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Not just a barometer, but a smart alarm clock with a built in indoor and outdoor weather gauge system. It features the date, time, humidity, pressure and weather forecast. Plug it in next to your bedside cabinet, or charge up via usb or batteries, and carry it outside with you - it even has an additional wireless outdoor temperature sensor.


Acctim Wynham Weather Station Digital Alarm Clock, White, £65


Weather station

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For a considered, investment purchase, look no further than the Smart Weather Station from Netamo. This impressive device enables you to access and read your indoor and outdoor weather data on your smartphone - it even alerts you to changes too. You also have the added reassurance of an additional 1 year warrantee.

Smart weather station, £159.99


Traditional design


If you're looking for a traditional mahogany and brass design, then this economical barometer is a brilliant choice. It has a clear face, brass bezel dials, and provides pressure readings in both inHg and mb. A handy brass ring is also included should you wish to display this beautiful barometer and make it a focal point in your home.

ClimeMET CM4204 Traditional Mahogany Wood Surround Barometer, £39.95


Brilliant in brass


Treat yourself to this sleek, brass barometer. Coated with a tarnish-free finish, the beautiful face and dials read pressure and weather forecast. Thanks to a special Quickfix design, it can easily be mounted to the wall, and taken down again with ease. This would make a statement focal point and add an instant touch of class to any wall.

Brass Chatham Wall Barometer with QuickFix, £129

Wonderful white


A simple yet sleek design, fitted with all the features you'll need from a barometer. The black and white contrast of the outer round and main face and dial help make this clear and easy to read, even from a distance. It's designed to alert when imminent weather changes are forecast, and is able to withstand rain thanks to its weatherproof design.

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Tenby Barometer in Lily White, The Cotswold Company, £46


3 in 1


If you're hoping to tick all the boxes, then this brilliant design from the RNLI charity is a real treat. It features a barometer to gauge weather and storm activity, and a tide clock which is synchronised with the moon daily cycle clock. It would make a wonderful gift!

Lifeboats Moon and Tide Clock and Barometer, £60


Weather clock


A true statement piece this clever design encompasses a clock and hidden barometer all in one. The beautiful clock displays the daily forecast with its very own theatre of moving clouds, and animated scenes which signify downpours and sunny spells. A charming addition to any home or special gift.

Weather Forecasting Clock, Bramwell Brown, in midnight black, £360



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This clever design helps you keep track of the time, temperature and humidity. Thanks to its large, clear face, inspired by the famous Bankers clock from 1971, you will able to read the dial from distance with ease. Made from durable glass and aluminium, it looks stylish and chic on a plain wall.


Arne Jacobsen Weather Station, Rosendahl, from £87