Cold weather can pose serious problems for outdoor taps. Once the water inside begins to freeze it can expand until it bursts, causing significant damage to your outdoor water source.


Or if the water inside your tap freezes it can be impossible to turn on, or, if there's a drip, turn off…

That’s why it’s important to invest in a cover that will keep your tap just-that-little-bit warm (anything above zero) and snugly hidden away during frosty weather and cold snaps.

We’ve put together our suggestions for a variety of insulated tap covers that will do the trick. Whether you’d like to wrap it up in a jacket, seal it completely, or keep frost away while keeping access to your hosepipe. Look no further than our picks below.

Best insulated tap covers to buy in 2022

Insulated Protector with Reflective Strip

Large Outdoor Tap Cover Insulated Protector with Reflective Strip

This cover is filled with cotton to create an insulation effect and keep the tap warmer during winter weather, promising to protect anything inside during extremely cold conditions.

The outside material should also be robust to deal with whatever winter throws at it, featuring a 210D Oxford waterproof coating which they say keeps everything sealed and water resistant, in either rain or snow.

Thanks to the straightforward design it should also be easy to apply to a tap of any size. Simply attach the cover to the tap and seal with the strip which has a reflective band so you can find it in the dark if necessary.

Insulated Tap Cover Jacket

Insulated tap cover

This versatile insulator should fit around a tap of any shape and size, stopping them from freezing in colder weather without compromising on style.

Boasting a simple and pleasant design they say this should be easy to slip on to your water source thanks to the straps with Velcro ends that aim to keep everything tightly packed in.

They also come in a pair, which is perfect if you have two outdoor taps or simply want to keep one spare.

Exitex Outside Insulated Garden Bib Tap Cover

Exitex Outside Insulated Garden Bib Tap Cover

This subtle insulator promises to protect your water source from frost by using a design that mirrors the shape of the tap itself.

You can also remove the front cap which means there's ready access for your hose whenever you need it without having to remove the entire insulation body, which is a particularly handy feature. Just make sure to return it when you're done.

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Buy Exitex Outside Insulated Garden Bib Tap Cover now from Yorkshire Trading Co.

DIVCHI Outdoor Garden Tap Cover

DIVCHI tap insulator

This cover from DIVCHI aims to protect your outdoor tap from frost by sealing away the entire unit. This does mean the hose attachment will have to be disconnected so you can slip the box snugly on, but the tap will then feel the full effect of its insulation.

This is created thanks to a polystyrene design which should keep the interior warmer, with a rubber grip to keep it in place against the wall.

Dark Green ABIsedrin Outside Tap Cover

ABIsedrin Outside Tap Cover Jacket Insulated Protector on grey background

This tap insulator has a very simple design which means it should be especially easy to install, preventing any damage to your garden water source with minimal fuss.

The cover is essentially a waterproof bag that's made of nylon and fitted with insulating padding. This helps keep the tap warm on the inside, and keeps the sleet and rain at bay on the outside.

It has a drawstring with a plastic stopper to help keep things sealed, and should be just as easy to remove whenever you want to access the tap and attach a hosepipe.

WISDOMWELL Outdoor Large Water Tap Frost Cover

WISDOMWELL Outdoor Large Water Tap Frost Cover on white background

This one is aimed at larger garden taps where a small cover simply won't do. Measuring 20 inches long and 8.5 inches wide this should provide plenty of coverage to keep your outdoor tap and pipes from bad weather.

The cover contains several layers including 150d oxford protection and an inner surface made of 190t polyester waterproof coating to stop any moisture getting in.

Designed to be sleek and subtle, this insulator is also stain resistant to help keep your outdoor space looking neat and tidy whatever the season.



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