A pizza oven is a cool, contemporary way to cook al fresco. We have picked a series of the best pizza ovens that have style, heat and cook their pizzas to perfection.


Pizza ovens can be a great focal point for entertaining and also a fun way of engaging the whole family outside.

We've chosen a mixture of modern and more traditional designs. Either way, pizza ovens will make you the best cooked pizza. And don't forget to check out our recipe for pizza cooking outside. Why not also think of other things you can cook in a pizza oven too?

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How to choose a pizza oven

There are a variety of outdoor pizza ovens available, so we’ve included a broad list of inspiration below that should suit your garden space and dining ideas.

If you’re eating for one or just want a small corner dedicated to your pizza plans, the tabletop option may serve you best. However if you see yourself dining on a lot of pizza in the summer months or have a large gathering in the works, it may be wise to invest in a more permanent structure that can serve multiple meals at once like the clay pizza oven.

What’s the difference between a standard oven and a pizza oven

Outdoor ovens don’t just bring the benefits of cooking into your garden, they’re also specifically designed to cook the pizza in a particular way to get the best from the meal.

While a standard oven can reach maximum temperatures of around 260 degrees, a garden pizza oven can reach 500 degrees. This not only cooks the pizza faster, it also delivers a better texture for the dough for a tastier end result.

Best pizza ovens in 2023

Oven and grill pizza oven

Morso Forno pizza oven

Morsø Forno Outdoor Oven is a cast iron pizza oven that's also perfect for baking as well as grilling. At 96kg it's not the lightest of options available, but it can also act as a lovely fire pit. Don't forget to check out the alternative accessories, as a door turns it into a smoking oven, and there's even a grill too.

One thing to also be thankful for when it comes to the Morsø Forno is that it is self-cleaning, thanks to the high temperatures it gets to. You can use wood or charcoal for this pizza oven.

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Large pizza oven

Callow Pizza Oven Stainless Steel Large

This large pizza oven is built to last if you’re looking for a more permanent outdoor cooking feature.

In less than 10 minutes, this stainless steel pizza oven can reach 350 degrees so you won’t need to wait long for your pizza to be ready. It has a maximum temperature of 500 degrees.

The fire brick floor that sits inside aims to remove any unwanted moisture from the pizza base so you should be left with a crispy base. With the ability to cook four pizzas at once, it’s ideal for big gatherings. It can also be used as a BBQ.

More like this

The oven from Callow weighs 130kg and has a built-in temperature gauge.

Practical pizza oven

2-tier pizza oven

This stainless steel charcoal pizza oven from Outsunny features two tiers for efficient cooking. The top tier is for the pizza baking and the tier below is for the charcoal. There is also an additional tier at the bottom which catches the ash, making this a practical design with plenty of helpful features.

The oven also has a long chimney which disperses the smoke up and out of the way for a more pleasant outdoor eating experience for you and your dinner guests. Thanks to the wheels, the garden pizza oven should be easy to move around your garden so you can find the perfect spot. There is also a thermometer at the top so you can keep an eye on your pizza.

The pizza oven has an overall dimension of 50 x 36 x 160cm.

British made pizza oven

DeliVita Pizza Oven

The DeliVita Pizza Oven are versatile and have a now-iconic design. The ovens come in a range of sizes including bright red and olive green, and weigh only 30kg so are easy to move around. Hand made in Yorkshire, the ovens also have a traditional clay interior, the rest is made from fibreglass, all organic and sourced in the UK.

The size of these ovens and their portability also mean they are great for balconies. The oven is ready to cook in around 25 minutes.

Clay pizza oven

brick pizza oven

The Mediterrani Royal clay pizza oven would make a gorgeous garden feature with its lovely brick arch and cast iron hinged doors.

But it’s not all about the look with this outdoor pizza oven. Layered with insulation and refractory mortar to help create a well insulated effect, this oven is capable of cooking a range of dishes from quick pizzas to slow-cooked casseroles. It weighs a hefty 500kg and is delivered fully assembled.

Compact pizza oven

Ooni koda pizza oven

A garden pizza oven designed to create perfect pizzas in 60 seconds. The Ooni Koda Pizza Oven cooks with gas, for added ease, and there's very little assembly needed. It's easy to move around and can be the perfect oven to take to parties. It's ready to cook in 15 minutes and can reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees.

The company has also teamed up with the Eden Project and some money earned goes back to them. Weight is just under 10kg and the oven is compatible with large propane cylinders usually used for barbecues.

Angular pizza oven

Artesa pizza oven

The KitchenCraft Artesa Pizza Oven is perfect for dinky home dining and can be used on your tabletop. It's by far the lightest of the lot, weighing 1.8kg. It's dimensions are 15.5cm H x 28cm W x 22cm D and it's powered by gel fuel, so no need for gas or wood. Mini pizzas or garlic bread can be ready in around 15 minutes and comes with full instructions on how to assemble. No need for dining al fresco with this pizza oven.

Multi-fuel pizza oven

Multi-fuel pizza oven

The simple and slightly more rustic design of the Le Peppe outdoor pizza oven gives it a charming feel. This oven is multi-fuel, working with wood pellets and charcoal. The built-in thermometer sits on the top so you can regularly check your pizza’s progress.

It has a lid that sits on the main chimney which aims to retain the heat and prevent any rain from ruining your delicious creations. The aspirated turbo down draft air induction system promises to cook your food from the middle out to the edges for even cooking so hopefully you’ll not have any soggy bottoms to deal with.

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Best wood for a pizza oven

It’s well worth considering the type of wood and kindling that will give you the best results when firing up the outdoor oven and cooking your pizza.


Kiln-dried wood is your best bet, as it has such a low moisture content that it's both easier to ignite and get the fire going, and will burn more effectively than other types of firewood. Specific types of wood include oak, maple, hickory and birch.

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