If you’d like to cultivate something a little different from your usual plants, want an easy kit that you can grow inside your home, or something unique as an interesting gift, a mushroom growing kit may be the way to go.


There are plenty of choices to go for, whether you’d prefer to bring Chestnut mushrooms to life or go big with oyster mushrooms, with some that can simply be admired as they grow while others are safe to eat.

We’ve put some of our favourite picks below so you can admire your fresh fungi in no time.

Best mushroom growing kit to buy in 2022

XL Oyster Mushroom Growing Kits

Bring this cluster of Pink Oyster mushrooms to life with a growing kit from the Urban Farmer Store.

Packed with all the instructions you'll need to produce an extra large mushroom selection, this kit promises a speedy result, with a harvest likely to occur within just three weeks.

These are also an edible fungus which means you can enjoy both the growing process as well as tucking into the caps when you're done, with the promise of four crops in total for you to enjoy that should taste gourmet while delivering a healthy dose of nutrients.

Grow Your Own Fresh Chestnut Mushroom Growing Kit

As simple as it gets, all you'll need to do is add some water to this home-grown kit and you should expect to see your fresh mushrooms begin to grow.

There are more detailed instructions included that will help you discover the best tips for what it takes to effectively grow these particular chestnut mushrooms, which include the optimal temperature and precise amounts of moisture needed to help them flourish before you can enjoy the results.

There are even details on how best to pick your crop to make sure you can get the most enjoyment and best results from them.

Fungi Futures Coffee Grounds Mushroom Growing Kit

Cultivate a collection of gourmet pearl oyster mushrooms in this handy home kit that will sprout the fungi from recycled coffee grounds.

As it has a growing guarantee you won't have to worry whether or not these will sprout as they say there's a 100% chance of results. Simple to use, these would be ideal for kids, beginner growers or enthusiasts looking for something a little different.

Once fully grown you can expect around 500 grams of mushrooms over the course of two months with two to three harvests.

King Oyster Mushroom Windowsill Kit

Create a mushroom farm from your very own windowsill with this kit that will make King oyster mushrooms flourish. An edible fungi, it boasts a strong, raw flavour and can be incorporated into many dishes, so they're especially ideal for the gardener who likes to sample what they grow.

The kit comes with a tray to give you a base for your mushroom project, as well as a lid to keep them contained and a pre-spawned substrate to get you started.

Just bear in mind these need to be grown straight away when purchased and shouldn't be left around for too long unopened.

White Button Mushroom Kit

To start a small white button mushroom farm in your very own home all you'll need is a little bit of windowsill space, direct access to sunlight and some moisture.

This kit comes with everything you'll need to help them grow which includes a small bag of compost.

Whether you simply want to grow and admire your handiwork, or cook them in a dish, this is a versatile mushroom that can be added to a variety of meals.

Grown Your Own Black Cap King Oyster Mushrooms Kit

With a full kit of ingredients and the attitude that you should be as involved in the process as possible, this set from Cambridge Mushrooms allows you to make your own mushroom bag to start growing your own black cap oyster mushrooms.

The box contains five grams of oat grains alongside 150 grams of wheat straw pellets and a cultivation bag with all the instructions you need to make them thrive.

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Wine Cap Mushroom Grow Bag

These colourful wine cap variety would make a lovely addition to your mushroom garden or as a stand alone fungi on a windowsill thanks to their vibrant look.

Simply follow the instructions that come included and begin to watch them thrive, however it's worth keeping in mind that you'll need your own fan and humidifier to help these along, as these items do not come included in the set-up.

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Archi-duc Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Choose between growing white or brown button mushrooms in these home growing kits from Archi-duc. A fun windowsill experiment, the enjoyment can continue after they've grown as they're not only edible but should be packed with protein and vitamins as well.

The set-up should be very straightforward with instructions included to make sure they grow exactly as planned, and the kit includes everything you'll need from peat soil to the substrate.

The only thing you'll need to contribute is the water to keep them moist, with specific outlines on how much and how often to spray.

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Shii-take Mushroom Grow Kit

If you want a kit that will keep on growing, this shii-take set-up promises to deliver plenty of mushrooms over the course of several months once the process begins.

Perfect for cultivating any time of the year, this kit can be brought out whatever the season whether you simply want to watch them emerge or have plans to cook and taste them once they're complete.


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