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DeliVita Pizza Oven

The best pizza ovens for the garden

Pizza ovens can be the perfect way of extending your evening in the garden. Eat al fresco with the help of our selection of the best pizza ovens

A pizza oven is a cool, contemporary way to cook al fresco. We have picked a series of pizza ovens that have style, heat and cook their pizzas to perfection. Chose from Italian classics, to high-tech heat machines and make your garden into an alternative kitchen for the summer.


Pizza ovens can also be a great focal point for entertaining and also a fun way of engaging the whole family outside.

We’ve also chosen a mixture of ovens that have grill options and some which are wood fired and some which are heated electrically. Either way, pizza ovens will make you the best cooked pizza. And don’t forget to check out our recipe for pizza cooking outside. Why not also think of other things you can cook in a pizza oven too? 

For more inspiration on eating outside, we have a selection of great recipes for cooking on the allotment or in the garden.



Insulated pizza oven

Gozney Roccbox pizza oven

Gozney Roccbox pizza oven is a pizza oven that is as good as any you might find in a restaurant. It reaches 500 degrees celsius and is handily portable, so you can move your pizza oven wherever you want in the garden. There’s also a lot of versatility with this pizza oven, as it has the option of gas or wood fired pizza. It comes with gas burner when you buy it and there’s an option of adding a detachable wood burner.

It’s also a safe pizza oven. This option is protected by a silicone coating that will reduce the likelihood of burns. Comes with a one year warranty, with an option to extend it to five years, an inbuilt thermometer and a recipe book too.

£399, Gozney, 01425 204999,


Practical pizza oven

Gardeco Pizzaro pizza oven

The Gardeco Pizzaro Traditional Pizza Oven cooks using wood fire. It has space for only one pizza at a time and one ‘firing’ can cook up to three pizzas. There’s a five year guarantee on this pizza oven from thermal cracking and the oven has a while clay finish with no painting or glazing. It’s a very natural look. The sizings are 66cm (W) x 57.5cm (D) x 37cm (H) and the chimney is 65.5cm in total. This oven has an operating temperature of 300 degrees plus and about 2.5g of wood will be needed in order to get it this hot.

With stand, £495,



British made pizza oven

DeliVita Pizza Oven

The DeliVita Pizza Oven are versatile and have a now-iconic design. The ovens come in a range of sizes including bright red and olive green, and weigh only 30kg so are easy to move around. Hand made in Yorkshire, the ovens also have a traditional clay interior, the rest is made from fibreglass, all organic and sourced in the UK. The size of these ovens and their portability also mean they are great for balconies. The oven is ready to cook in around 25 minutes.

£1,195, Garden House Design, 01903 774774,


Italian classic pizza oven

PIzza oven

Could you get more Italian than the Nonno Peppe pizza oven? This is handmade in Italy and is 100 per cent stainless steel and weighs 65kg. Available in hammered copper finish and comes with wood caddy and chimney flue kit. This oven works for cooking over longer periods and has insulation that ensures it cools down slower. It easily reaches temperatures of 450 degrees and the size of this oven is 82 × 76 × 43 cm,

£1,090, Mobi Pizza Ovens, 0330 010 1303, and from Amazon


Industrial pizza oven

Woodfired pizza oven

A very versatile outdoor oven from Stadler Made which enables the chef to cook pizza as well as bread, vegetables, fish and meat. This pizza oven is wood fired and can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees. Made from Corten steel sheets, which are meant to create a protective layer of rust, there are also two baking stone boards at the top of the oven which absorb the heat. A self assembly option that’s delivered in flatpack but is very easy to put together. The fire needs to burn for around 25 to 30 minutes to get to the right temperature. Dimensions are 85cm (33,5in) high, 37cm (14,6in) wide and 40cm (15,8in) deep.

£518, Städler, +31 (0)639 569 203,



Oven and grill pizza oven

Morso Forno pizza oven

Morsø Forno Outdoor Oven is a cast iron pizza oven that’s also perfect for baking or grilling. At 96kg it’s not the lightest of options, but it can also act as a lovely fire pit. Don’t forget to check out the alternative accessories, as a door turns it into a smoking oven, and there’s a grill too. One thing to also be thankful for with the Morsø Forno is that it’s self-cleaning, thanks to the high temperatures it gets to. You can use wood or charcoal for this pizza oven.  £999, Hearth & Cook, 01392 797679,


Compact pizza oven

Ooni koda pizza oven

A pizza oven designed to create perfect pizzas in 60 seconds. The Ooni Koda Pizza Oven cooks with gas, for added ease, and there’s very little assembly needed. It’s easy to move around and can be the perfect oven to take to parties. It’s ready to cook in 15 minutes and can reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees. The company has also teamed up with the Eden Project and some money earned goes back to them. Weight is just under 10kg and the oven is compatible with large propane cylinders usually used for barbecues.  £249, Ooni,,


Angular pizza oven

Artesa pizza oven

The KitchenCraft Artesa Pizza Oven is perfect for dinky home dining and can be used on your tabletop. It’s by far the lightest of the lot, weighing 1.8kg. It’s dimensions are 15.5cm H x 28cm W x 22cm D and it’s powered by gel fuel, so no need for gas or wood. Mini pizzas or garlic bread can be ready in around 15 minutes and comes with full instructions on how to assemble. No need for dining al fresco with this pizza oven. £39.99, available from Amazon


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