A firelighter can really get the embers glowing and help you start a roaring fire, perfect for heating up your summer BBQ, or lighting your wood burning stove in the winter.


However, with so many fire lighting options available it’s always a good idea to invest in those with eco-friendly credentials, so you can enjoy the blaze while doing limited damage to your immediate surroundings and the environment.

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What are eco firelighters?

Eco firelighters are a sustainable way of getting a fire going without the use of any harmful or toxic chemicals. Instead of relying on combustible liquids like kerosene or paraffin they use naturally and sustainably sourced materials to achieve the same effect.

What are eco firelighters made of?

An environmentally friendly firelighter is often made from a mix of sustainably sourced wood wool and wax, in order to create an odourless and non-toxic flame.

Best eco firelighters to buy in 2023

Eco Blaze Natural Firelighters

Designed to be more eco-friendly than your traditional firelighter, this option from eco blaze is made from sustainably sourced spruce tips which have also been dipped in wax - this should help them burn even longer.

They should light immediately so you'll have no trouble getting your fire started, with a burn time of around eight minutes which is ideal whether you're setting up your outdoor fireplace or preparing the BBQ.

They come in a pack of 200 which means you'll have a hefty supply to keep you going, and they shouldn't emit an odour either so they won't spoil any food you've prepared or leave any unsavoury scents lingering in your garden.

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Natural Eco Wood Firelighter

Do away with petroleum fluid and instead get the flames roaring with these natural firelighters from Log Barn.

With a burn time of around 10 minutes, these would be ideal for getting a larger fire started or heating up a grill so you can prepare food, and because they're made from a mix of wood wool and wax, they're both eco-friendly and shouldn't leave a bad smell behind either.

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They’re available in a hefty pack of 500 so there's little risk of these running out any time soon, just bear in mind that it may take around three to four firelighters to get an average sized BBQ going.

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Twizlers Fire Lighters Natural Wood Wool

Made from wood wool, these responsibly sourced firelighters from Homefire are an eco-friendly alternative as they're made with 100% natural ingredients.

This means they are not only easy to light, they should also produce a clean flame free of both odour and smoke.

Once lit they should also have a convenient burn time that lasts between seven to 10 minutes.

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Firewood Centre Premium Eco Wood Wool Firelighters

Whether you want to create a controlled campfire or set up the wood burner, these firelighters would be a great eco-friendly option as they're made from a sustainably sourced wood wool.

Accredited by both the FSC and Woodsure, they have a running time of 10 minutes which means they'd be ideal for burning hardwood logs, and heating up food.

Each box contains 50 pieces with the promise of a quick catch to get the fire started, and no risk of harmful or dangerous fumes.

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Beeswax Eco Friendly Firelighters

These clever firelighters have been handmade in the UK using off-cuts from beeswax wraps, which means they're a slick way of reducing waste and reusing materials to help protect the planet.

They should be quick to light so you can get to work on your fire right away with a burn time of over five minutes, and they're even waterproof which makes them especially ideal for creating a fire and raising morale during those damper days.

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Premium Planet Large Firelighters Set

This double set from the Premium Planet Store comes with two types of eco-friendly firelighters to make sure your flame never goes out.

This includes 60 pieces of wood wool as well as 60 pieces of organic bricks.

They recommend just one or two cubes to get your fire started, which means there are at least 100 fires worth of burners in this set.

Better for the environment than chemical alternatives, these should be odourless and burn for a period of between eight to 10 minutes.

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Eco Barn Wood Natural Firelighters

This box of 200 sustainable firelighters should see you through many events as it takes just one to get your fire roaring, although between two and three are recommended if you're specifically using a BBQ.

Made from a mixture of wax and wood wool, once lit each should give off a flame for up to 10 minutes, which should be plenty of time to get your firepit glowing.

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Celtic Timbers Firelighters

These eco-friendly alternatives to chemical firelighters are made from a mix of 100% natural wood wool and wax, producing a flame that will burn for seven minutes without producing a bad odour.

Each box comes with 50 firelighters inside so you'll have a go-to stash whenever you're ready to get the wood burner going, and even the box itself has been designed with sustainability in mind as it's ready to be recycled when emptied.


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