so they’re perfect for small gardens and patio areas.

They come in two different sizes and you can buy flue pipes and rain caps to match. There’s also a rear heat shield available to protect any items behind the fireplace.

Girardi Steel Wood Burning Fire Column

Girardi Steel Wood Burning Fire Column

For a more traditional look, you can’t go wrong with this option from Wayfair. It comes with mesh panels around the centre and a short chimney at the top.

After using this fireplace, the clean-up should be quick and easy. Inside, you’ll find a grill for cooking food, which you can remove to wipe down. And underneath, there’s a tray to collect any ashes from the fire.

Jersey Garden Fireplace

Jersey Xxl Garden Fireplace in Black

Fans of minimalist design will love this outdoor fireplace, which has a clean, rectangular silhouette and a simple matte black coating.

It also comes with a small recess for log storage and a larger one above for the fire. A smart chimney with a protective rain cap at the top funnels smoke away from the area.

Plus, there’s a neat integrated ash drawer to make cleaning easy.

Chesneys Clean Burn Outdoor Garden Stove

Chesneys Clean Burn XL Outdoor Garden Stove

To really make a statement, try this eye-catching outdoor fireplace with its 110cm-wide glass tank. It’s designed to maximise the amount of heat it produces, so you shouldn’t have to use much wood at once.

For the full package, buy the accompanying log store, which sits neatly underneath the main compartment.

Schiedel Isokern 950-Stone Garden Fireplace Kit

Schiedel Isokern Garden Fireplace

If you’re willing to spend a bit of time and get your hands dirty, you could go for this build-it-yourself fireplace kit. You’ll end up with an impressive structure made with natural pumice stone from Iceland’s Hekla volcano, which copes well with extreme temperature changes.

We’ve picked out this 950-stone kit, but you could alternatively opt for the smaller 500-stone version or the larger 1,200-stone model, depending on the size of your outdoor space.


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