Keeping our paths and driveways clear of leaves and garden debris is a lot easier when you've got a reliable garden broom to hand. Particularly during the autumnal months when paths become blanketed with a sea of red and yellow leaves, it can be tricky keeping on top of outdoor sweeping duties, so keeping a garden broom nearby is a wise move.


We've rounded up a list of the best garden brooms, from heavy duty, stiff designs to help remove wet and stubborn debris, to more lightweight brooms for sweeping sand, dry leaves and dirt. We've also included garden brooms that feature eco-friendly, natural bristles if you'd rather avoid plastic.

So take a browse below, and find a garden broom to suit your garden's sweeping needs.

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Best garden brooms for 2023

Newman and Cole Outdoor Sweeping Brush

Newman and Cole Outdoor Sweeping Brush

If you're looking for a stiff brush with sturdy bristles, give this Newman and Cole outdoor sweeping brush a try. A top choice for a firm sweep.

Thanks to the stiff bassine bristles, you can use this brush on both dry and wet ground, so it's a handy all-rounder you can use throughout the seasons. You could even use this brush to scrub your driveway for a more thorough clean if you're willing to make up a sudsy bucket.

This garden broom is from reliable brush brand Newman and Cole, and we like the natural look of the wooden handle which gives it a timeless and traditional appearance.

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JVL Outdoor Garden Hard Bristled Broom

JVL Outdoor Garden Hard Bristled Broom

This is another hard bristled brush, but with a slightly different 'A' shape design which should help you reach into tight and narrow spaces. This makes it a great option for keeping the area under and around your garden furniture on the patio looking neat and tidy, and free of unsightly debris. As an added bonus, you can extend the height of the handle for a more comfortable brushing experience.

Thanks to its lightweight design, this garden broom shouldn't be too clunky so you should be able to sweep for longer. This well-thought-out garden broom with its welcomed contemporary features is an ideal choice for busy gardeners looking for an efficient tool.

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Eco Outdoor Broom

This eco outdoor broom is another top pick for compact spaces. Easily sweep away sand after the kids have had fun in the sandpit, and brush soil off the patio after a potting session.

Made from discarded parts of a coconut tree, it's a plastic-free, eco-friendly design.

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Addis Essentials Wooden Outdoor Complete Broom

Addis Essentials Garden Broom

There are also softer brushes available, so if you're worried about marking or scratching your decking or patio, you can go for a less abrasive garden broom. The brush on this Addis broom is made of natural coco bristles for a gentler brush - great for lighter tasks such as sweeping dry leaves and soil.

RS PRO Broom

RS PRO broom

Thanks to its dual PVC bristles, this garden broom features both stiff and soft bristles so you can tackle a range of gardening tasks, so it's a useful broom to have in your shed. It can also be used indoors on hard flooring, so you can keep your tiled hallways and boot rooms free of garden muck.

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Stiff PVC Broom

Stiff PVC broom

A stiff PVC broom for those tougher brushing jobs. This is a heavy duty design, so it could work well for a well-trodden driveway in need of a spruce up. We like the addition of the bright green bristles - a nice option if you'd prefer a more colourful garden broom.

Vikan Green Dustpan and Brush

Vikan Green Dustpan and Brush

If you're looking for an extra hand when you're sweeping and brushing, this garden broom comes with a handy dustpan so you can collect as you go. So rather than being left with piles of dirt and grass cuttings to clear up later, you can just get the job done there and then.

This garden broom is also useful for those frustrating gardening accidents - quickly and effortlessly clean up a knocked over plant pot, or spilled seed tray.


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